Medical Marijuna and pain killers

Most people often consider cannabis as a gateway drug, and for a reason. In the mid-20th century, marijuana enthusiasts had few options to obtain this plant: negotiate with offenders. Several research studies have proven that the surest way to get yourself into deep trouble is to engage with illegal drug sellers. Most of them also sell addictive drugs. So, the best way to avoid getting into trouble is to purchase your marijuana from outlets that have no links with hard drugs.

The good news is that street marijuana has become so popular because it has dissociated itself with hard drugs. Perhaps even more important is that marijuana has been proven to have medical benefits and is also an anti-addictive drug that can be used by those who have just abandoned heroin and crack. Most states have legalized the use of Medical Marijuana to treat some specified conditions. However, you can only be allowed to use medical marijuana if you have an MMJ card. This will minimize possible misuse.

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Does Medical Marijuana Cause Drug Addiction?

Informed by several studies, doctors and pharmacists are now able to answer some questions regarding marijuana addiction. In the past, there was a bit of suspicion among medical practitioners for marijuana. Our close examination of famous deaths caused by drug abuse reveals that most people are not aware of the scope of drug problems. The truth is that about 30 – 50% of drug abuse profits are linked to the pharmaceutical sector.


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Medical Marijuana is not Addictive in Nature


Physicians have been quick to prescribe painkillers to patients with fake chronic conditions. Most of these doctors are often blinded by the illusion of a luxurious life, making them issue prescriptions in a matter of seconds.

For this reason, most states have put in place strict measures for Medical Marijuana registration. In most cases, clinics and dispensaries should register with the relevant state to control the in-flow and out-flow of drugs. The implementation of MMJ cards is one of the main ways states regulate drug misuse.

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How Can Medical Marijuana Help You Manage Drug Addiction?

Contrary to some beliefs that cannabis is to blame for the vicious use of drugs, studies have proved that medical marijuana is not a gateway drug in any way. Research studies have proven that crime and prohibition are the main driving issues behind drug abuse. Prescribed medications have proven to be ineffective in reducing drug abuse. In fact, prescription drugs are likely to cause more deaths than car accidents, killings, and drugs combined. Famous people such as Elvis P, Prince, and Michael Jackson, among others, have been victims of prescription drugs. None of these cases was linked to Marijuana, but doctors and pharmacies. Moreover, most murders that are reported in the newspapers are not linked to cannabis.

Unresolved Prescription Drug Problem

The war of drugs has been largely unsuccessful because it has been targeting the wrong foe. The main issue has been the lack of control of the amount of drugs being prescribed and the actual amount of medicine that leaves the pharmacy. With these leaks, we can safely say that prescribed medication has caused more deaths than medical marijuana. Information for the Drug Control Center shows indicate the following:

  • About 40 thousand people die every year as a result of false prescriptions.
  • Car accidents have caused more deaths than drug abuse.
  • Deaths caused by medicine abuse have increased by over three times over the last decade.
  • Most of these medicines that caused death were not obtained in the streets, but the pharmacy.
  • Medicines such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Soma kill, and Xanax have caused more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined.
  • In the US, the average cost of drug reactions is about $136 billion annually.
  • About 450,000 medication-related adverse events happen every year in the US. Sadly, most of them are preventable.

There is no conclusive research that has linked deaths to marijuana overdose. Sure, medical marijuana with a high content of THC can cause anxiety and paranoia in some people. But none of these side effects have harmed or caused death. People who experience these side effects can use low THC marijuana.

By becoming a legal, medical marijuana user, you can avail discounts from state-licensed dispensaries.

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The good news is that new strains of cannabis can have huge amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike THC, this marijuana component has more medicinal properties. To say the least, Medical Marijuana has a bright future; the drug hasn’t been linked to adverse health effects. Most of the celebrities’ deaths are linked to medicine overdose rather than medical marijuana.

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To get access to medical marijuana, here are the instructions:


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Steps to get your MMJ Card via MMJDoctor


  • If you live in California, the application for a medical marijuana card usually takes a few minutes.
  • Since you don’t pay anything upfront, you won’t feel a loss if you are not approved.
  • A licensed medical marijuana physician will examine you when we get your application
  • You will then be issued a medical marijuana card within minutes. The card will allow you to obtain, transport, consume, and grow medical marijuana within California.

When you have a medical marijuana card, you qualify for discounts in most state-licensed dispensaries.

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