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Curing marijuana is the process of getting rid of moisture from marijuana buds under controlled temperatures. It is the final stage in marijuana drying processing. Weed curing requires you to be patient to achieve the desired results. In this guide, you will learn about various processes on how to cure weed.

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Importance of Curing Marijuana

How to cure weed is an important trick that any weed enthusiast should master. When weed is correctly cured, it produces the following:

1. Enhances aroma, flavors, and appearance of your weed

How to cure weed involves drying the marijuana. This significantly contributes to its taste and unique aroma. Chlorophyll in the weed is broken down during the curing process to get rid of the grassy look. The terpenes in the weed should not be affected since it contains all the weed’s flavor. Like the aging of cheese and wine, marijuana gets its taste from a long period of curing.

2. Preservation

Curing marijuana protects it from molds; therefore, it can last for an extended period. How to cure weed starts during its harvest. Marijuana starts the degradation process immediately after being harvested. The starches and excess sugar is broken down by aerobic bacteria and enzymes present in the plant. Knowing how to cure cannabis prevents harmful bacteria from entering your marijuana.

3. Degradation of byproducts

Curing marijuana ensures that plant byproducts like chlorophyll and sugar are broken down. Getting rid of these byproducts is essential since they do not add taste or flavor to your cannabis. Knowing how to cure weed will ensure chlorophyll in your weed is eliminated, which helps to ensure a smooth smoking experience.

4. Retention of volatile compounds

Effective marijuana curing prevents the weed from degrading before the evaporation of essential compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. Learning how to cure weed will help you to retain all the vital components of the weed.

5. Ensures that the marijuana dries completely

Curing marijuana is an extended drying process of your marijuana. How to cure weed in a slow and monitored environment ensures that your weed dries well enough for you to enjoy.

6. Curing marijuana increases its potency

Curing marijuana increases its ability to create a good impression on the user.


Cured Weed

Cured Weed


Tips to Dry And Cure Marijuana

How to cure weed correctly depends on the tips used in drying the weed. The following tips are effective in curing weed.

  • Drying and curing marijuana depends on the type of strain. Mixing up strains can result in unpleasant flavors and aromas.
  • Moderately dry your cannabis. Excessive drying tampers with terpenes and cannabinoids, which results in harsh smoke.
  • Use hygrometers in your airtight jars to monitor and control humidity levels.
  • Store your marijuana in a cool and dark place to avoid the effects of sunlight.
  • Avoid using plastic bags as they can easily allow oxygen into your marijuana during curing.
  • Containers like airtight glass mason jars are recommended due to the presence of a neutral charge.
  • Excessively high temperatures encourage the oxidation and growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Very low climatic conditions can lead to prolonged drying and curing of your weed.
  • Using slightly warm water in the mixture can help speed up the marijuana curing process.  

How Do You Preserve Terpenes When Drying?

The aroma of your cannabis depends on the terpenes. They are vital components in your marijuana. Terpenes have a high level of degradation. Immediately after harvesting and in the process of manufacturing, terpenes start to degrade due to their fragile nature.

Light and heat can be harmful to the chemical bonds that make your terpenes unique. For proper preservation of your terpenes, you are required to store them in a cool dark place where the temperature is constant. 

Methods of Curing Marijuana 

  • The heat dehydration cure method: Is one of the best ways to cure marijuana, since all the available moisture is removed. It is critical but pays off. It needs close monitoring of the humidity, hence having a hygrometer is a boost for this curing method.
  • The sweat cure Method: It is pretty hectic and laborious and does not give desired results.
  • Water cure method: This method of how to cure weed is done by submerging your marijuana in water. After a given time, your marijuana is purified since all the unwanted compounds dissolve in water.
  • The freeze-drying method: This method of curing marijuana first requires you to deep freeze your cannabis bud. Then sublime before drying your cannabis buds.

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Equipment Needed for Curing Marijuana

How to cure weed is entirely dependent on the equipment you use. For optimal curing, you should consider the following:

Airtight jars: As light is likely to damage terpenes, you are required to have jars that will firmly close to prevent light from entering the jar. Choose a jar that has a large opening to give you easy access to your marijuana buds.

Hygrometers: Curing marijuana requires controlled temperature. You will need a hygrometer for each of the jars to measure humidity and temperature. If you perfectly know how to cure marijuana, then having a hygrometer is not essential.

Steps on How to Cure Marijuana

The best way to cure weed is by ensuring you follow the steps below.

1. Bud trimming

If you dried your marijuana by the branch, you have to trim them first to get rid of sugar leaves before curing.

2. Collect all the required equipment

Ensure that you have your well-dried marijuana, airtight jar, a cool and darkroom, and your hygrometers.

3. Place your marijuana buds in airtight jars

Pack your marijuana loosely in a jar to avoid crushing them and ensure some space is left for burping. The buds should move around in the jar if you shake it to affirm that they are well dried.

4. Seal the jars

Close the jars tightly to prevent the entry of air and moisture.

5. Store the jars in a cool dark place

The light decomposes THC, and that is why a dark place away from direct sunlight is recommended.

6. Burp your marijuana

Burping your marijuana daily is mandatory during the first week of curing. Opening the lid ensures entry of fresh air for efficient marijuana curing. When burping your marijuana, it must smell like cannabis daily.

If it smells like ammonia, you will be required to dry your buds once again before curing marijuana. You will keep on burping your marijuana until you get desired results.


Growing Weed

Growing Weed


Drying Marijuana Trim

The marijuana leftovers that are found after curing buds are referred to as marijuana trim. The aim of trimming your marijuana is to get rid of additional sugar leaves that can result in harsh smoke. The amount of time required to dry your marijuana trim depends on your drying location and the climatic conditions.

How to cure weed tips, it is advisable to dry your trim in a cool and dark environment as light damages the THC in the weed. Ensure good airflow and circulation where you are drying your marijuana trim. You can alternatively put them under a roof to prevent sunlight from reaching them.

How Do You Burp a Fermented Jar?

When learning how to cure weed, knowing how to burp a fermented jar is important because it will determine the outcome of your marijuana. The standard way of burping your fermented jar is by removing the lids from the sealed jar for a short period. Then you are required to shake your jar around in a gentle way to ensure that you get rid of all the air and moisture from the jar.

You can also burp your fermented jar by removing all the buds from the jar, remove all the air and moisture before returning the buds.

When Do You Burp Marijuana?

Burping your weed refers to removing air and moisture from your sealed jars or paper bags, where you have kept your buds for the curing process. Getting rid of the gas is essential to ensure that the metabolic process is not interfered with. Burping your weed daily speeds up the curing process. Fresh air is critical for curing marijuana, and hence you can burp your marijuana daily.

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