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The scent of weed is distinct. Some people find it aromatic and enticing, while others find it overwhelming. It is why you, like most people, may be concerned about the smell. This can disrupt your high and make you paranoid, ruining the experience altogether. 

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Fortunately, there are many easy and practical ways of preventing and getting rid of weed odor. Here are six tips on how to get rid of the weed smell

  • Burning Incense Before Smoking

Burning incense is the age-old solution for masking weed odor when smoking. The scent from the incense is stronger than the smell of weed. Also, incense produces sweet-smelling odors, and anyone coming in or walking past will dismiss it as aromatic. 

Burning incense works best when you light the incense before lighting the weed and giving it enough time to spread throughout the room. It is good to light the incense at least five minutes before smoking. 


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  • Using a Vaporizer or Sploof

A vaporizer will allow you to smoke marijuana without lighting it. It is an electronic gadget designed to burn the THC and other active ingredients in marijuana without lighting the leaves and buds. It reduces the amount of smoke produced to the minimum, making it difficult to smell. 

Alternatively, you can use a homemade device also designed to minimize smoke production and mask the odor. You can make a sploof using common household items. All you need is a toilet paper roll, rubber bands, and a dryer sheet. Block one end of the toilet paper roll with the dryer sheet and wrap the rubber bands around it to hold it in place. Exhale into the roll’s open-end when smoking to filter the smoke through the dryer sheet. 

  • Spraying an Air Freshener 

Air fresheners are an easier and quicker alternative to incense. They smell like natural aromatics, and there are dozens of scents to consider. These scents are lighter than incense, and they are easy to mistake for flowers and other natural sources. It is also the best and easiest solution when you are smoking inside your car

Spraying an air freshener during and after smoking will help mask the weed odor. Pick a scent that is stronger than the marijuana odor to avoid leaving traces of your favorite pastime. It is also advisable to get a plug-in air freshener that can run for as long as it takes for the smell to disappear. 

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  • Brushing or Chewing Gum 

THC and other active ingredients in marijuana produce both odor and a faint flavor when they burn. That flavor leaves a scent too, that is why you get those suspicious looks when you bump into people shortly after smoking. You can also give your mouth a quick rinse using mouthwash. More interestingly, you can satisfy your hunger pangs and eat something with a strong smell!

It is important to brush your teeth or chew mint immediately after smoking. This not only gets rid of the scent but also prevents your teeth from staining because of smoking. On that note, it is also advisable to wash your hands, as the scent tends to linger on your fingertips. 

  • Spraying Body Spray 

Marijuana smoke is so heavy and dense that it sticks into clothes, albeit temporarily. However, anyone who gets close to you will catch a whiff of that smell, and they may start asking questions. As such, it is important to mask that smell using deodorant or body spray. 

Please don’t put too much body spray, or else it might be too strong for the surrounding people. You will also be interested to know that you will be more appealing to the surrounding people, which is good for your social life.


Weed Smell

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  • Getting High without the Smoke 

The scent from marijuana smoke can be so off-putting that smokers often forego a good puff just not to stink the place up. For example, what do you do when you are at work, school, in public, or with friends and family? Fortunately, there are other ways of getting high from marijuana without lighting a joint and blowing smoke everywhere. 

Consider alternative marijuana products, such as edibles and marijuana extract gels. For example, marijuana cookies look just like ordinary cookies but pack a lasting high. What’s more, you can use these products anywhere without raising suspicion. You will not worry about how to get rid of the weed smell with these options. 

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Enjoy Your Marijuana in Tranquility 

You can get paranoid, wondering what everyone will think about the marijuana smoke in your house or on your breath. This experience is never pleasant, especially when you are high. Try one of the above six tips to get rid of the marijuana scent during and after smoking. They all work, and they are quick and easy. Keep a low profile and enjoy your marijuana in tranquility.

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