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Do you know how to use CBD oils? Cannabidiol or CBD is unlike any other herbal extract you know. It’s not some sort of snake oil marketed by shady businessmen. It’s something more than that. Among the know 85 active cannabinoids identified in marijuana, CBD is the least active. It makes up to 40% of the total cannabinoid extract from the plant.

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There was a story reported on CNN in 2013 about a little girl called Charlotte Fig who had a very severe form of epilepsy that the doctors couldn’t handle. Her parents saw drastic improvements after she started using CBD as their last resort. And as of June 2018, the FDA approved the use of CBD to treat Dravet Syndrome, which Charlotte had. In 2017, the world health organization declared that CBD is not harmful and can be used as a secondary treatment option.

A 2017 study also showed that a majority of users prefer CBD to opioid prescriptions. However, CBD is not limited to treating seizures and pain. There are countless self-reports that show that it can treat other illnesses too — ranging from social anxiety to nausea. Though one can not get high off CBD, a production grower expects its market will grow as people become aware of its many health benefits.

1. Growing CBD Rich Marijuana

CBD can be sourced from cannabis marijuana or hemp. Hemp contains readily accessible CBD and is naturally low in THC. However, hemp oil contains far less CBD than oil derived from cannabis. Cannabis oil also contains higher levels of complementary cannabinoids which are an added benefit. This is referred to as the ‘Entourage Effect.’

For you to understand how this works, you’ll need to put on the straw hat of MMJ Doctor. In hemp fields, cannabis plants are bred under certain conditions, to facilitate pollination between the male and female plants. When you separate the male and female plants, the female plant will not be pollinated, and your plant will produce lots of THC. If you facilitate pollination, the female plant will produce less than 1% THC.

Thus, depending on which strain a grower wants, he can either enable or prevent pollination. The international standards for plants that used for CBD oil are less than 1% THC.

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2. How is CBD Oil Made?

As we said above, CBD took the world by a storm, making it one of the biggest emerging industries at the moment. Hence, one of the favorite topics is how CBD oil is produced. In this section of the article, we’re going to explain the whole process to you. As a result, you will obtain a better understanding of what CBD oil is and does.

The first step is to find a farmer that grows organic hemp (cannabis) and has a plantation on mineral-rich soil. This can be quite important because it affects the quality of the product. Thus, most of the famous brands in this line of work, acquire proprietary strains of cannabis or hemp. The reason they do this is to ensure quality. Additionally, specific strains bring exclusivity to the brand and the product.

Once, we have a licensed grower, and the next step is plant extraction. This can get a bit tricky, because of the extraction process itself, which depends on the product. For example, some products require a whole plant extraction, while others need only specific parts.

When you see a “full-spectrum CBD,” you know that it contains a broader spectrum of cannabinoids. That’s the result of whole plant extraction. This method is praised in the medical community because according to the latest research, it yields better results. This result has a popular name in the community – “entourage effect.”

There are also, CBD isolates, which are pure CBD. However, they depend entirely on the quality of the strain and thus can be less effective.

Furthermore, we have alcohol extraction, which was the first method invented by Rick Simpson. And the last method is CO2 extraction, which requires advanced techniques and equipment.

3. Why is CBD Oil a Billion Dollar Industry?

According to the latest prognosis by the Brightfield Group, the hemp-CBD market could become a 22 billion dollar industry by 2022. Even though those numbers might seem high, the growth of supplement manufacturers, medical studies, and big Pharma might get the industry to 22 billion. The fact that we now have an FDA-approved medicine infused with CBD was a game-changer in this field.

The Epidiolex® (Cannabidiol) Oral Solution for severe forms of epilepsy got its approval in 2018. Furthermore, the official stance of the World Health Organization on CBD is that there is no potential for abuse.

Another important topic of discussion is the Farm Bill. If you’re following this topic, then you already know that hemp is officially legal, which was a massive win for the industry. President Trump signed into law the farm bill just before New Year’s, which contains a provision legalizing hemp.

What we can expect now is substantial growth in the market. However, even though this is a massive step in the right direction, the legal status of CBD is still not clear. The DEA and FDA remain in their previous positions. Furthermore, the FDA stated that CBD companies must obtain approval from the FDA.


cbd oil for pain

Different Forms of Consuming CBD


4. How Do You Take CBD?

CBD oil can be taken in various forms mentioned below.

1. CBD Tinctures

CBD oil is most readily available as a tincture. They are alcohol-based extracts that tend to be more concentrated than oil. Tinctures come in many different concentrations of CBD to THC and are packaged in dropper bottles. You take them by applying a few drops under your tongue and holding them in your mouth for a while so they can be absorbed before you swallow. This allows you to be discreet while administering cannabis especially for patients who need doses throughout the day.

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2. CBD Oil

Production grower shows how CBD oil can be extracted from the whole cannabis plant using a variety of solvents. One should look for an oil that has not been retrieved using toxic substances such as, butane, which leaves dangerous residues in the final product.

The best method is to extract it using CO2. This method of extraction low pressure and high temperatures to create pure and potent CBD oil. Depending on the intended use, you can also extract the oil using ethanol and coconut oil.

After extraction, the oil can be taken directly or as regular pills in the form of capsules.

3. CBD Spray

In this method, concentrated cannabis tinctures in the form of sublingual sprays are sprayed under the tongue. These can be used discreetly at any time of day. One also has a choice on the different CBD to THC ratios depending on the symptoms they are trying to target.

4. CBD Vaporizing

When you smoke weed, you combust it, thereby creating ashy smoke that can irritate the throat and lungs. On the other hand, vaporizing heats the cannabis. Thus, the effects of the medication can be felt quickly without the adverse effects that come with smoking. This form of administration is helpful when you need a fast-acting solution to any inflammation or pain in your body. Vape pens are very common today. You can buy CBD vape pens in almost every CBD dispensary in your state.

5. CBD Topical Products

These are salves and ointments that can be applied directly to the skin. They have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. These topical products are non-psychoactive no matter the amount of THC or CBD inside them. These products best suit people who suffer from conditions such as arthritic joint pains or muscle aches.


benefits of cbd oil

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD oil


5. Top Health Benefits of CBD Oil

  • Pain relief: This is one of the widely significant benefits of CBD oil. Research and numerous experiments have proved that it has potent pain-relieving capabilities. It does this by interacting with receptors in the immune system and brain to not only alleviate pain but also reduce inflammation in the affected body parts.
  • Anti-seizure properties: Unexpected fluctuation of electrical activity in the brain is the leading cause of seizures. CBD oil can help resolve this problem in both seniors and young adults. A study done by The New England Journal of Medicine reported a drop of 38.9% seizure frequency after administering the oil on patients.
  • Fight anxiety: For decades now, CBD oil has been used to treat mental problems such as subjective/social anxiety disorder. It does this by targeting the paralimbic and limbic areas of the brain.
  • Lower the risk of diabetes: Diabetes is one of the lifestyle diseases that affect millions of people from all parts of the world. Researchers have proven beyond reasonable doubt that CBD oil can reduce one’s risk of diabetes.
  • Combat Cancer: CBD oil is widely used to combat cancer as it contains compounds that have superior antitumor effects. The compounds enhance the body’s immune system’s capability to fight tumor cells in both and colon cancers. Some research results show that it can also prevent the spread of cervical cancerous cells.

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When you first start using CBD oil, MMJ Doctor recommends you start with small doses. Depending on whether the dosage is working for you or not, you can adjust to a higher dosage gradually. However, you should consult your doctor before trying new medication or remedy. The chances are that if you are taking any other medicine, it may not go well for you. Thus, the need to consult your doctor.

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