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  • Where can I get my medical card near me?
  • Requirements to get a weed card in California?

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A Medical Marijuana Card is the only legal way to possess cannabis for 18-21 y.o. patients.

In November 2016, the California Compassionate Care Act, Proposition 420 and Senate Bill 215, were all enacted so it became legal for Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers to possess and grow Marijuana for personal use, once they applied for a medical marijuana card (recommendation letter) from a California licensed physician , and recreational use also.

Medical Marijuana evaluations by a California licensed cannabis doctor will be the first step in acquiring a medical marijuana card. In California, there is no special kind of marijuana physician you need to visit in order to get your medical marijuana card. All doctors, osteopaths, and surgeons licensed in California can recommend medical marijuana for a patient with qualified conditions. However, those doctors who practice holistic medicine, such as chiropractors, acupuncturists and herbal therapists, are not authorized to issue medical marijuana cards.

You can do medical marijuana evaluations online as well, eliminating an unnecessary trip or you can come to one of our clinics in San Francisco and San Jose. The Medical Board of California supports the Medical Marijuana Evaluation process from marijuana doctors.

After receiving your cannabis recommendation letter you can start medicinal marijuana for headaches, pain, seizures or even stress. Many illnesses are covered in the Senate Bill 215 lists including cancer, anorexia, AIDS, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, and migraine head aches. Other conditions, such as insomnia, PTSD, PMS, depression and substance abuse can benefit from medicinal marijuana.

The Recommendation letter must include the Doctor’s signature, the date the statement was written, the Doctor’s contact information, and the expiration date of the Cannabis Recommendation.

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California Medical Marijuana Recommendation Letter Template

Here is how it looks:


Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card Form Template


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Where can I get my medical card near me?

If you’re not comfortable going to your primary doctor to get a recommendation, our Medical Marijuana Doctor is available 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm. Call to get an in-person appointment to complete a Cannabis Consultation and to discuss your conditions and symptoms. Or apply online via telehealth by completing this online form – Online Marijuana Card Application.

Our process complies with the Telehealth Business and Professions Code.

Medical Marijuana Cards are an easy way to identify Californians who have received the required recommendation to purchase, possess and grow Medicinal Marijuana. These weed cards provide easy access to any licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary in California.

California Marijuana Card Template:


Medical Cannabis California

Medical Marijuana Card Template


How to get a cannabis card online?

To get a Medical Marijuana ID Card, just follow our online process.

Start with completing this form – Cannabis Card Online

Our representative will contact you to confirm your appointment with the MMJ doctor.

You will need:

You will have to show a copy of your recommendation on your first visit to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Most dispensaries will be able to accept a PDF version of your cannabis recommendation letter.

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Can I get a medical marijuana card online?

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Medical marijuana card Online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


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