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Medical Cannabis is known as one of the safest and best sleeping aids in the world.  No doubts that medical pot is the best drug for sleeping issues.  Some people are now aware of cannabis medical effects, but few know how deep and therapeutic is it.  There are literally hundreds of different marijuana based medications that work differently for different medical conditions (click here for more qualified conditions).

THC, CBD, CBG and CBN are the main cannabis components that help people to fall asleep.  Psychoactive cannabis component (THC) associated with unwanted side effects from medical cannabis medications. One of the most medicinal component of all the cannabinoids known to this day is CBD. It is not psychoactive and has less side effects than other components like THC. CBN component is calming and present in hashish and could be one of the best cannabis based medications. One more component known as CBG is  found in small quantities in some marijuana strains.  Please schedule your appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor to find out the right dosage for your treatment.


Marijuana Components : THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC

CBD and THC  work differently to influence sleep.

The CB1 and CB2  molecules are very similar their action  is completely different.


” CBD has little binding affinity to the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptors, unlike THC, CBD indirectly stimulates endogenous signaling by suppressing the enzyme fatty acid amide hydroxylase — the enzyme that breaks down anandamide, the first endocannabinoid found in in 199x.”


Patients responds differently to CBD and THC but the difference is clear.  You will get high from THC, euphoric or anxious.  CBD won’t do any of these side effects to you.  CBD can stop your seizures, suppress Crohn’s or calm you down.  Some patients who use CBD say that they are more more sleepy at night and alert in the morning.  It is worth to spend time researching information which medication is good for you and your health.

To consult with our licensed medical marijuana doctors Visit on of our locations in San Francisco and San Jose  to see if medical marijuana is something that can help you with your condition.



Indica is a cannabis plant. Indica plants are usually short and stocky with fat leaves. Sativa plants are taller than Indica and have leaner branches and leaves.  A sativa plants can grow up to 25 feet, even!

While Sativa’s not the best marijuana strains for insomnia, but Indica is the best strain for a better and heavier night sleep.  Strains with Purple Indica flowers are commonly used by veterans to help with post traumatic stress disorder.  Though genetics testing has come a long way, many marijuana suppliers guess about the ratio of indica to sativa.


Terpenes. Cannabis Aromatherapy.

Terpenes affect the end result action of CBD and THC.

Throw in individual metabolic response and this presents an equation to complicated to figure out theoretically but right after taking some directions from theory error is the only way to go. Very soon a lot more about genetics and the interaction with the different terpenes will surely be researched and published.


High terpene Indica, CBD and other values might be the best point.   Aged Marijuana might be the best formulation.

“THC is 5 times less sedating than CBN.” – Dr. Kymron de Cesare


THC exists in acid form in cannabis plant and it is called THCA, not psychoactive.  When you heat THC up, some of the molecule breaks off (decarboxylation) and psychoactive THC is formed.  Some THCA will convert to Cannabinol Acid CBNA. And later CBNA converts into CBN. In large quantity CBD present in hashish.  The effects are different from regular ultra-high THC.  Effects are more relaxing with lesser side effects, which  may include paranoia and stress.  Spatial cognition can be compromised however.


“Pot that is about ~ 21% THCA, wrapped in a plastic bag in a garage for 3 years.  The result, 2-6% production of CBN was produced.”



Some medical marijuana patients who smoke a lot of high THC pot can feel groggy the morning after.  But this is nothing comparable to a big night out.  You might need a second or even fourth cup of coffee to get the engines up and running. Hangover can be caused by smoking moldy weed or budd with sprays and pesticides. Try new cannabis strains with lower THC and higher CBD levels if you suffer from cannabis hangover.   Inspect your weed for mold, and buy only lab tested medical cannabis products from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.  In order to buy any medical pot in California you need to obtain your medical marijuana card first.  To speak to California licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors click here!


High-THC Pot can inhibit REM Sleep and Dreaming which leads to less vivid dreams, including nightmares.  Medical cannabis products higher in non-THC cannabinoids might enhance dreams.  Multiple studies showed that REM sleep rebound after THC consumption was cut down, leading to more lucid dreams.


Can tolerance be build up to medical marijuana?  The answer is YES, according to many medical marijuana doctors and researchers.  In fact, it is suggested to take a break of maybe one week per month, or 5-6 days on and 2 days off, if cannabis based medications are to be consumed over the long period of time. Please, consult with a licensed medical marijuana doctors near you before taking any medication even medical marijuana.



Sleep apnea is a condition where irregular breathing leads to a bad sleep and insomnia in general.  THC was shown to improve up to 75% of 19 subjects with Sleep apnea, and stabilizing serotonin signaling.



People that quit smoking medical marijuana can suffer from a worsening of sleep patterns and a return to pre-existing condition of insomnia.  The suggestion is that if the patient was taking high THC cannabis strain, then they might try a strain high in CBD for a while.  Medical Cannabis patients can try  creams, inhalation and other routes to avoid intoxication and tolerance issues followed by the consumption of large amounts of THC over long period of time.



Unless you have one of serious qualified medical conditions, medical use of marijuana in any form is not recommended until a person is fully grown.  Moderate use won’t hurt you, as cannabis is one of the least addictive and dangerous drugs, lesser so than caffeine,  alcohol, nicotine, opiates, cocaine, or even perhaps the most diabolical of all, sugar.  Still, some patients that love the “High” effects of weed too much sometimes get into a kind of rut and under achieve.  On the other hand, there a lot of patients that in favour of an evening high.





Mmj Doctor:  To explore the beautiful medical marijuana world  in California, you will need a medical marijuana card from a licensed medical marijuana doctor in order to buy Medical Cannabis legally.

420 evaluations can be completed in one of our locations in San Francisco and San Jose locations and also can be done online. We specialize in  same-day medical marijuana 420 evaluations, high quality cannabis ID cards, mmj grower’s permits/cultivation license and medical marijuana card renewals.

Our medical marijuana 420 recommendations are used to get medical marijuana at cannabis clubs, dispensaries, delivery services, mmj cooperatives and other licensed  pot suppliers of marijuana in all California.

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