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The popularity of medical marijuana is like an unstoppable timeless trend that transcends social and psychological boundaries. Not only does it help relieve pain, it can be used for a wide diversity of medical purposes. Here are five important ways this ancient yet modern medicine is gaining favor with healthcare professionals and patients.

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1. Telehealth Merges with Medical Marijuana


The concept of telehealth has spread quickly as a solution for social distancing to deal with the pandemic. Digital communication has become a fundamental element to the emerging infrastructure of telehealth. Instead of physically driving to a hospital, you can save money on transportation while reducing greenhouse effects by connecting with your doctor through smart devices.

Now you can get medical marijuana recommendations from a doctor online, as cannabis is now embraced by telehealth providers. Since telehealth reduces hospital visits and overcrowded emergency rooms, it’s a win-win for the hospital and the patient. This winning combination is inspiring better healthcare service and greater customer satisfaction.


Cannabis pain management

Cannabis Indica: Best for Pain Management


2. Helping Reduce Chronic Pain and Anxiety


One of the top reasons patients gravitate toward medical marijuana for treatment is that it reduces chronic pain and anxiety effectively. Cancer patients particularly benefit from the plant because it lessens the uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy.

These days it’s easy for people to get stressed out over not having enough money or time to do what they want. In some cases, cannabis is the most economical and reliable choice for pain relief that beats the high cost of conventional medicine. While sativa strains create a more upbeat feel, indica strains help people sleep, making it a sensible solution to insomnia. Both types of medical marijuana work for reducing stress and anxiety due to its pleasant effects.

Some people have found weed to resolve the negative energy caused by nightmares. The cannabis experience helps refocus your attention on positive energy. It’s also a useful tool for introspection, which sometimes is all it takes to snap out of a series of disturbing mental episodes. Patients often enjoy the sensation of floating in the clouds unlocked by cannabis, bringing them peace of mind.

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3. Cannabis Works for Multiple Health Conditions


Another reason medical marijuana is growing in popularity is that it’s effective at treating a wide diversity of ailments. Some of the many health conditions in which it’s been proven to provide positive effects include:

Scientists must conduct deeper studies to find out the degree to which cannabinoids in the plant can kill cancer cells. At the moment the limited research in this area indicates an optimistic view the plant may play a role in fighting tumors.


CBD use

CBD can be used as a medicine for numerous ailments


4. States Continue to Move Toward Decriminalization


Medical marijuana has now been legalized in over 30 states and the nation’s capital. Utah became the 33rd state to legalize its use for medicinal purposes in March 2020. The more legal the plant becomes, the more acceptance it gains. The reason states are consistently moving toward legalization is partly due to public opinion polls showing nearly 60 percent of Americans favor legalization.

Last century weed was demonized by various influential elements of society from educators to legislators. Much of this demonization was based on pure propaganda that couldn’t be backed with scientific studies. Thanks to the efforts of NORML and other activist groups, the tide has shifted toward an open-minded view of the plant.

The medical community is steadily joining the wave of advocates who want to make marijuana a commercial choice in the free market. The plant will become even more popular once it’s decriminalized on a federal level.


5. Cannabis is a Safe Alternative to Opioids


Smoking cannabis is safer than taking opioids, which were heavily promoted by big pharma the past few decades. While opioid abuse or overdose has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, medical marijuana has minimal to zero side effects, depending on the individual and strain.

Safer ways to ingest cannabis include vaping, eating, and drinking it. Many patients prefer baking it in desserts like brownies, which can deliver stunning euphoric effects for several hours. Widespread evidence across the states that have legalized marijuana has shown the plant to be a useful and relatively safe medicine.

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The List Goes On and On


Several other factors explain the rising popularity of medical marijuana in the healthcare industry. An important point to keep in mind is how getting a medical marijuana card will help lower your costs. Cannabis typically has a high state tax, but you can get generous discounts with a doctor-approved medical marijuana card.




Medical marijuana is getting increasingly popular for the above reasons. It’s a solution that works in situations where more traditional pharma drugs fail. Contact us at MMJDoctor.com for more information about medical marijuana services.


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