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Nearly 35% of American adults are obese. Many of them have tried weight loss medications and other interventions with little success. This is where marijuana comes in. Medical marijuana has gained recognition in the past few years for its ability to effectively and safely treat different conditions. You’ve probably heard about how ravenous stoners get after smoking some weed. When you think of this, it’s hard to imagine that weed can also help you slim down.

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What’s in the Marijuana Plant?

Marijuana contains compounds known as cannabinoids. These include CBD, THC, and THCV. THC is renowned for leaving users feeling high and hungrier. On its part, CBD is widely used for medicinal purposes. It doesn’t cause weight gain, and neither is it an appetite stimulant.

Individuals who use CBD oil alone shouldn’t worry about adding weight. CBD counteracts the effects of THC, thus suppressing the hunger sensation. Nonetheless, CBD doesn’t help much with weight loss when used alone. The THCV cannabinoid is the one that suppresses appetite, and therefore, helps you shed weight. It also helps with blood sugar regulation.

What Does Science Say?

Two national surveys conducted in 2011 established that although marijuana consumption stimulated appetite, users are less likely to be obese than non-users. When you use cannabis regularly, your body burns more calories and stores less fat. Even if you eat more, your metabolism will also get a boost.

clinical trial commissioned by the University of San Diego established that cannabis use reduces stress levels. It also helps users to get better and more restful sleep besides relieving chronic pain. Indeed, these are some of the things that help with weight loss. By using cannabis regularly, you’ll have the energy needed to embark and stick to a workout routine.


CBD and THC properties

Medicinal Properties of CBD and THC


Cannabis use has also been linked to the attainment of healthy weight. Users are likely to have a healthy BMI compared to non-users and the general population. Furthermore, cannabis use is associated with a lower fat percent mass.

Cannabis Use and Metabolism

Essential biological processes, including metabolism, are controlled by the endocannabinoid system. The system comprises receptors (CB1 and CB2), and two types of cannabinoids (phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids). Phytocannabinoids are produced by the cannabis plant, while the body naturally produces endocannabinoids.


The coolest part of it is that both cannabinoids share similarities. Therefore, marijuana cannabinoids interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system to stimulate essential biological processes, including metabolism. THC binds with CB1 receptors, thus leaving you feeling hungrier. On the other hand, THCV is a CB2 and CB1 receptor antagonist, which blocks THC. This way, it prevents you from feeling high and hungry.

When your metabolic rate is high, you’ll lose weight irrespective of the amount of food you eat. Although THCV is also psychoactive, just like THC, it often takes effect much quicker. Also, the high that it gives you is short-lived compared to what you get from THC.

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The Best Marijuana Strains for Weight Loss

Unlike what you might think, not all cannabis strains will help you shed weight. There are specific strains that help with obesity by increasing your metabolism and curbing your appetite for sugar, carbs, and saturated fat. The market is so awash with dozens of cannabis strains these days, and this makes it difficult to determine the ones that aid your weight-loss objectives. Here are the best marijuana strains for weight loss:

  • Durban Poison

This powerhouse strain is popular among those who want to shed weight. With THC levels of up to 24%, the Durban Poison strain leaves you mildly high and energized enough to undertake workouts and other fitness activities.

  • Blue Dream

This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain not only curbs your appetite but also boosts your focus and energy levels. Once it hits home, the Blue Dream marijuana strain keeps your mind off food.

  • Grapefruit

This is among the least-known cannabis strains. It packs 20% THC and is known for being an energy booster and stress-reliever. Grapefruit strain can help suppress depression and anxiety, which are among the leading causes of obesity.


Marijuana as hunger suppressant

How Does Marijuana Act As An Appetite Suppressant?


  • Northern Lights

Lack of sleep is a major cause of obesity. The Northern Lights cannabis strain turns off the lights and enables you to sleep deeper and for longer.

  • Cherry Pie                  

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is known for its delicious taste, but it doesn’t give you the munchies. Cherry Pie helps with pain relief and appetite suppression. It perfectly supplements most weight loss programs.


Final Words

Now that you know how marijuana can help you shed weight, you should embark on weight loss treatment. Start by finding out whether medical marijuana is approved in your state before getting a recommendation letter from a marijuana doctor. The recommendation letter will allow you to purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries.

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