Cooking with cannabis – the best recipes know to modern cannabis user

“When making ‘marijuana edibles’, you don’t just throw the marijuana buds into the food and chow down, believe it or not. The THC, the main active ingredient in most marijuana, must first be extracted into a butter or an oil mixture and then added or cooked with the food.”

At every Marijuana exebition, Marijuana Brownies are on top, the most popular form of marijuana edible.

Weed brownies

Oral consumption of Cannabis is one of the most effective way to medicate with your best type of medical marijuana while enjoying a nice culinary experience. You might think of eating weed laced brownies as a  sinful activity ,but amazingly, the science says otherwise.  Read on, and you shall find ample rationale that will remove any guilt relating to the consumption of  tasty Cannabis Edibles.

The interesting thing about some marijuana strains  is that it has been effective to control extreme weight loss and gain.  Obviously, a case of the marijuana brownie munchies is going to increase the calorie count, but the effect of  Marijuana for many patients is to stop worrying  about food so much.  Overall, people’s mental biochemical condition – that causes food cravings  – can be balanced with pot because the active cannabis ingredients of medical marijuana, like CBD and THC and other cannabinoids, tent to balance the receptors that control your appetite.

“Obesity is one of the highest preventable causes of morbidity and mortality in the developed world. It has been well known for a long time that exposure to cannabis produces an increase of appetite (a phenomenon referred to as the ‘munchies’).

This phenomenon led to an exploration of the role of the endocannabinoid system in the regulation of obesity and associated metabolic syndrome. This effort subsequently led to the development of a successful therapeutic approach for obesity that consisted of blocking the cannabinoid CB1 receptors using ligands such as Rimonabant in order to produce weight loss and improve metabolic profile.”  – Translational Addiction Research Laboratory

Ingredients. Marijuana Brownies (MJ Brownies)


  • 1-3 tablespoons of cannabis-infused butter(room temperature)
  • 5 oz butter
  • 4 ounces baking chocolate – organic chocolate liquor or cocoa solids
  • 3 large organic eggs (room temperature)
  • 2 cups cane sugar
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour (see flour choices below)

Best cannabis brownie recipe. Cooking with marijuana

Preheat oven to ~350F degrees .

Grease Pan (12-by-9-inch ) sides and bottom with butter.

Melt chocolate in a double boiler at low heat until it is runny.

Mix butter with melted chocolate (room temperature).

Add cane sugar and mix with chocolate and butter

Add cannabutter salt, eggs, vanilla extract and mix it, whisking thoroughly.

Fold in flour into above mixture until a batter forms by whisking with a large wooden spoon or spatula

Place raw MJ brownie mixture into the greased baking pan

Bake, place pan in preheated oven (350F) and cook for for 40 minutes – until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Cool about for an hour.

EAT and enjoy – about the best marijuana brownies ever made by man,  woman or other form of life.

Cannabis brownie tricks and tips or how to make ideal weed brownies!

Don’t overbake. Overbaking and higher temperature cooking will denature the active ingredients in the cannabis oil, lower the nutritional value and reduce the flavor. Buy a thermometer to double check your oven temperature.  Few people like burned chocolate baked goods so experiment for best results.

Let MJ brownies cool completely. Many people believe that putting weed brownies in the fridge overnight is best.

Store properly.  Use airtight containers and store at room temperature. Label your marijuana-infused brownies clearly -so there is a reduced chance of accidental consumption by kinds. Definitely keep these medical marijuana goodies away from access by children.



Maximize the Nutritional, Taste and Medication Value: Cooking with marijuana

Cannabis Butter

It is very important that you choose the cannabis type that suits you best.  There are 3 basic types of cannabis and oil.  For parties, an assortment of brownies would be a great idea.

High THC – is medicinal and gets you high.  Side effects can be paranoia and anxiety

Balanced THC and CBD – gets you high, but effects can be more cerebral and uplifting, side effects are much less as CBD moderates the psychosis that THC can bring.

High CBD – does not get you high, but is relaxing, kills pain, reduces cramping, seizures, spasms and a host of other blessings and is relaxing,.


Use the tastiest organic ingredients.  Don’t use white sugar.  Whole wheat flour doesn’t taste good  and is overrated.  We say you don’t need to be ideal and can use a lightly processed white flour and cut it 50% with organic oat, rye, buckwheat, rice flour.  This combo is healthy and tasty.  You can play with the ratios and ingredients to adjust the recipe for your own taste.


Don’t use regular eggs.  The condition of the laying hens and the environment found in massive poultry operations is absolutely terrible. The hens are pumped full of antibiotics and other unhealthy elements to keep them alive and laying frequently. So buy organic eggs instead.  You can tell if they are really organic because the yolk does not break easily, it’s bigger and the color is more orange than yellow.  Also, don’t buy chickens fed with fish parts.  These  Omega-3 eggs taste awful; there is a residual taste of fish in the eggs.



Use natural raw chocolate or liquor.  You can’t make the best weed brownies without using the best chocolate.

Cane Sugar

Pick-up raw organic cane sugar at your local grocery store.  The less the processing, the more nutrients that are retained.

“Coarse sugars like Sugar in the Raw require more moisture to dissolve, resulting in drier doughs and more difficulty achieving a “creaming” effect in recipes. To help raw sugar behave more like white table sugar, use a food processor to grind it down to a finer consistency or adding a few teaspoons of water to replace the lost moisture in recipes. If you’re using it in coffee or tea, stir more thoroughly to allow the sugar to dissolve.” – Pastry Chef Nicole Weston


Unpasteurized if you can get it.  Don’t use old butter or oils because they can go rancid and can affect the taste.

Butter is definitely recommended as opposed to Vegetable Cooking Oil. The top naturopaths now suggest butter while doctor’s now recommend vegetable oils.  Some 40 years ago, many  naturopaths were recommending vegetable oils and doctor’s butter.  What a strange world.

  • Vitamins – a rich source of easily absorbed vitamin A, other fat-soluble vitamins (D, E and K2)
  • Minerals- rich in important trace minerals, including manganese, chromium, zinc, copper, selenium and iodine.
  • Fatty Acids – provides short- and medium-chain fatty acids, which support immune function, boost metabolism, balanced in omega-3 and omega-6 fats, arachidonic acid, conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).
  • Glycosphingolipids which are a type of fatty acids that protect against gastrointestinal infections
  • Cholesterol …good.
  • Wulzen Factor … A hormone-like substance that prevents arthritis and joint stiffness.


Choose a sea-salt that has some potassium, calcium and magnesium values in it.  Tour de France cyclists use sea salt, while Wal-mart shoppers prefer to be depleted of essential minerals.

Vanilla Extract

Why buy artificial shit when you can get the real stuff.



Cannabis Oil It’s straight up cannabis butter, except its in liquid oil form.  Cannabis oil is aromatic and is light to dark green or brown color. Cannabis oils usually have a veggie-nut taste which varies depending on the parent.  Oils can be higher in either THC or CBD or balanced (1:1).

Hemp Oil is made by pressing hemp seeds and extracting the oil. Cold pressed hempseed oil is green with a nutty flavor. Refined hemp oil is colorless, tasteless and void of most nutrients and has very little THC.  Seeds are cleaned before the oil is pressed.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is pretty popular because it is simple to make and is very potent.  BHO is a solvent oil, similar to CO2 oil and alcohol-oil extractions. BHO is commonly known as Honey Oil because it is sticky and light amber color. Warning: Butane is extremely flammable and has fumes can easily ignite.

CO2 Oil is produced using carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction and it is advertised to make the purest of oils  This method retains more terpenes and cannabinoids yielding a full-flavor, full-potency oil that can be smoked, vaporized or consumed orally. CO2 extraction is considered a green solvent, as opposed to petroleum derived solvents like butane.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is generally dark amber in color and tar-like.

Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil) is basically any oil where cannabidiol is the primary active ingredient. Cannabidiol oils don’t contain THC in large quantity. It is always best to have a cannabinoid profile (lab test), that shows the exact amount of THC, CBD and others.

Tinctures  Tinctures (ethanol-alcohol extracts) were the most common preparation of medical marijuana in the United States before prohibition in 1937.  A dose consists of a few drops placed under the tongue, the tincture is then absorbed directly into the bloodstream.  Tinctures can be used in Cannabis Cooking as well, just add it to the butter or oil in the recipe. .

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