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Can Marijuana interact with my other medications?

The straightforward answer to this is ‘Yes’! It is possible for Marijuana to interact with your medicine – in both positive as well as negative ways.

Up until sometime, medical marijuana doctors have never considered Marijuana as an option or prescription for patients. Comprehensive knowledge relative to the interaction of marijuana-based drugs is restricted because of the unfortunate limitations put on the herbs, which remains an unlawful drug (for about 80 years).

Thus, the majority of orthodox physicians do not have enough training or experience in medical Marijuana. In any case, it is the responsibility of the medical practitioners to equip themselves with the relevant experience and knowledge that will enable them to safely integrate Marijuana into the daily regimen of a patient’s treatment. A safe manner, directly into the repertoires or treatment regimens they are undergoing.

Medical Marijuana is, by and large, far less harmful compared to pharmaceutical medicines as the number of side effects with the former is relatively lesser. One can avoid getting their hands on low quality medical marijuana by purchasing a medical marijuana card.

Dispensaries only allow patients with an MMJ card to receive quality medical marijuana. It helps them keep a record and provide the right dosage of the product for you.

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The health issues being faced by the adults and elderly are frightening for some of us to comprehend. Measuring the actual effect of a drug on a person is a complex task, not to mention predicting the interaction of about 6 medications taken at the same time.

Furthermore, there has been a number of deaths due to drug interactions. Some notable names include Glenn Frey, Michael Jackson, Prince. This demonstrates that regardless of fortune and fame, your sophisticated cocktail of drugs can be deadly.

If we study Prince’s death, doctors think the combination of Buprenorphine and Percocet can possibly have ended the life of the singer prematurely. It is a known fact that Buprenorphine and Percocet subdue breathing, and using the two together creates a “risky synergistic effect”.

What About You?

Is it possible for Medical Cannabis to interact dangerously with my medication as well? Is it possible for Medical Marijuana to lower the dose or replace the medicine I am currently taking?

Understanding the chemical connection of Medical Marijuana alongside pharmaceutical drugs requires research. First, it is important to understand the composition of the medicine. Each strain or variety of Marijuana is composed of a special combination of a few hundred compounds – a lot of which are considered medicinal in nature. The most critical and surplus medicinal components in Marijuana are called cannabinoids.


Medication interaction with drugs

Pharmaceutical Drugs with Medical Marijuana


Marijuana with a medical-grade has to come with a cannabinoid profile, also known as the certificate of analysis. That will measure the major active properties of CBD and THC along with a few cannabinoids. Also, the ratio existing between the THC (psychoactive) and CBD (non-psychoactive) tends to dictate – to a great extent – the pharmacological impact the medical drug will have. Marijuana likewise contains numerous aromatic compounds, known as terpenes, that have an additional therapeutic impact.

A Medical Marijuana doctor is well-versed in the components of the drug and also its uses relevancy to a particular disease. They provide a certain dosage of the drug as not every component can produce positive results.

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Medical marijuana card online

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Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who discovered THC, also studied that different cannabinoids operate in synergy and tend to produce satisfactory and effective medical effects, especially when used in their natural compositions. Obviously, there is a need in the pharmaceutical sector to separate and combine each component that makes up Marijuana. This way, we can learn how mixing and matching can impact clinical trials. Thus, orthodox medicine fails to distinguish the fundamental nature relative to biological systems. Basically, biological systems are complicated in structure, and nothing operates in separation. Calculating the impact a drug has using the basic model of the product is better than creating a complex puzzle that may or may not produce better results.


marijuana components interaction

How do Marijuana’s component interact with each other?


Naturally, the question concerning drug interactions and administration must be answered by medical experts who have experience in prescribing the required medical cannabis dose.

Furthermore, Dr. Paul Hornby (Ph.D. in Pathology), discovered that CBD and THC mutually interact to produce a balancing effect. THC alone can bring about temporary psychosis. Also, Neil Young, a fold musician lately shared his discoveries that chewing some peppercorns (loaded with terpenes) have the tendency to stop paranoia that can happen even with experienced users.

Cannabis interactions with other drugs in human  

In the world’s biggest medical archive source, PUBMED report, it was discovered that only THC interacts strongly with barbiturates and ethanol (booze). It was noted that the effect was additive in nature. Meanwhile, there was no notable co-effect that CBD registered with any drug relative to this study. It was further noted that CBD could effectively block or reduce the psychoactive action of THC.


Medical Marijuana and Medicine

Understanding Drug-Marijuana Interaction


The differential impacts of the extracts from Marijuana and cannabinoids of pure plant

This was another study that found THC-CBD interaction raised intracellular calcium levels. The study also found other constituents that influences the levels of the cellular calcium. The conclusion was that CBD and THC synergistically interact together.

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Alterations of the Cannabinoid-induced process in the disposition of drug abuse in the brain

The pretreatment with CBD in particular improved the brain levels of accompanying uptake of Cocaine, THC and PCP. whereas, co-effects were irrelevant with o\r methamphetamine, morphine, and methadone. Outcomes like these depict that CBD can probably be functional for the improvement of the uptake of specific drugs, while the side effects and dosage are lowered.

MMJ dispensaries in California provide marijuana in differing dosages depending on which component; CBD or THC is more suitable for you.

Drug and Marijuana Interactions

  • The results gathered by Mayo have been summarized altogether in bullet points
  • Cannabis can add to the effect of drugs that can build up the risk of bleeding. It is possible for the doctor to consider in a case whereby blood-thinning medication tends to be decreased if cannabis is prescribed.
  • Cannabis can affect blood sugar levels in the body. People who have to take insulin medicine for diabetes through the mouth have to be monitored in a close manner by a qualified professional or health care.
  • Doctors can watch out for the cause and effect, as well as manage insulin and marijuana medication as needed.
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Drug Interactions with Marijuana


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  • It is possible for Marijuana to lead to low blood pressure. It is advisable to take caution in individuals taking medications that reduce their blood pressure.
  • Doctors can consider making use of marijuana-based drugs which can work with blood pressure medicines.
  • Marijuana can increase the amount of drowsiness resulting from a few drugs.
  • Marijuana can interact alongside agents that have an effect on the width of the blood vessel, the immune system, the liver, enhance breathing or provide treatment to the lung disorders, increase appetite, provide treatment to heart disorder, vomiting or nausea, and any disorders of the nervous systems, including the agents that can possibly offer treatment to psychiatric disorder, skin disorders, retrovirus infections (HIV), and stomach disorders.
  • These are an interaction that can possibly imply that cannabis may be utilized as the pioneering therapy as well as other drug doses can perhaps be eliminated or reduced totally
  • Detrimental and complementary relationships have to be taken into consideration carefully.

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Web MD

WebMD breaks in with the suggestion that cannabis-based drugs are not recommended as painkillers as they make the user drowsy. What would you be able to say in regards to an explanation like this? Not all marijuana-based drugs can make you drowsy, and for a severe pain sufferer, the side effect that incorporates a good sleep for the night remains a blessing.

The Most Effective Method to Securely Combine Medical Marijuana alongside Pharmaceuticals Drugs

The impact of prescription drugs tends to be compounded – or debilitated – when combined directly with Marijuana. Marijuana was often prescribed with opium prior to 1930, particularly for pain. Recently, few physicians have reported that the patients who use Marijuana along with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories tend to have better pain relief.

Too much drowsiness and relaxation from these two medication, especially when combined, could be deadly. It has to be noted that Marijuana taken alone has rarely, if at any time resulted in death. Most physicians used the technique of using various doses of marijuana to see which suits the best with another drug.


5 1

THC and CBD impact on Medication Concentration.


Sleeping Aids and Suppressants

At the time cannabinoids can increase the effect of sleeping aids and suppressents. In a case whereby a patient is making use of drugs such as Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata, and Zimovane, as well as the medical practitioner, feels interested in prescribing such cannabinoids, at that point, the right dose of the pharmaceuticals can probably be decreased or disposed of altogether.


Marijuana can increase the potency of anti-histamines. Thus sleepiness may occur which would require the physician to reduce the dose. Marijuana can magnify some of the effects that come with alcohol, which is true for some drugs.

Blood sugar-lowering drugs

Diabetic patients should take caution as Glucophage and Metformin further interact with Marijuana and loser blood sugar levels. A few types of Marijuana were indicated to meddle with the Metformin’s effectiveness.

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Hypertension is frequently treated alongside antihypertensive to bring down blood pressure. Certain types of cannabis can possibly raise or lower blood pressure, contingent upon the individual and the strain. Thus, patients have to monitor the impact of the medications they are taking to see that such medication is viable.


Hypertension and Tachycardia can probably occur when stimulants are combined with cannabis. The medications for arrhythmias or hypertension, or patients having cardiovascular problems have to be mindful to ensure their response is monitored to another strain of Marijuana. This is a caution that is applicable the moment there’s a need for the combination of Marijuana with other stimulants, like cocaine, coffee, and amphetamines.

Antipsychotic Medications

Cannabis can possibly meddle with drugs utilized for the treatment of bipolar and depression symptoms. Presently, there is so much interest in the way CBD: THC and CBD tend to balance strains by aiding the treatment of depression and psychosis.


Marijuana has been proven to increase Theophyllines’ function – which is utilized for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary infection and asthma. Marijuana may be helpful in the lowering of the required dose of theophylline’s.

Online Medical Marijuana Doctors provide patients who are in need of help with Medical Marijuana Evaluations to see if Medical Cannabis is a good option to treat their symptoms.

Patients that are bothered about Medical Marijuana, as well as potential medical interactions, have to meet with our medical marijuana physicians with profound experience in cannabis-based medications. They will have access to lab-tested cannabis, which is provided with a complete cannabinoid profile as it is absolutely imperative to distinguish the drug that is ideal for a specific symptom or condition. To buy lab-tested cannabis in the State of California, patients require a medical cannabis recommendation letter from an authorized and licensed physician.

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Medical marijuana card online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online

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