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The word “CBD” is fast becoming popular throughout the world. You may have come across it while passing by a local pharmacy or looking at advertisements as CBD products are spreading faster than anticipated. CBD is more preferred compared to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), another major player of marijuana since it doesn’t produce the high or intoxicating effects that THC does.

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However, it has several potential therapeutic features and benefits in treating several health conditions. CBD is pretty tolerable and hardly has any side effects. If you’re looking to know the best high CBD strains of weed out there, keep reading!


But First, What Exactly Is CBD?

As stated by the United States National Library of Medicine, CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a natural chemical in marijuana plants that produces relaxing and calm feelings. Marijuana consists of hundreds of cannabinoids, though THC and CBD are the major compounds. While THC has psychoactive properties, CBD does not.


Can CBD Get One High?

No. CBD won’t get you high but will give you a soothing relief from several painful health conditions. CBD counteracts the intoxicating effects and high associated with the use of THC and provides a relaxed sensation without causing any psychoactive high.


What Is a High CBD Strain of Medical Marijuana?

CBD is the next most common cannabinoid (after THC) used from marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD plays nice, providing non-toxicating and relaxing effects that ensure a variety of medicinal and personal uses. Since CBD doesn’t have the tough side effects typical of THC strains, it’s an excellent option for patients who need to keep a clear mind and head.

A typical high CBD strain of marijuana consists of a higher CBD to THC ratio. Some strains may contain an equal ratio of 1 CBD:1 THC. In such strains, the CBD counteracts the THC’s psychotropic effects for a better-relaxed high. Marijuana plants are of different varieties; some strains contain high CBD ratios, and each strain has a distinct effect on the body. To expand your knowledge of CBD, here are some of the best CBD high strains.


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1. Charlotte’s Web

This low-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), high-cannabidiol (CBD) marijuana strain is sold as a dietary supplement under the US federal law. It was first manufactured in Colorado by the Stanley brothers.

Charlotte’s Web doesn’t cause the psychoactive high linked with recreational strains high in TCH. The Stanleys announced in 2014 that they would make sure the strain didn’t contain more than 0.3% THC.

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Charlotte’s Web is selected as the best strain due to its amazing history. This CBD strain broke the stereotypes against the use of marijuana for children’s sake. In 2012, medical marijuana wasn’t fully accepted by the US physicians, and this left the Figi family devastated as their six-year-old daughter, Charlotte Figi suffered from an uncommon disease (intractable epilepsy), the Dravet Syndrome. She was diagnosed at the age of 2, and her parents searched everywhere for a cure until they bumped into a video depicting how epileptic patients could benefit from CBD.

They found the Stanley brothers who were cross-breeding various marijuana strains, and they developed a CBD strain that improved their daughter’s seizure condition. That’s how this strain’s name came about, and Charlotte’s story has highlighted marijuana’s potential for improving the quality of life.



  • Mental health issues: The Charlotte’s Web CBD strain contains low THC levels and ultra-high CBD It’s the ideal strain for controlling ADHD, depression, and seizures.
  • Relaxation: If you prioritize relaxation, you should get Charlotte’s Web. It features a myriad of beneficial and positive effects without giving off any psychoactive high.
  • Chronic conditions: With Charlotte’s Web, you can regulate any perception of pain, body temperature, and inflammation. The CBD in this strain offers a highly effective treatment for anyone suffering from fever or chronic conditions like Parkinson’s Disease and fibromyalgia.
  • Treatment for disorders: CBD in high proportion can stimulate any serotonin-related receptors, treating psychological conditions, such as addiction, sleep disturbance, and anxiety.
  • Cancer treatment: Recent research shows that this high CBD strain is effective for cancer treatment, destroying cancerous cells and preventing any subsequent spread.


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The strain’s seeds are not commercially available, and the Stanley Brothers maintain strict quality control from the field to the final product by cultivating every crop in the US with high-quality oversight.


2. Cannatonic

This unique Cannatonic hybrid strain, also called the CBD Queen, is bred by Spanish Resin Seeds for its high CBD and low THC content. Reportedly introduced in 2008, Cannatonic is one of the first CBD Strains and a cross of NYC Diesel and Reina Madre.



  • Chronic pain relief: Cannatonic is among the best marijuana strains (medical) available in the market. It’s popularly used for treating chronic pain, including muscle spasms, migraines, and more severe conditions like cerebral palsy.
  • Joint Pains: It’s great for people with joint pains since it’s known to reduce inflammation.
  • Pleasant & mild effects: It features ultra-mellow vibes that can put any individual on cruise control. While it contains high CBD content, you’ll be amazed to find out that you can get a decent high.
  • Relaxation: This powerfully relaxing strain helps to focus and uplift the mind. It slightly overshadows these effects by the numbing sensations and strong warming that flow through the body.
  • Pain-relieving: It’s ideal for individuals who need to be relieved of pain in the afternoon or morning. It can also calm headaches, migraines, and muscle spasms. The strain may calm stress, mood disorders, anxiety, and nausea.
  • Calmness and positivity: It makes you feel mellow. Some users report feeling relaxed and optimistic without any heightened energy.


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Due to Cannatonic weed’s overwhelmingly positive benefits, you may have a tough time buying its high CBD seeds as growing it isn’t easy.


3. AC/DC

This high-CBD strain is an effective Sativa-dominant phenotype with remarkably high CBD levels compared to the THC level. It’s a Sativa-Indica phenotype of Ruderalis and Cannatonic, which makes it very unique. AC/DC induces very little intoxicating effects and can be used to treat various conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, anxiety, chemotherapy’s adverse effects, and pain.

AC/DC, when cultivated correctly, has a high CBD to THC (20:1) ratio, and the strain produces very little cerebral effect due to the low THC levels. AC/DC usually tests about 16% to 24% CBD, making it ideal for individuals who want to use it without getting high. The THC can even test as low as 0.2%, legally classifying the AC/DC strain as hemp. That’s why the AC/DC strain is perfect for medical use.



Most marijuana users refer to AC/DC as a classic CBD strain and enjoy its cherry and lemongrass aroma with the sublime fruity flavor. The strain features a very small kush structure which is evident in the woody and thick smoke.



  • Mental health issues: AC/DC strain is effective for treating epilepsy, anxiety, chemotherapy’s adverse effects, multiple sclerosis, and pain.
  • Mind-stability with effectiveness: The strain is beneficial for individuals who are sensitive to THC and need to relieve their pain while maintaining mental clarity without causing confusion.


Indica dominant use

Medicinal Use of Indica Dominant Cannabis


4. Remedy

Remedy is a cross between Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic. This high CBD strain induces very minimal psychoactive effects. The yellow-tinted buds have a lemon-pine scent and hide under a cover of crystal trichomes. Remedy’s CBD to THC ratio is similar to Cannatonic strain.

Remedy has several positive medical effects; that’s why it’s bred specifically as a medical strain. Remedy is a 25% Sativa, and 75% Indica cross hybrid between Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic, creating a high CBD strain.



  • Pain-killer: Since Remedy is a high CBD strain, it’s used as a solution to a wide variety of ailments. The strain has pain-killing features similar to prescription opioids, making it ideal for individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions.
  • Relaxation: Its flavor profile is likened to a cup of tea. Combining its flavor and effects makes it a win-win. It helps to soothe muscles, aid sleeping, and relax the body.
  • Benefits: Remedy has several medical benefits, which include inflammatory and chronic pain remedies, targeting the body rather than the mind in a way similar to conventional prescription medication.
  • Calmness: The effects can take time to begin, so it might feel underwhelming if you’re looking to use the strain for recreational purposes and anticipating an instant high. The first thing you’ll notice is a wave of relaxation physically and mentally, offering you a peaceful feeling.
  • Mellow effects: You’ll gradually experience a stimulated feeling all over your body that mellows out your mood; it’s similar to getting a delicate massage. Remedy reduces stress both mentally and physically, keeping you happier and focuses on more important tasks.
  • Flavorful: Besides its medical benefits, the strain ensures you enjoy pleasurable smoking in terms of its flavor and smell.
  • Ache-reliever: The low THC content makes the strain ideal for easing aches and relaxing your body without experiencing a crazy mind race as you would with other recreational strains with similar physical effects.
  • Mind clarity: Remedy ensures you stay clear-headed during the high and can enjoy its health effects while going about your normal duties without feeling mentally exhausted and cloudy.
  • Recreational use: You can also use Remedy for recreational purposes, though that’s not its intended use. It’s become popular as a result of its low THC level and absence of psychoactive effects. You can take it on your own while chilling at home after a busy day.
  • Best at home: This strain is not one you should take while going to a party or visiting a friend, as it’ll make you feel relaxed both mentally and physically. You’ll only feel like zoning out in the comfort of your living room.


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If growing Remedy indoors, you can trigger its flowering period in as early as 7 weeks. Outdoors, the plant requires a warm climate. Its flowering period occurs around late September. At harvest, each plant produces a minimum of fourteen ounces of buds.


5. Harlequin

Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant strain popular for its reliable CBD expression. It’s high CBD content puts the strain among the most effective options for treating anxiety and pain as CBD can easily counteract THC’s paranoia and boost its pain-killing features.

Unlike several other strains with high CBD content, Harlequin maintains a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, making it very efficient for medical use.



The flavors range from sweet mango to earthy moss, but what attracts Harlequin lovers is its ability to offer relaxation without intoxicating or sleepy effects.



  • Gentle high: Due to its low THC content and high CBD that counteracts the THC psychoactive effects, Harlequin is less likely to get you high.
  • Focused thinking: While some have a shift in perspective or a boosted sense of focus, they’re able to bring themselves closer to sobriety and out of the altered condition.
  • Pain-relieving: Instead of offering a potent high, this strain relieves pain from both chronic and mild conditions. It can eliminate pains associated with joint stiffness. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory features, making it useful in treating neuralgia and fibromyalgia pain.
  • Beneficial for health: The legalization of recreational and medical cannabis has brought CBD into the limelight as a health instrument.
  • Functional high: While Harlequin has some THC content and associated psychoactivity, the strain is still medically potent and suitable for several conditions. The uplifting but functional high enables you to perform to work, and even exercise.
  • Nausea: Harlequin can also be used to treat moderate nausea. It enables sustained mental focus with no heavy body stone, making it a versatile health instrument both at night and day.


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This clone-only strain requires growers to get clippings from a fully mature plant. You can get these clones at marijuana expos and conventions or from another grower.

Harlequin plants can be cultivated with ease, even with less Cultivation experience. The plants need a steady sunlight source and temperatures between 70°F and 80°F.


6. Pennywise

Pennywise strain is an Indica cross between Jack the Ripper and Harlequin. The strain contains a 1:1 CBD and THC ratio, which implies more relaxing and milder psychoactive effects.

This high CBD strain is very impressive as it develops about 12% to 15% of CBD and the same quantity of THC. It’s not common to find this 1:1 cannabinoid profile. It’s a 20% Sativa and 80% Indica variety that will keep you couch-locked.

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Pennywise can be in the form of four phenotype varieties. The buds may become either round or fingery, with their colors ranging between purple and green. The purple ones have a super cool look.



The strain’s terpenes deliver peppery/coffee flavors mixed with bubblegum and lemon undertones.



  • Mood enhancer: Consider using Pennywise if you wish to experience the right entourage effect. Due to its low THC content, and the high CBD counteracting its psychoactive effects, Pennywise will hardly get you high. Mental effects can only take the form of a mood uplift, causing a mild anxiety relief and a mellow mindset.



With Pennywise seeds, you can cultivate the plant both outdoors and indoors. If done indoors, allow the strain to flower between 60 and 70 days. You can expect a return of about 12 to 16 ounces for each square meter planted.


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7. Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is a cross high CBD strain between ACDC and Harle-Tsu. It’s named after a CBD pioneer and cannabis activist, the late Lawrence Ringo. Ringo’s Gift strain comes in many different ratios and phenotypes. The most common one is a “1-for-1” strain, which implies it has an equal CBD to THC ratio. However, Ringo’s Gift has had ratios with 24:1 CBD to THC.

The strain is awesome in oil, flower, or shatter form, with several benefits. It has an outrageous potency, though not the way you anticipate. The THC levels do not surpass 1%, with CBD getting as high as 10% and even more. This plant has several phenotypes, which implies varying numbers depending on the one you find.

These light and airy buds have a mint green color with super frosty trichomes and bright orange pistils. You’ll feel the mint and hash in the air and on your tongue, creating a fresh and classic experience.



  • Soothing & relaxing: Although Ringo’s Gift seems not to be strong enough for you mentally, most users have rather amazing results. The strain is now a favorite in cannabis clubs, giving a mellow mix of soothing body relaxation and cerebral activity without any “couch-lock” effect.
  • Hopefulness: Due to its being bred specifically with arching patients in mind, Ringo’s Gift brings hope and light to individuals who have once experienced darkness.
  • Increased confidence: It will soar your mood and ease socialization during your high, enabling you to make friends quickly and preventing any form of drama.
  • Overcome difficulties: The powerful strain can help people with medical difficulties and challenges.
  • Self-exploration: It’s popularly grown in cannabis clubs around the globe due to its light, cerebrally buzzy high, and uplifting, which wouldn’t overwhelm you but rather offer support through a self-exploration and fun-filled journey.

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This strain produces dense thin sun leaves during its vegetation and stretches during its flowering cycle. Keep in mind that this versatile hybrid reaches full maturation within 55 to 70 days of entering its flower cycle.

Cultivated outdoors, the Ringo’s Gift completes maturity around April (Southern Hemisphere) or October (Northern Hemisphere) and produces big flowers with a loose bud structure.


8. Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is among the first famous high CBD strains. This well-balanced strain is 40% Indica and 60% Sativa. While several CBD strains tend to be Indica-dominant, Sour Tsunami edges towards Sativa. It contains very high CBD at 11% to 13% and very low THC at 10%. Some concentrates may contain as high as 30% CBD.



Lawrence Ringo from the Seed Collective in Southern Humboldt bred the strain for more than four years by crossing NYC Diesel with Sour Diesel. Within nine weeks, the Sativa-dominant flowers produced dark green buds with purple-tinged and dark green leaves.


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The strain is well known for its unique sweetness, smell and diesel fuel. You may perceive a chocolate aroma. You may detect a sour or bitter smell on exhaling, hence the name.



Sour Tsunami buds are green and purple-tinged, though some may be lighter-hued.



  • Pain-reliever: Sour Tsunami strain is very effective at treating inflammation and pain without causing a significant “high” commonly associated with high THC.
  • Good for skin: You can also use this strain to treat acne and several other skin conditions. It will help you gain symptom relief and keep your head clear.
  • Health benefits: Conventional medical studies discovered that CBD eliminates seizure disorders and treats cancer and alcoholism. Individuals with less severe medical issues, such as nausea, stress, and insomnia can also use Sour Tsunami.


9. Trident

This hybrid strain is notable for its very high CBD levels (12%). Hence, it is ideal for dealing with symptoms and managing pain while keeping you focused.

Its low THC level (below 6%) does not imply you won’t feel any kind of cerebral effect, though it tends to be unobtrusive and mild. As a result, the earthy, piney flavored buds will give you tingly feelings without hazing your mind.

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Trident’s sticky flowers feature a pleasant, sour and sweet aroma.



It has bright green nugs with golden hints and the smell of earth and tart pine.



  • Light high: Trident is not suited for recreational purposes, as it has extremely mellow effects if you notice at all. If you love smoking for fun, you can try this strain during your chill time when there’s not much to do. Although it can give a minor energy burst, it fades fairly quickly as it’s not sustainable.
  • Pain-reliever: This strain is perfect for medicinal purposes. You can use it to treat muscle spasms, inflammation, muscle tension, chronic pain, epilepsy, and other ailments that are sensitive to CBD.
  • Relaxation: The high CBD level of this Trident strain offers a relaxed high that increases over time and enables you to be pain-free and feel uplifted without any heady high produced by some 50/50 strains.
  • Mildness: Trident strains have very mild side effects, though they can be compounded if overused, resulting in paranoia and anxiety.
  • Therapeutic benefits: Trident is recommended in edible or pill form as a way to reduce the swelling after radiation or chemotherapy treatments. If you’re going through stress or depression, this strain is one you should try out for its uplifting and therapeutic properties.



Trident’s lineage is mysterious, and many breeders claim that it’s a product of the US-based PlantMaster Seeds. With the high CBD levels, it likely has many high-CBD strains from its lineage. Trident is moderately easy to grow and is suited for both outdoor and indoor growing.

While its flowering period is relatively long (between 83 to 90 days), it produces a large yield at harvest. Its plants grow fairly tall and may require trimming and topping during its vegetative stage.


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10. Harle-Tsu

Bred by the Seed Collective in Southern Humboldt, Harle-Tsu is a high CBD hybrid strain cross between Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. With its high CBD level and almost non-existent THC level, Harle-Tsu helps to relieve you of inflammation and pain without intoxication or euphoria. Harle-Tsu strains have a 75% likelihood of expressing their high-CBD properties.



Harle-Tsu buds have a sweet earthy pine aroma, and a citrus effect that is produced as the nugs break apart. The sweet flavor has a herbal pine with an earthy citrus taste when exhaled.



The buds have lumpy and fluffy elongated nugs (grape-shaped) with a sticky coating of syrupy resin and sparse orange hairs.



  • Pain-killer: The strain has a very mellow high and functions more as a pain reliever than a body high or heavy head. It begins with an uplifting and happy euphoric head buzz feeling in the forehead and behind the eyes. The buzz gradually seeps to the other parts of your body, leaving you utterly pain-free and completely relaxed.
  • Therapeutic benefits: Users report feeling the relaxation pass from behind the eyes to their neck, and down to the other parts of their bodies. The relaxing and calming feeling is good for people who suffer from inflammation, arthritis, and chronic pain.
  • Stress-free: You’ll be motivated and focused after using Harle-Tsu, as it will completely wipe your mind of any racing or painful thoughts, enabling you to go about your usual tasks.
  • Other health benefits: The impressive CBD level and its effects make Harle-Tsu ideal for treating several health conditions, including muscle spasms, inflammation, migraines or headaches, anxiety or chronic stress, and chronic pain.
  • Sleeping problems: Harle-Tsu has become more popular for use before bedtime, as insomniacs have started buying the strain more frequently.
  • Increase concentration & energy level: This flower can help you feel energized and mentally focused, as you’ll be able to complete any task without any physical impediment. Some users have reported that it’s just what they require after a busy week at work.

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Benefits of CBD

There are lots of controversies about marijuana products like CBD oil due to the use of recreational marijuana. However, the awareness about the many health benefits we can enjoy using CBD oil keeps spreading more quickly than imagined.

Here are some facts you should know about the potential medical uses and benefits of CBD:


1. Anxiety Relief

You can use CBD to manage anxiety. The oil can change the way the brain’s receptors react to serotonin (a chemical associated with mental health).

The receptors are small proteins connected to the cells that receive chemicals and help the cells respond to various stimuli. CBD (a 600mg dose) has helped individuals with anxiety, and other research performed with animals have proved that CBD can relieve anxiety by:

  • Reducing stress
  • Inducing sleep (for insomnia cases)
  • Improving PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms
  • Reducing the effects (physiological) of anxiety, like an increased heart rate


2. Anti-Seizure

Studies reveal that CBD is a possible remedy to epilepsy. CBD has been tested to estimate how potent it is in minimizing the number of seizures in epileptic patients and how safe the oil is. According to the American Epilepsy Society, cannabidiol brings some hope for seizure disorders, and they’re doing their best to understand better how safe it is for use.

In 2016, a study performed with 214 epileptic patients showed that participants included two to five-milligram oral doses of CBD each day to their previous anti-epilepsy medications. The participants were monitored for twelve weeks, monitoring the frequency of seizures and taking note of negative side effects.

Overall, the participants had 36.5% less seizure each month. 12% of the participants were recorded to experience severe adverse effects.


3. Neuroprotective

Several researchers are studying the brain’s receptors to understand better how CBD can help individuals suffering from neurodegenerative disorders (diseases that cause deterioration of the nerves and brain) over time. The receptor is called CB1.

The researchers are studying how CBD can be used to treat:

CBD oil can also help to minimize the inflammation that makes the symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders worse.


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4. Pain Relief

CBD oil can be used to manage pain through its effects on the brain’s receptors. Marijuana can be very beneficial if used after chemotherapy treatments. The National Institute of Health has sponsored several preclinical studies to analyze how marijuana helps to relieve symptoms caused by:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Muscle pain
  • Arthritis
  • MS pain
  • Chronic pain

A multiple sclerosis medication, Nabiximols (Sativex), made from CBD and THC, is approved in Canada and the United Kingdom to treat patients suffering from MS pain.

However, the drug’s CBD content has anti-inflammatory properties that may be contributing more than fighting against the pain.


5. Anti-Acne

CBD can help to reduce the body’s overall inflammation through its effects on the immune system’s receptors. In turn, the CBD oil may be beneficial for managing acne.

CBD oil prevents sebaceous gland activities. The glands are known to produce a natural oily substance that helps to hydrate the skin (sebum).

Before considering the use of CBD oil for treating acne, ensure to consult your dermatologist.

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6. Cancer Treatment

Several studies have investigated the role of CBD in hindering cancer cell growth. According to, CBD may be used to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment and cancer symptoms.

Although CBD’s action for cancer treatment is promising and it may be able to change cell-reproduction and moderate inflammation, the National Cancer Institute doesn’t endorse marijuana (in any form) as a treatment for cancer. CBD can reduce the reproduction ability of several kinds of tumor cells.



While marijuana may be an excellent alternative to several conventional medications when treating anxiety, note that all strains are not created equal. Although THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are significantly similar structurally, there’s a huge difference. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive compound while CBD isn’t.

CBD strains are now well-known to provide a pain-relieving and analgesic effect without head highs that are commonly linked to marijuana. They help you stay pain-free without a clear mind.

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