Daily dosing of medical marijuana

The dosing of medical marijuana is quite unusual.

Most pharmaceutical drugs come with a strict dosage that’s easy to follow and constant across the board. However, with medical marijuana, it’s different since the dosage varies on person to person basis. We aim to guide you on how to follow the right dosage of medical marijuana.

Some of the factors to consider when setting the dosage of a patient include:

  • Method of consumption
  • The concentration ratio of CBD to THC
  • Level of tolerance
  • Gender
  • Genetic composition among others

As a patient, once you are sure of the right dosage, you can easily approach any medical marijuana dispensary and ask for guidance on the best way to treat your condition.

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Finding the Right Dosage

For the first users of medical marijuana, the doctor will likely urge you to experiment with the dose in small quantities.

This statement is confusing to most people, especially patients who have always been given a strict dosage to follow when using traditional drugs. At this point, we would like to remind you that medical marijuana is entirely natural, unlike it’s artificially made counterparts.

Due to its organic nature, it will work differently from one individual to the rest. We all blend in uniquely with the environment which is the same principle that applies when using medical marijuana. For some, a specific dose may become too much, while for others, the same treatment may be too little.

Since every human being is different, doctors often advise using the titration process when taking medical marijuana. One needs to start with a small dose and watch how their body reacts to it.


Characteristics of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana: Strain Type, Component and Characteristics.


Ways of Consuming Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can be consumed in the following ways:

  • Inhaling or smoking it
  • Edible oils
  • Topical application
  • Vaping
  • Water pipe
  • Orally

Each method of consumption comes with its pros and cons. Let’s look at an example. Say you ingest medical marijuana orally in the form of a capsule or tincture. The drug first lands on your digestive system and finds its way to the liver. Following this route, the drug will filtrate into your bloodstream. However, since the liver has lots of enzymes, including the THC synthase enzyme, you may find that the enzyme acts on the drug before it even reaches its destination site.

Marijuana high in THC, CBD or both can be obtained from state-certified dispensaries. To buy cannabis from this dispensaries, you require a medical marijuana card.

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Forms of Medical Marijuana Products Available in the Market.

One similarity between medical marijuana and traditional pharmaceutical drugs is that they may share the same methods of packaging and consumption. For medical marijuana, the consumption method varies depending on the condition or compatibility. Medical marijuana is available in the following consumption method:


Types of Medical Marijuana

Forms of Medical Marijuana



This method is one of the most popular among patients for these reasons:

  • It’s possible to get the exact dose
  • They are easy to move around with
  • You can easily take them discreetly even in public
  • They offer a long-lasting effect


Another common form of medical cannabis is oils. Patients love it because:

  • Easy administration
  • Easy titration
  • Sourced from dried flowers hence completely natural
  • Highly effective in a fast manner
  • An easy addition to other edibles

Food Items

Some patients love adding medical marijuana to their food or juices. Here’s are the reasons why this method is a favorite for some people:

  • Available as brownies or butter
  • High-fat content
  • Easy to consume
  • Discreet consumption even in public
  • Affects the whole body

Topical Treatment

  • Directly applied to the problematic area
  • Focused treatment on a particular area
  • Variable absorption rate
  • Some patches may absorb slowly



Does Genetic Composition Affect Marijuana Dosing?

Definitely. For some, the THC metabolism in their bodies is exceptionally high, while for others, the metabolism is quite slow. In slow cases, the patient may need twice the amount of dosage, which can be pricey and frustrating.

Marijuana receptors in the body also vary from person to person. People with genetic disorders may lack the right gene to produce the intended effect of medical weed.

The issue of genetics comes into play when studying marijuana and hemp. While both are derived from the same plant, they have different genetic composition. When consumed, they may produce different effects on a patient. You may find that in one case, THC synthase, which is the enzyme that breaks down THC is higher in one strain while the CBD synthase is higher in a different strain.


Genetics, DNA, Mutation and Medical Marijuana

Role of Genetics in Medical Marijuana Dosing


CB1 is one of the most researched weed receptors. It’s the destination site of THC and other cannabinoids. At the moment, researchers have identified 18 different CB1 genes in the human body. When any of these CB1 receptors’ protein level is affected, a person’s genetic mutation is also affected. Consequently, one may suffer from the following disease:

  • Anorexia
  • Crohn’s
  • Addiction

The difference in the genetic composition may explain why some people become more addicted to marijuana compared to others.

What’s the Future of Marijuana Dosage?

As genetic engineering slowly evolves, the cannabis pharmacogenomics is also gaining momentum. As the use of medical marijuana becomes legal in different states, the federal government continues to classify it as a class one drug.

As technology advances, we hope that in the future, a simple swab test will reveal one’s genetic composition and the suitable medical marijuana dosage to treat their condition.

Until then, we have to continue relying on micro-dosing and titration to treat patients using medical marijuana.

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