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“Even when neighbours are complaining, most medical marijuana dispensaries are not dangerous or plagued by crime rules.” – Police Chief C.Beck

In this post, we want to inform every LA medical marijuana patient about the issues that affect them in their La-La-land. We will discuss:

  • Top Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, 420 Products, and MMJ Services
  • Weed Politics – Weed Law –  Police vs Pot
  • How to Legally:  Buy – Grow – Possess – Transport Medical cannabis in Los Angeles
  • How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Facts:

  • Medical Marijuana Cards issued  by 2016  = 1.023.000
  • Medical Marijuana Cards by California Licensed Physicians is estimated at 1.2m (2017).
  • Cannabis dispensaries were about nine times less likely to be robbed than financial institutions!

The City of Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the United States with a population of nearly 4 million people.  Greater Los Angeles is one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas, with more than 20 million in population in 2017.  LA has one of the largest GMP in the world – after the Greater Tokyo in Japan and New York metropolitan areas – with a gross metropolitan product of almost $1 trillion us dollars.



Timeline for Medical Marijuana Legalization


“Cannabis is very important for medicinal use, But if California’s voters want it for recreational use, for me, it’s not a problem at all.” – LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

LA is one of the most ethnically diverse cities, with huge Hispanic, Asian, Afro-American populations complimenting a generous portion of Caucasians.  LA`s geography is unique and unremarkable! You can surf in the Pacific Ocean in the morning, ski in San Gabriel Mountains in the afternoon, and gamble in Las Vegas in the evening.   It is totally right to say that LA has a piece of everything, with a GDP of thousands of billion us dollars.

Los Angeles was officially founded in 1781 by the Spanish inhabitants. California became a US state after the Mexican-American war. After the oil discovery in the LA area, the population grew rapidly. In 1850 the city of Angels was officially incorporated as a municipality.

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Los Angeles County – Medical Marijuana  Law

The  LA city has fought with Medical Marijuana regulations for a long time.  “It’s a mess”

Today, there are many Medical Cannabis Dispensaries operating legally, at the same time many illegal MMJ clubs are in the marijuana business! If you want to buy Pot from a licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary you better have your Medical Marijuana Card from licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors.

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A bill called Proposition D passed in 2013. This bill made the operation of Medical Cannabis businesses illegal;  that is in theory only.  Also, Prop-D included that using vehicles to transport Medical Marijuana for commercial purposes is illegal, which made it impossible to do any business. Council members voted 12-0 in favor of a bill that states that no new licenses may be granted for “any medical cannabis dispensary.”

Los Angeles City banned new medical cannabis business licensing procedures for dispensaries in January 2016.  In next month’s regulations for LA County “a temporary moratorium on cannabis cultivation and to study a permanent ban was put.”  At the same time, proposition D offered some protection for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and MMJ businesses that have been granted permission to operate before Prop-D passed.

Anyway, the overall situation is a huge mess. The city of LA is collecting taxes on marijuana businesses that are unlicensed and out of the law.  Some marijuana businesses believe that paying taxes is kind of a ticket for approval of their business licensing procedures.

In March 2016, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 to find and shut down all illegal medical marijuana collectives in unincorporated parts of the LA county.

Find out more about Proposition D from the LA City Source

“Despite the approval of Proposition D, which banned most medical cannabis businesses in LA, the city government has continued to issue tax certificates and collect taxes from them, illegal or not.”

“They shouldn’t be in business, because they are out of law, and we shouldn’t be collecting any taxes on these businesses that are illegally operating, as much as we try to shut the illegal ones down, they turn around and we issue a business tax registration certificate to them.”  –  Councilwoman Nury Martinez’s

“What’s to figure out? I believe there is a list of Prop D-compliant medical marijuana clubs. The only thing you need to do is to look at the white-list, see if they’re on it, then you issue or renew the certificates. If they’re not on the list, then you don’t issue one. It’s not that difficult.”  – Nury Martinez’s

Disclaimer:  Before taking any actions, people should refer to Los Angeles County’s actual website, to verify the accuracy of any information provided.



Facts about Medical Marijuana

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Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti said if California voters decided to legalize recreational marijuana he wouldn’t have any problems. He said that enforcing medical marijuana laws is stopping law enforcement from more important business.

“Marijuana is very important for medical use, But if California’s voters want it for recreational use, for me, it’s not a problem at all.”

“I want to use the law enforcement department’s resources for more serious crimes, but they are usually tied up in these crimes that aren’t as important, Still, it would need to be decided by a state-wide voters.”

Police chief talks about Marijuana in Los Angeles

Despite neighborhood complaints, most medical marijuana clinics are not dangerous or plagued by crime, says police Chief Charlie Beck.

“Banks are more likely to get robbed than medical marijuana dispensaries.” – Chief Charlie Beck.

Opponents had complained that cannabis clinics were causing crime, but these notions were disposed of by one of the city’s foremost experts, the Chief of Police. A report in 2009 concluded that marijuana dispensaries were about nine times less likely to be robbed than banks or other financial institutions!  – 72 robberies at 360 banks compared to 48 robberies at more than 900 cannabis clubs in LA.

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“I have tried to verify that because that, of course, is the mantra,” said Beck. “We have looked at statistics It doesn’t really bear out.”

  LOS ANGELES AND MARIJUANA – FURTHER READING – LAPD chief: Pot clinics NOT plagued by crime


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