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Marijuana is a magical plant due to its numerous healing properties. However, such properties do not make it everlasting. It is a natural product and, like all others, it has a ‘best by date. For it to have an indefinite shelf life, optimal conditions for handling it during growth, harvest, and storage need to be met. Unfortunately, not all people involved in the production and distribution of cannabis handle it with such precision. This makes you unable to control the quality of weed that reaches your hands as a consumer. The only way you can protect yourself is by taking the necessary steps to identify and avoid bad weed.

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The Harmful Effects of Consuming Bad Weed

Weed is not just any weed. Consuming bad weed strains could have devastating effects that, in some cases, could even lead to hospitalization. Below are some of the top 5 effects of consuming bad weed:

  • Risk of consuming poisonous additives: Due to a lack of quality control, unscrupulous weed dealers do numerous things to rip off buyers. Some dealers spray their cannabis with a substance that makes it appear thicker or better “high.” Such compounds could do a lot of damage to your internal organs, including triggering diseases like cancer.
  • Losing out on quality “hits.” There is an enjoyable degree of ‘high that you cannot get from just about any weed. Quality weed lets you enjoy the benefits of smoking cannabis without having to use a lot to satisfy your body’s needs.
  • Lung conditions caused by mold: One of the common causes of weed going bad is mold on buds. The mold comes from the moist environments where indoor growers produce most of their cannabis or when rain falls on the plants grown outside. The mold can trigger numerous forms of lung conditions, including coughing, chest pains, and wheezing.
  • An overall poor smoking experience: Bad weed gives you a bad smoking experience that could leave you hating the medicinal product. It has a bitter metallic taste that leaves your mouth feeling numb and tingly.
  • Losing money on inferior products: You do not want to waste money buying a low-grade weed when you can access the premium product. Unscrupulous dealers will cheat you to buy bad weed without noticing, yet pay a high price if you don’t know how to check for bad apple weed.


Bad Weed

Bad Weed Strains


Bad weed vs. Good weed

Bad weed never dies out of the market, and you are bound to encounter it if you are a frequent cannabis consumer. At other times, you could have bought weed in large quantities to avoid making back-and-forth trips to the seller and may need to pick out the batches that have already gone bad. The following are some of the weed classes you might encounter:

  • Top shelf dank weed. This is usually the best weed you can get, which comprises of beastly buds. It offers nice smooth “hits “that will give you sufficient “high” for prolonged periods.
  • Mid-grade bug. Mid-grade weed is excellent but cannot match the quality of the “high” of the top-shelf batches. It might also wear off after a short time.
  • Bad Reggie weed. This is normally the dirt weed that you could be sold if you are an unsuspecting new cannabis user. It is typically dry and can come with seeds and stems. You will also notice that it is harsh on your lungs.

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Characteristics of Bad Weed 

You will notice several characteristics about bad marijuana that should immediately notify you that it’s bad. The following are some of such things that you should check for to determine the quality of weed:

The color, texture, flavor, and scent seem unnatural.

This is the first typical thing you might notice about a batch that warns you that the weed is of poor quality. Great weed seems like it has been harvested from a thriving plant and has great color. Its heady, spicy aroma and taste also indicate that the weed is fresh and mature for consumption. You will adore it even before you can take your first puff as it is dense, springy, and coated with tacky, chilly, crystalline trichomes. The trichomes are the tiny glands full of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for bringing about the ‘high’ feeling when you smoke cannabis.

On the contrary, bad weed seems gruntled and dry with faded trichomes. Its color ranges from pale or dark shades to yellowish or brown shades. It lacks the distinctive fresh smell of fresh marijuana and could smell like grass or hay. Its taste is horrible, and sometimes, it could have been stripped of its THC in a process called blasting for the manufacture of butane hash oil.

It is full of stems and seeds. 

It is generally great to always look for weed that you can smoke when buying cannabis. This means avoiding anything that could add to the gram count, but you will have to sort it out later before you smoke. Check to ensure that there are as minimal stems as possible and seeds that explode as you smoke and ruin your joint. If you are continually finding stems or seeds in your weed, it’s time to look for another seller.


Good Weed

Good Weed Characteristics


Does every little to get you high, and at times, it can make you sick.

The worst thing about buying weed of inferior quality is that you will have to smoke lots of it to get a particular level of “high.” This could make you have a headache even before you get high and render the smoking process unpleasant overall. Some inferior cannabis could also only emit smoke from the buds while offering no “high “at all, regardless of the number of joints you smoke. Such is garbage weed, and you should ditch it as soon as possible and start looking for potent weed that starts to get you high after several puffs.

It’s rotting or has mold.

Mold and rot are bad for human consumption, regardless of whether you find them on your food in the refrigerator or on the batch of weed you just bought or had kept for next week. The mold and rot may manifest in the same way as bread, with furry surface discolorations.

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Other Qualities of Bad Weed

Other than relying on what bad weed looks or feels like, several other aspects can raise red flags. If you are looking for top-quality weed, avoid batches that have the following qualities:

  • Poor cultivation. Unethical cultivation involves the use of synthetic fertilizers and unsustainable agricultural practices. Go for weed that has been grown using organic soil and regenerative agricultural practices
  • Unethical companies. Large corporations may only be concerned about yield and profit as compared to sustainably producing cannabis. Therefore, it is generally a great idea to choose small, craft producers or family-owned enterprises.
  • Lack of diversity in the available cannabinoids. A diverse terpene and cannabinoid profile offers more benefits and is desirable when purchasing cannabis. Check the seller’s product labels to see the types of cannabinoids they have listed and potential contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides.

You deserve the best quality weed that can get you high efficiently without bringing the risk of disease. This is why you have to inspect the batches you buy or remove from storage for signs of deterioration before you can roll and light them. MMJ Doctor specializes in recommending medical marijuana cards and linking you with a licensed medical marijuana doctor near you for consultations. 

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