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Medical Marijuana cards made easy

How to get a medical marijuana card in 2017 in California and do I still need a medical marijuana card at all?  The answer is yes, you need to have a medical marijuana ID from a licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor to buy medical marijuana based products in California in 2017.

  Patients who just want to apply for a medical marijuana card online and go to the medical cannabis dispensary right away, click here for a same day affordable 420 evaluation online. MMJ Patients who wish to find out about the many important benefits of medical marijuana, read on.  You can’t buy weed legally until 2018, while recreational pot use is legal, strange but true.  Even in 2018, it is better to have your medical marijuana card on you. Why? Without it,  you’ll have to pay a recreational marijuana user tax of about 16%-32%.   The savings on tax will be significant even if you pay for MMJ recommendation with mmj ID  $89. Here is an example for you, if you buy 16 ounces over a year, that’s about $4,000.  Without Medical Marijuana Doctor, your tax bill will be $600- $1200.


How To Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online The Same day? 

Getting Medical Cannabis Card online is an easy, hassle-free and very affordable option, thanks to the Medical Board of California.  Just input your personal information, describe your medical conditions and symptoms and click apply.

Medical Conditions and symptoms that qualify you for a medical cannabis card in California:


  Is my California Medical Marijuana Card valid in Nevada
  • Yes


Will my health insurance cover my medical marijuana card?

  • No


Can I grow cannabis with my medical marijuana card?

  • Yes, up to 6 mature and 12 immature cannabis plants for personal use only.


What if I caught with weed or smoking it?

  • Do not worry! Show the officer your medical cannabis card.  You’re allowed to possess, consume or transport medical marijuana in state, but not across.  Your medical cannabis card can be verified online and over the phone 24/7. You can be fined if you smoke weed where prohibited. However, police tends to be more lenient when they are dealing with people  with legal medical marijuana card.


For how long is my medical marijuana card valid for?

  • Usually for one year, it depends on Medical Marijuana Doctor`s decision, based on your medical condition and documents provided. You can always renew your cannabis card online in 10 minutes.


Where can I apply for a Medical Marijuana Doctor’s recommendation and Medical Cannabis ID Card?



California Proposition 215, with revised Senate Bill 420 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – FAQ EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED AND NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT Medical Cannabis Law in California The passage of Prop. 64 to legalize adult cultivation and possession of recreational pot in no way to impact on any rights of medical patients under Proposition 215. Patients with a state MMP ID card are exempt from sales tax in medical marijuana clubs under the new … read more


In 2015, the California Legislature passed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, establishing permitting for marijuana dispensaries and cultivation at the state level with approval on local level. The law went into effect on January 1, 2016; however, the state needs time until January 2018 to set up the agencies, information systems, and regulations to actually issue licenses and permits. In the interim, municipal governments may choose to adopt regulations to allow or license local businesses in preparation for state licensing. Businesses currently operating in accordance with local and state laws may continue to do so until such time as their license applications are approved. At the same time, applicants are recommended to apply for a Resale Permit… more

WHAT OFFENSES ARE COVERED? Proposition 215 covers pot cultivation and possession and for personal use……read more WHAT SYMPTOMS and CONDITIONS COVERED? “cancer, anorexia, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, AIDS, chronic pain, or any other condition for which medical marijuana provides help. Doctors have recommended MMJ for hundreds of symptoms, including such common problem as insomnia, PMS, PTSD, depression, anxiety….read more WHO QUALIFIES AS A MEDICAL DOCTOR TO RECOMMEND MEDICAL MARIJUANA? Prop. 215 applies to doctors, surgeons, osteopaths and who are licensed in California……read more CAN I GROW CANNABIS UNDER PROP. 215? Yes, Patients with a doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation and their caregivers….read more

HOW MUCH CAN I GROW or POSSESS ? Under Prop. 215, mmj patients are entitled to whatever amount of cannabis is necessary for their personal medical use. At the same time, patients can be arrested if they exceed reasonable amounts  ….read more

CAN I BE RAIDED or ARRESTED ? Unfortunately, Yes. Many legal patients have been arrested for having fake medical marijuana recommendations with fake doctor`s signatures. and –  most popular fake clinics …. read more

CAN I BE CHARGED FEDERALLY? Under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act, possession of any marijuana is a misdemeanor and mmj cultivation is a felony.  ….read more

SHOULD I GET A STATE MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD? Patients are not required to get state ID card to be protected by Prop. 215, but it can provide an extra measure of protection… more

WHERE CAN I GET MEDICAL MARIJUANA? Even though Prop. 215 doesn’t really legalize cannabis sales,  but hundreds of medical marijuana clubs are presently providing weed to mmj patients in accordance with SB 420 and the A.G.’s guidelines. Find dispensaries and delivery services online… more

WHERE CAN I SMOKE MARIJUANA ? SB420 bans smoking in within 1000 feet of a school except in private residences; on school buses, in a car that is being operated, or boat….read more WHERE CAN I GROW CANNABIS? Although Prop. 215 allows patients to grow their own cannabis, landlords are not legally obliged to allow it. Many counties have passed zoning ordinances that restrict where patients can grow cannabis. See local policies….read more CAN I SELL MY EXCESS CANNABIS? Prop 215 banned any sales of cannabis. However, SB 420 allows legal caregivers and medical marijuana dispensary members to charge for growing expenses on a “non-profit” basis….read more

HOW CAN I START A MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY? For details, see our collective tips page….read more

CAN MMJ PATIENTS BE DRUG TESTED AT WORK? The Court has ruled that employers can drug test and fire employees who test positive for marijuana, regardless of their medical use ….read more

CAN I TAKE MY MEDICAL CANNABIS ON A PLANE WITH ME? Some like Los Angeles and Oakland airports  are respectful of patients’ rights, but others like Burbank or Santa Monica aren’t. If TSA security find medical pot in your luggage, the standard procedure is to turn you over to local police. They follow state, not federal, law. To avoid any problems, cannabis patients are strongly recommended NOT to declare cannabis to TSA….., but to carry it discreetly like other medicines ….read more


WHAT ABOUT MINORS? Patients under 18 should have parental consent but some clinics don’t deal with minors… more

CAN I GROW OR USE MEDICAL MARIJUANA WITH CHILDREN IN THE HOUSE? It’s advised to keep your medical cannabis away from children…read more CAN I BUY A GUN WITH A MEDICAL MARIJUANA RECOMMENDATION? The federal Bureau of Firearms sent warning letters to gun shops in 2011 warning them they could not sell to known medical marijuana patients. You may be asked whether you are a user of illegal drugs ….read more  

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