Cannabidiol is one of the most popular compounds in the marijuana plant. Also referred to as the CBD, it is extracted from the hemp either in powder or oil. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is another heavily researched cannabis component. Despite the recreation association with THC, CBD does not cause the ‘feel high’ effect.

This makes CBD a likable natural alternative to those seeking pain relief and health management without the intoxicating factor of Cannabis. After the extraction process, CBD experts dilute it with carrier oils such as hemp seed or coconut. Recently, CBD has steadily gained momentum in the health industry by enhancing the management of various ailments in easing symptoms and pain.

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Five benefits of using CBD oil

  • Relief Pain

The Human body functions properly through a specialized mechanism in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Studies indicate that CBD lessens pain by enhancing the ECS system’s functioning. As a result, the ECS system sends transmitters to the nervous system, which helps relieve pain. CBD users have reported favorable results on a combination of THC and CBD for chronic pain in joint pains and muscle contractions.

  • Lessen Depression and Anxiety

CBD enhances the human brain transmitter to secrete dopamine. This is a happy hormone that regulates social conduct and mood swing swings in a person. The process also acts on the serotonin; brain receptors that control human beings’ social behavior. With pharmaceutical drugs giving ugly side effects to mental health victims, CBD comes as a viable alternative.

  • Reduce Seizures Symptoms

CBD has dominant anti-inflammatory properties ideal for individuals suffering from inflammation issues like multiple sclerosis. With effective pain management properties, CBD helps increase mobility for these patients and reduce muscle spasms.

  • Help Ease Epileptic Seizures

There is scanty information about the relationship between CBD and epileptic patients. Nonetheless, victims have reported great improvement after regular use of CBD oil. With CBD research still on its infant stage, it is facing lots of objections all over. Either way, there has been a noticeable reduction of seizures after CBD usage within a month.

  • Relieve Cancer Symptoms

CBD’s positive impact on inflammation alters cell production in cancer patients and lessens symptoms like nausea, pain, and vomiting. Other drugs in the market have the same effects, but the CBD oil effect is more enhanced. Some of them become ineffective after a while, leading to patients seeking alternatives. Even if CBD has an encouraging influence on cancer management, its healing properties require extensive studies. 

The main advantage of using CBD oil is that in contrast to other types of treatments, it is affordable, readily available, and has minimal side effects and no dependency effects.



Basic Steps to Extract CBD Oil

How to Take CBD Oil

CBD offers a flexible way of consumption beneficial to various types of people. Some of the most common methods include inhalation, ingestion, topical, and sublingual. Amongst all these options, each has its specific advantages over the other. For instance, by ingestion, you consume the CBD through the mouth either by washing it down with a glass of water or putting it in other beverages like coffee or tea. This way, CBD passes through the digestive system, which has a slower reaction compared to other alternatives.

Currently, you can also take your CBD in food edibles such as brownies and cookies. Through this approach, CBD is processed in the liver in a similar way to vitamins and supplements before being absorbed in the body.

Topical usage refers to applying CBD directly on the skin. This approach concentrates on the cells below the skin on a specific part of the body. For example, if you have an isolated pain in your arm, you can periodically apply CBD oil for relief. This alternative’s main advantage is that it does not enter the bloodstream and focus on acting in a place most needed.

Vaporizing is a common method of inhaling CBD. Compared to cigarette smoking, users heat CBD oil to discharge active cannabis compounds. The process eliminates harmful gases produced with combustion. This approach allows active CBD compounds to get into the body through the lungs to the bloodstream. It is one of the fastest ways of consuming CBD and ensures minimal content gets lost during the process.

On sublingual consumption, users place CBD under the tongue for 90 minutes. This approach allows absorption through the mucus membrane in the mouth to the body. Tinctures and concentrates remain the popular CBD products that employ this method of absorption. Given that CBD does not pass through the liver and digestive system, it instantly goes to the blood system. For this reason, this method records the speediest reaction after CBD consumption.

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Ways of Making your own CBD at Home

Do you know that you can make your own CBD? Yes, you heard me right. Most manufacturing companies use extractors that superheat the CBD extract to get the oil. Nonetheless, it is possible to get CBD without these industrial complexities. Follow me as we divulge four successful guidelines that guarantee better-quality CBD oil in the comfort of your house.

Step 1: Get the Correct CBD Strain

The quality of your CBD oil depends on the strain you choose. Take your time to research the richest CBD strain. Note that most CBD sellers in high-end locations stock the best CBD strains. Some of them include the ABCD and Charlotte’s Web. You do not have to settle for these two dealers. Rather, you should perform thorough scrutiny to get the best strains in the market.

Step 2: Decarboxylase your CBD

For a human body to absorb CBD, it has to go through a decarboxylase process. You have to come up with an innovative strategy to pull this at home. 

Put your CBD extract on a baking sheet and place it at 230 degrees preheat the oven. Heat it for around 30 minutes. Ensure that your bud does not burn but turns to a brown color. If you do not have an oven, grind the bud and mix it with the infusion oil. Bear in mind, that the last option does give the same quality of CBD oil compared to the heating one.



Ingredients to make CBD Oil


 Step 3: CBD Cooking Process

Mix water and your infusion oil in a 50:50 ratio. Place your CBD on a saucepan and heat it while stirring to avoid clumps formation. Gently increase the temperature till the solution reaches the boiling point. A proper infusion of CBD oil should happen at 230 degrees. Ensure that most water gets evaporated in the process. Move to the next step when you notice oil floating on the surface.

Step 4: Cooling and Extraction

Remove your mixture from the heat and allow it cool at room temperature. After cooling, strain it and put in the fridge overnight. Cooking allows the entire separation of water and oil, leaving oil at the top. Finally, you can drain the water away to get your premium CBD oil.

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The Parting

Making the best quality of CBD oil revolves around an effective infusion oil, cannabis strain, and reliable heat source. Considering the medical benefits associated with CBD, it is important to learn some basic CBD making at home. The main advantage is that you can twist the recipe to meet your personalized needs. Since CBD is still not fully legalized, you need to get a licensed medical expert to authorize CBD handling. Schedule an online appointment here for a specialized in-person consultation real fast.

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