In the US, 23% of the adult population has arthritis. And among these 54 million people, about 24 million adults have to endure limited motion and activities due to arthritis. Arthritis often occurs alongside other chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, with one out of every four adults in the US having the condition.

According to a Quebec Forum on Arthritis held in 2016, almost two-thirds of the people taking medical marijuana do so to help ease chronic pain. One of the causes of pain involves arthritis that results in inflammation.

These statistics are shocking and heartbreaking, especially with the understanding that there’s no treatment for arthritis. The best doctors can do is offer solutions to slow down the joint pains and reduce the pain.

Medical marijuana for arthritis is one of the alternatives and complementary solutions offered by doctors.

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Why Marijuana for Arthritis?

Some of the traditional prescription medicine used for pain relief are opioids. They work by inducing the brain to trick your body into not feeling pain. And while they work to reduce moderate to chronic pain, there are some fatal side-effects associated with opioids.

Amid the ongoing opioid epidemic for people looking to manage their pain, finding a better alternative with fewer side effects is a path researchers are pursuing. And from previous studies, using high content CBD weed can work on pain, while not necessarily getting you high.

Does Weed Help With Arthritis?

If you have had an experience with chronic pain before, then you may have heard that weed helps. According to the 2019 Gallup poll, about 14% of Americans reported using medical marijuana. Out of them, most used cannabis products to manage pain.

In another poll conducted by the Arthritis Foundation, 29% of arthritis patients reported using medical marijuana.

What Do We Mean by Medical Marijuana?

Cannabis is known to cause different effects on different people. Did you know using marijuana can bring about a calming and relaxed feeling clear of hallucination? It all depends on the strain you use.

Medical marijuana, in this case, refers to all products derived from cannabis plants and in use to treat medical conditions. The medical marijuana used contains higher CBD content, compared to the almost non-existent THC, which is responsible for making you high.

Now, back to the issue at hand, does medical marijuana for arthritis work?

According to a health issue published by the Harvard Medical School, there are over 100 kinds of arthritis, each of them with different symptoms, but one cardinal feature among all types is the pain.

While there have been studies aimed at analyzing the impact of CBD on the pain caused by arthritis, there still remain some trivial matters yet to be answered. During the lab testing on medical marijuana for arthritis pain, there are mixed results:

The Positive End of the Research

During the lab trials, doctors focused on the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of medical marijuana. From these tests, there has been some compelling evidence that CBD could be the future of treating arthritis.

A review by the National Academies Press also showed a shift in legislation allowing the use of medical marijuana. This is because there has been substantial evidence pointing to more therapeutic properties of cannabis and its derivatives.

Even without a specific conclusion on the standpoint of CBD in the medical field, arthritis patients who have to endure all the pain can be hopeful of a better solution.

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Patient Testimonials

After using pot for their medical conditions, patients report back on their experience, and from what most say, medical marijuana for arthritis does indeed work. Thousands of patients who report back show that cannabis works for arthritic pain.

According to some patients, they resorted to using weed after the pills prescribed failed to work, or had too adverse effects on them. Other patients who used Advil and Tylenol to reduce their pain got no results and continued to endure pain, hence their interaction with marijuana.

Even one 19-year-old patient working at a construction site reported having a better experience with his muscle and joint pain after taking some weed.

How Can You Get Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is quickly gaining traction among physicians due to its tremendous impact on many health conditions. States are also noticing and passing laws regarding how you interact with cannabis.

Now, it is not so hard to come across marijuana in the state. However, if you want to get the strain that works for you, and has the right combination of terpenes and cannabinoids, then consulting with a professional marijuana doctor is the right thing to do.

However, to get into a marijuana clinic and consult a professional, you need to have a medical marijuana card showing why you need marijuana. And that is why we are here. We help you acquire a medical marijuana card and connect you to a marijuana-friendly doctor who will take care of the prescription.

What Type of Products Works for Arthritis?

The safety of using marijuana for arthritis is yet to be defined. However, there have been no concerns regarding moderate consumption of weed to treat arthritis. And while at it, there are different products offered by medical marijuana specialists to help with inflammation and pain caused by arthritis.

You can take them by:

1. Mouth

These take a bit longer to work due to the entire absorption process. These products that you can swallow include pills, food, and liquids. Before taking any capsules, make sure you consult a professional. You can also take marijuana sublingually.

2. Skin

These include lotions and balms that you apply over the skin on the painful joint.

3. Inhalation

You can either use a pen or a vape. However, before you go smoking a joint, make sure you have the green light from your doctor, especially if you have inflammatory arthritis.

If you are wondering if or not you should give CBD a try in reducing chronic pain from arthritis, consider the following points:

  • High-quality marijuana obtained from doctors is not cheap- in the marijuana world, the cost goes hand in hand with the quality.
  • If you want to complement or change your treatment plan to marijuana, then you MUST consult with a professional medical doctor first.
  • Finally, CBD is not a substitute treatment. It may work on reducing the pain, but that is just about it.

Which Marijuana Strains Are Best for Arthritis?

Not every strain of marijuana you smoke will help reduce inflammation and pain. Some do better than others.

Some of the best strains to use for arthritis include:

  • Blaze- a Sativa stain
  • Bedica
  • Alpine Blue
  • High Noon Irish Cream
  • Super Chronic
  • Moon Walk
  • Purple Animal Cookies and
  • Kosher Dawg among others

Are There Side Effects of Using Medical Marijuana for Arthritis?

As with any other treatment, there are some drawbacks associated with marijuana and arthritis. And although it is considered a safe option, you could still experience lightheadedness, dry mouth, liver problems, and sleepiness.

Pregnant mothers also risk passing on the effects on their unborn babies.

Some scientists are even expressing concerns that CBD may be offsetting the body’s natural pain regulation system, which is not a good thing.

In Conclusion:

There have been many attempts to study the role of CBD in relieving pain. Some show promising results, but the medical industry is yet to reach a conclusive standpoint. However, testimonials given show that there has been tremendous improvement in symptoms associated with CBD.

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So, the most important thing you can do now is reaching out to a doctor and consult on your condition.

At MMJ Doctor, we help you acquire medical marijuana from dispensaries across the country by helping you register for a medical marijuana card. We also go ahead to connect you with reliable medical marijuana doctors near you. Contact us today and get started.

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