How Can Medical Marijuana Help in the Treatment of Arthritis


According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), around 23% (54.4 million) of American adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. For effective treatment, the world is turning to medical marijuana.

This data also shows disparities in gender—with higher age-adjusted incidences recorded among women (23.5%) as compared to men (18.1%). Also, the records show the prevalence of arthritis increases with age.

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What Is Arthritis?

As a common medical condition, arthritis is not well-understood. According to the Arthritis Foundation, it includes more than 100 disease types and related ailments.

Moreover, arthritis afflicts people of all ages, ethnicity, and gender. Even so, it tends to be more prevalent as you age and occurs more among women.

The term arthritis refers to joint inflammation. Apart from affecting your connective tissue, arthritis also impacts joints plus the muscles surrounding them.

Causes of Arthritis

Due to the many varieties of the condition, several factors come into play when assessing the root cause of this health complication. For most patients, arthritis manifests itself over time owing to the cartilage protecting the joints gradually wearing out.

Another frequent cause of arthritis arises from autoimmune disorders. Once the body’s immune system inadvertently attacks your body tissues, it may produce harmful effects on the soft tissues surrounding your joints. These frameworks are integral to healthy cartilage maintenance.

Other risk factors include:


Use of marijuana for arthritis

The world is Turning to Marijuana for Arthritis pain


For subjects experiencing painful inflammation attributed to arthritis, medical marijuana can help with arthritis to keep it under control.

Aside from having the ability to manage common symptoms of arthritis, medical cannabis also has properties that can help with the side effects linked to the long-term debilitating illness, including:

  • Mood disorders
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness

Let’s look at the potential of medical marijuana in the treatment of arthritis.

Medical Hemp for Management & Treatment of Arthritis Condition

As a natural and affordable alternative to conventional arthritis medication, medical cannabis lacks the side effects linked with traditional drugs. Progressively, many subjects afflicted by the medical condition are opting to use medicinal hemp to help relieve related symptoms.

Favorable results of utilizing medical marijuana include less pain, a considerable reduction in the use of other medicaments, improved movement, and more.

Some specific strains of cannabis can certainly help subjects with arthritis. These include;

  • Pennywise (Indica): a strain that has mild psychoactive implications
  • Harlequin (Sativa): renowned for its relaxing sensation without necessarily making the user feel sedated
  • Cannatonic (Hybrid): a strain that elicits a considerably relaxing mellow high

Always seek the professional recommendation of a medical marijuana doctor at your local dispensary to help you pinpoint the best strain to ease discomfort arising as a result of arthritis.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) element of marijuana acts as an analgesic (painkilling agent), while cannabidiol (CBD) has inherent immune-modulatory benefits as an active antagonist of tumor necrosis (factor-alpha). Both attributes support rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

Use of Medical Marijuana in the Management of Arthritis Symptoms

Currently, many states in the U.S have approved a variety of arthritis forms as a qualifying factor for medical marijuana. Cannabis is beneficial in the treatment of joint pains and inflammation.

Medical hemp can also help treat insomnia, enhance your appetite, besides elevating your mood. What’s more, if the arthritis condition makes you feel tired, hemp can also offer you a boost whenever it’s needed.


Types of arthritis

Types of Arthritis


Marijuana for Arthritis

Because it lacks any significant side effects, marijuana is rapidly becoming a desirable treatment option for arthritis. As such, when subjects consume medical cannabis, the probable outcome is likely to yield multi-symptom relief without triggering a multitude of discomforts in the process.

Mostly, any objectionable effects of medical cannabis are often insignificant and dissipate once the compounds leave the subject’s body. Notably, the mild side effects are negligible more so when compared to the pain-relieving benefits of marijuana in the management of arthritis.

Nevertheless, it’d help if you’re to talk to your physician about whether medical cannabis is the ideal choice for your symptoms and needs.

Getting Medical Marijuana for Arthritis

Most states have an enrollment program for medical marijuana. And you can obtain a medical recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor to help alleviate your arthritis pain and other symptoms.

However, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the medical hemp laws applicable in your state before proceeding with a marijuana treatment plan.

While most states have approved the use of medical cannabis for arthritis treatment, connecting with an accredited marijuana doctor helps you in the enrollment process.



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