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Medical marijuana is slowly creating a buzz, with more states approving and legalizing its use for various health conditions. Unfortunately, its approval comes with various regulations, especially requiring a licensed medical marijuana doctor to prescribe its use. Due to this, not all patients can access doctors physically, who are the primary gatekeepers of medical cannabis in legalized states.

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Regardless of whether access to a medical marijuana doctor is limited by distance or individual patient circumstance, patients who need medical marijuana cards can benefit from various technical advancements, which allow them to interact with medical marijuana doctors online.

Unfortunately, like any other online service, fraud has found its way into the process of issuing medical marijuana cards. Read on to learn more about where you can get a medical marijuana card and how to identify a fake MMJ card.

What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

Simply put, a medical marijuana card is an identification document issued by respective states that patients use to identify themselves in medical dispensaries and cannabis clubs when purchasing their medical marijuana recommendations for the treatment of various health ailments.

A medical marijuana card also allows patients to grow cannabis at home and order medical marijuana deliveries using approved delivery services. In most states that have approved the use of medical marijuana, patients cannot legally make purchases, possess medical marijuana, or enter cannabis facilities without producing these cards.


Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card, Documents


Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

Some benefits of applying for a medical marijuana card include:

  • Low Acquisition Costs – After the legalization of marijuana in some states for recreational purposes, taxes on these products went up. However, you can purchase these products for medical use with a marijuana card at discounted prices.
  • Higher Possession Limit – Even with legalization, there are strict possession limits of cannabis, which a marijuana card can only extend. For instance, California allows possession of only 1 ounce for recreational users but allows up to 8 ounces for medical users.
  • Access to Medical-only Marijuana Dispensaries – As mentioned, those without MMJ cards cannot access MMJ dispensaries. Dispensaries give you access to multiple strains, breed variety, and professional support.

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Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online?

As mentioned, despite the legalization of medical cannabis in various states, you may not get your medical marijuana card due to distance or personal circumstances. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to get your MMJ card online with ease. That said, to get your medical marijuana card, you should first consult with a certified doctor to determine if medical marijuana can relieve your present health condition.

During your visit, take all supplementing documents, including prescriptions, previous health records, and any other information that can help the doctor evaluate your condition accurately. The doctor will then fill out the state-provided online application form, which should be approved by the state for you to get a medical marijuana card.

Essentially, a medical marijuana card resembles a college student ID. It has your passport photo, name, address, date of birth, and license number. In most states, the card remains valid for up to 2 years. However, some states have short-term licenses lasting only for 60 days. Note that the state government or physician can revoke your medical marijuana card if necessary.

How to Spot a Fake MMJ Card

As mentioned, you can only get your medical marijuana card once a medical marijuana doctor verifies your condition and fills in the state-based online application. Unfortunately, various discrepancies and contradictions between various state and federal laws have left several aspects of the medical marijuana industry unregulated.

While this creates many opportunities, some have taken advantage of these cracks to capitalize on the market. For instance, recent reports have shown an increase in fake marijuana doctors issuing fake and invalid recommendations. Since MMJ Doctor is the only gateway to getting your medical marijuana card, you should watch out to ensure that you consult a legit medical marijuana doctor.


Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Organization


That said, below are some ways to know if your medical marijuana doctor is legit;

Use a Registry

While this may not apply in all the states, some cannabis-legal states have an organized medical marijuana card issuance. For instance, Florida has a real-time database that updates and keeps track of all certified marijuana doctors authorized by the state to approve applications for any patient looking for an MMJ card online.


If you have no clue where to get a marijuana doctor or medical marijuana card near me, you can start by asking for referrals from your close contacts. As mentioned, the buzzing medical marijuana use attracted many industry players, including self-proclaimed doctors. With many doctors out there, it becomes hard to differentiate legitimate from fake doctors.

Fortunately, you can get recommendations from your friends, relatives, or family members. You can also ask for referrals and read what other people think about your preferred doctor from the review.


The cost of the marijuana doctor is another essential guiding factor. Essentially, any physician who charges less than $50 may not be offering legitimate services. Your best bet is to compare rates from different clinics. The charges of all clinics should be within a given range. If one clinic’s charges are extremely low, chances are you can get a fake card. On the other hand, if the costs are way up, you might be exploited to get a card that should cost less.


The examination process presents the best opportunity to determine if your medical marijuana doctor is legit or fake. Examination for medical marijuana cards should be thorough and detailed. The doctor should ask you several questions about your medical condition and every other aspect before filing your online application.

Typically, legitimate doctors won’t want to risk their reputation by prescribing marijuana treatment to patients who don’t need it. Therefore, they will thoroughly assess the patient to be certain of their recommendations. That said, if the evaluation seems hurried, your doctor may not be complying with provisions of the Medical Board.

A quick 5-minute assessment is not a legitimate evaluation. Keep this in your mind as your doctor does the evaluation. If such happens, it is best to stop the assessment and find an alternative marijuana doctor.

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Get Medical Marijuana Card

In some situations, patients visit marijuana dispensaries only to be disappointed that their marijuana card is fake and invalid. Unfortunately, such patients have to undergo the process again, and they risk being denied. If you are facing a similar situation, contact us at MMJDoctor for a legitimate medical marijuana card.

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