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There has been a surge of support for legislation to pass measures that would allow marijuana to be legal in all 50 states. However, there are still those who oppose these measures. This has proved to be quite a stumbling block for proponents across the nation, despite the progress that has already been made.

There is plenty of reliable information and scientific studies to support the benefits of marijuana for a wide variety of health issues as well as physiological disorders, but some states such as New York have strict laws in place governing marijuana use. Even medical marijuana use falls under strict supervision and regulation.

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Although access to marijuana in New York is limited by state and local laws, there is legislation in the Senate that is helping push the movement towards easing restrictions for those who qualify for medical marijuana cards. This article focuses on three surprising facts related to obtaining medical marijuana cards and subsequent treatment.


Medical Marijuana Card And Treatment In New York – 3 Surprising Facts 1

Health Benefits of Marijuana


1. It is Now Easier to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

When medical marijuana cards first became available, there were tons of requirements and documentation necessary to qualify. Besides, the application process was lengthy and could take years for approval. Today, the process takes far less time, but still has certain required documentation and paperwork. To begin the process, the applicant must have a recommendation from a qualified physician. Once the recommendation is sent, the application process can begin.

To make the application process easier than ever patients can get a doctor’s recommendation from home and then the application can be filled out and turned in online. Once the case is reviewed, and there is enough evidence to suggest medical marijuana would benefit the individual, the doctor will receive a notification. They can then mail your certificate to your residence.

2. Finding and Obtaining Medical Marijuana is a Challenge

Signs of progress are apparent in the move to make medical marijuana easier to obtain for people in need. People all over are beginning to realize the tremendous benefits that some individuals can see as a result of following this course of treatment as opposed to traditional pharmaceuticals. However, there are only 20 legal dispensaries to date in the New York area, which makes getting medical marijuana a challenge for many, especially those patients with significant disabilities.

Another potential stumbling block for those who can qualify for medical marijuana is the price. Many people claim that medical marijuana is more expensive than illegal street marijuana, which can prove to be a huge challenge for those with a limited income.

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3. There are Stipulations

Although people who qualify for medical marijuana can obtain and use it to treat their ailments or conditions, they still can’t smoke it in public. However, most areas allow it to be used via capsules, oils, and inhalers while patients with proper documentation are in public.

A point to be aware of is the increasing potency of newer medical marijuana strains. This is a result of cross-breeding and specific cultivation practices to increase overall strength and enhance certain properties for each strain. Patients should educate themselves in regards to medical marijuana and the effects of certain strains to help avoid adverse reactions.

There has been a great deal of progress made in recent years to remove the stigma once associated with medical marijuana, including positive action in the national government, which has allowed easier access in states such as New York. However, there is still much to be done to improve to process for doctors, patients, and dispensaries.


Medical Marijuana Card And Treatment In New York – 3 Surprising Facts 2

What does the Medical Marijuana Evaluation Include?


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