How to Find the Right Cannabis Doctor


The most challenging thing about being a medical cannabis patient is necessarily your first trip to the dispensary, or getting your first prescription, but is instead determining how to find the right cannabis doctor for you.

Ideally, you may be living in a neighborhood where ads and billboards all over constantly last images of the familiar leaf with contact numbers on how to get a prescription, or you live in a reserved location where you might know cannabis programs exist. Still, you have no clue where to find a dispensary.



How then do you find yourself a cannabis doctor? Out of the several qualified doctors in your vicinity, which one among them should you consult for a proper medical cannabis evaluation?

Starting this journey can feel quite overwhelming, particularly if you don’t have a primary physician willing to guide you through the process. Luckily, there are numerous ways you can navigate and eventually identify the right marijuana doctor. Here are five simple ways you can use to find the right cannabis doctor for you.


Things to know before consulting medical medical marijuana doctor

5 things to know before talking to your physician for medical marijuana


1. Consult Your Primary Doctor

The first and most crucial step is to begin your process through consulting with your primary doctor, notwithstanding if they know much about medical cannabis.

Although this might not work as well, a doctor who’s dedicated to perform the essential evaluation and evaluate how treatment might impact your condition would assist you in acquiring your medical cannabis recommendation.

If you choose to try alternative medication, be sure to inform your physician. Also, inquire from them some reputable cannabis doctors in case they are not qualified to prescribe medical marijuana.

Over the years, medical cannabis usage for treating various conditions has become quite popular and much more acceptable. As such, patients can confidently seek counsel even from their primary physicians without any fear.

Similarly, kind and decent doctors should also not advise their patients against pursuing medical marijuana treatment. They must assist their patients to make proper decisions, instead.

2. Browse the Web for Online Resources

Unfortunately, a majority of the patients lack a primary doctor capable of issuing medical cannabis recommendations. In such instances, the best way to go is to visit a medical cannabis treatment specialist.

Usually, one of the best ways to pursue is to search for information and locations online. Researching for essential information on medical cannabis doctors online will help you see the options available within your vicinity.

Besides location, another crucial matter is how to identify if the doctors you find here are the right fit for you. Similarly, the internet is a fantastic resource you can use to find the ideal cannabis doctor. Once you browse, you will see various sites that offer assistance on some great medical cannabis doctors and how to find them.

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3. Referrals from Other Patients

Many individuals have no idea what they should expect during their first visit to a medical marijuana doctor. Moreover, many are unaware of what they are allowed to expect. The cannabis doctor will affirm your existing (qualifying) medical condition, inquire about your symptoms, and then prescribe a solution, for you to acquire at an approved dispensary.

While you can get all this and much more from the internet, the most effective way is to hear it from an individual who has had a similar experience before. Talking to medical cannabis patients will ensure you get the exact inside details.

Ask any critical questions you may have like ‘how would they describe their overall experiences, and who is the best medical cannabis doctor they know.’

However, if you know no such patients and you have no clue where to search, you can visit your local medical cannabis dispensary. Usually, local dispensaries are among the best spots to collect essential details, advice, and recommendations on the state of medical cannabis in your locality.

4. Evaluate the Expertise of the Physician on Cannabis

As surprising as it sounds, multiple cannabis doctors have not taken a workshop or any ongoing courses on plant-based therapy. Typically, these educational courses are vital to gaining knowledge on the latest information on the vast array of complex elements and therapeutic elements of the cannabis plant.

This is in addition to their diverse clinical applications and how they influence our natural cannabinoid body molecules.

This means that there is a tremendous variation when it comes to medical cannabis doctors’ expertise. But what does this mean for you? Basically, some cannabis physicians are not updated on the impact of cannabis on the nervous system.

As such, some doctors may be more knowledgeable than others in the various types, dosages, and strains of medical cannabis for different specific debilitating conditions and chronic ailments.

Nonetheless, there are several minimum credentials and requirements for a physician to be listed as an expert medical marijuana doctor. These credentials render them qualified to recommend medical cannabis prescriptions for patients with a qualifying condition.

For instance, a medical cannabis doctor must be a DO, MD, and even DEA registered without any conditions or license restrictions. Moreover, qualified cannabis physicians must also pass a continuing medical course and retake this course every time they renew their practicing license.

A qualified cannabis doctor, and the right one for you to add, must also be knowledgeable on the various state regulations as well as medical marijuana applications.

However, meeting these minimum credentials is, as you would expect, the bare minimum! As such, to find the right cannabis doctor for you, you need to go for the physicians that are willing to go that extra mile, not only to offer you the best advice and prescriptions.

This is besides continually educating themselves, especially on the benefits and applications of cannabis as well as the remarkable inner workings of the endocannabinoid system, discovered recently.


When do physicians prescribe medical marijuana

Physicians prescribe medical marijuana for several medical conditions


5. Experience beats everything!

Fundamentally, the overall care experience influences the quality of life. As such, beyond determining the right cannabis doctor for you, who is qualified to offer you the appropriate services, you must also consider the facilities, atmosphere, and transparency levels that different medical cannabis physicians offer during your evaluation and initial recommendations.

How easy is it to access your cannabis doctor or to talk to him or her? How genuine are your doctor’s recommendations and advice?

The most crucial factor to consider when deciding on the ideal cannabis doctor is that you must use similar criteria as you would use when choosing your primary care doctor.

You must have a cordial relationship with your doctor to help you feel comfortable bringing up any concerns that you might have with your prescriptions.

What’s more, selecting a personable and compassionate cannabis doctor who is willing to go out of their ways to help you feel comfortable is vital in determining the right cannabis doctor for you.

The appropriate cannabis doctor will want to continually monitor your progress across the entire course of your treatment and make any necessary adjustments to the process.

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You Deserve the Right Medical Cannabis Doctor

There are numerous cannabis doctors across the US, but identifying the right doctor for you is often the most challenging part. Luckily, our team of experts is willing and waiting to assist you in your medical cannabis journey.

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