” After taking CBD oil, a 75 year old grandma could move again, for the first time for a long time.”

In this post, researchers and patients testify toward the benefits of Medical Cannabis in the treatment of inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Our patient testimonials include teachers, veterans, parents, all young and old people.

Cannabis researchers include physicians, Ph.D.s from top universities and their quotes – gathered from peer-reviewed medical sources.

  • Do Medical Cannabis work for me?

  • How do people get Pot – legally or not?

  • What types of Marijuana Based Medicine works best for their arthritis.

  • Is Medical Pot use socially accepted or not?

  • How does Medical Marijuana work to reduce arthritis and inflammation?

  • What are the effects of using Medical Marijuana?

  • Any bad side effects, so I feel weird or mentally unsustainable?

  • What do my relatives think about using wacky tobacco?

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Literally, there are hundreds of patient feedbacks that show the efficacy of medical cannabis in the treatment of arthritic pain, anxiety, seizures, cramps, AIDS, Cancer, stress, the pain of all kinds depression and more.

“It is very true! I suffer from arthritis pain very badly. It bad until i smoke some medical pot. I refuse to take pills because all that pills do is screw you. Pills are poison and don’t work for me.”

Another important thing that prospective Cannabis patient need to know: MEDICAL CANNABIS WAS RECOMMENDED LEGALLY FOR ARTHRITIS FROM 1760 TO 1935. Also, Medical Pot has been used for centuries to treat many symptoms.  Cannabis was made illegal in the 1930’s by the feds and was further demonized by the UN’s charter – the global war on drugs.


Neither the police nor the American Pharmacists Association or the American Medical Association ever campaigned against medical marijuana.  Only a few soldiers and fanatics were hired to exclaim falsely against the medical marijuana.  To find out more about this sad story just search google for the history of cannabis and read what was said by the G-men and their phony experts.


Marijuana works for Broken Arm – Arthritis

Yes, it surely does! I broke my arm a few years ago and they said that I have arthritis in my arm. Advil and Tylenol don’t help. I use some medical weed products and I can function normally”  – D. M. Ramirez

Young Man and Joint Pain

Yes! It helps, I’m 19 years old working construction the entire time really does a number on your joints and muscles. At the end of the day, a one good joint fixes me right up. – Bottorff J.W.

Medical Marijuana and Spine Pain?

The best medicine for my arthritic spine pain.- Mark Blanton

What are the Best  Marijuana Strains for Arthritis?

Yes, I tried street pot and several types of medical cannabis.  The marijuana strains with balanced THC and CBD worked best for my wrists pain.  I never got really stoned but I felt like laughing all the time and I liked it. – anonymous

Legalize marijuana now! Osteoarthritis pain

I have osteoarthritis in both knees. I had surgery 3 times for tendon reconstruction in my left one. Doctors tell me I’m too young for knee replacements. Well,  then f****** legalize it.  My Indica is the best. – Mikitko D.

Why take toxic drugs instead of Weed?

We don’t have any poison in the house. Pills!! The fewer drugs you take the better off you are. I can’t BELIEVE the number of patients who will take a pill with God only knows what’s in it…. then eat or smoke a damn cannabis! CRAZY!!  – Cass T.

Easy, it works!  It does help me!! – Bland Brenda

Why Cannabis was public enemy

If marijuana were legalized, the big pharma producers would lose big bucks. – Smith Barbara

Marijuana Miracle And Arthritis

At 16 I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been smoking cannabis as medicine for 6 years. My physician is aware of and supports me. I do not have any negative side effects in 6 years, minimal pain and aches since then. No health insurance and I believe cannabis saved me. I can’t imagine taking drugs and pills every day. Without medical cannabis, my quality of life would be severely depressing and worse. – Green A.

Bulging Discs and Medical Marijuana

Treats my Back Pain due to 4 herniated bulging discs issues…… love this Pot – Stanley J.

Tired of Recreational Pot rip-offs, pleas for Medical Grade Cannabis

I just want to go to a medical marijuana dispensary and buy some good pot. I am tired of getting ripped off in my neighborhood. – Dagenbach J.

Legal Cannabis is Way Better

Also, there is legal medication out there rather than exposing the patient around you with your cannabis smoke – Valerie C.

Weed Problem in New York

I have arthritis in my back and depression..anxiety .. stress …anorexia of 20 years it helps well – A. M. Geer

Normalized Osteoarthritis Pain Semi

I am an Osteoarthritis patient with other health problems and Cannabis helps a lot with my arthritis. I get up and get things done while I feel semi-normal.- P.j. Chaffin

Stupid Laws against Medical Marijuana

You can buy a gun but cannabis is illegal, so stupid. Allow us to grow a garden if we want. Let’s take the criminal aspect out all the way. It is just a green plant. We just need to get over the hate. – J K Fleming

Medical Marijuana and Knee Pain

Oh… is that about that rarely heard of cannabis balm that would cure wounds when applied? Or is it only about smoking marijuana? Because… When I started to feel pain in my knees, maybe if I get stoned I’ll forget, but yet, it’ll still hurt if I take stairs up or down – Simard Matthieu

Marijuana and Arthritis. Family Story

Me and my hubby vape it. And it helps his foot that everyone in it shattered he now has arthritis up his leg down. He says it helps him take away the pain and makes him sleep better. – Kincer Teresa

AIDS Patients says Medical Marijuana is The Best

The Best…The meds “Schedule C” don’t help and on top of Vicodin, I still have to take NSAIDs. In both hands I have Osteoarthritis. Both hands have had the same extensor mechanism realignment surgery and one is great while the other feels like it did before surgery. Medical Marijuana is The Best! …Ask me – It helps! – Meadows P.

it helped me.

I know it works.. My pain won’t disappear but it definitely makes it better. With arthritis in my hands and throughout my spine, it does make a big difference, it really helps. And that’s all I do!! I was overmedicated by Doctor that I had no appetite at all and lost over 30 pounds, not overweight to begin with. No more prescription drugs. I have such awful side effects. It kills my brain and eats up my insides. Pretty much like alcohol. – Webb C.

At age 46 started using Medical Marijuana

I was just recently at age 48, diagnosed with arthritis in the neck and back, it’s slowly spreading to elbows and wrists, Sour D, choose one, purple haze! Mary Ann R Strohl

Sick and Tired – She can’t get Cannabis Legally for her arthritis

It’s about the right time for me. Suffered from arthritis most of my life…. tired of feeling like an outlaw and deprived of the drugs I need, and not just for arthritis. – Karen B.

Steel plate in the head – Marijuana is the Best!

Yeap, I wish I could live at the state like California where pot can be recommended because I have a steel plate in my head and with a lot of temperature changes I have illogical thinking and a lot of headaches, medical pot helps a lot. Thank Lord for the best solution for my pain. Will the US  stop being so ignorant and make cannabis legalized. – Coronado Gerardo

Homemade Medical Marijuana Cream for Arthritis

I learned how to make a marijuana cream for Arthritis, it really helps – Rivera O.

I hate Doctor’s Painkillers, I need Medical Marijuana, it really helps

A few years ago I had a surgeon f…d up my knee really bad. Cooked all of the cartilage, so my knee is bone on bone. I’ve been on the horrible pain pill diet. Oxy, Vicodin, morphine and many other meds. The only thing that really works is medical marijuana. Bad that I live in Texas.  I am really considering relocation to California, where I can legally get my medical marijuana card- Corey A.

Attention! Bible Thumpers 

And yes, these people will refuse to believe because they see it as a drug… that’s why because of the bible humpers it will never become legal where I live  – Brent C.

Marijuana nurses

Marijuana nurses

Exercise and Medical Pot to fight Arthritis

I am 55 old man with degenerative disk disease,  arthritis and bone spurs. I have been an on and off since age 21. I bike every day, lift weights and it helps with my insomnia, pain, and anxiety- Donna Camiso Marie

NO Pills, Medical Marijuana is the Choice

They don’t get it because they want the pills shit that has very bad side effects. And lose all the money they make on this drugs. Man, this pisses me off, can you tell lol  – Syput Margie

Medical Marijuana Helped Grandmother to move again

Look at this happy face! Her smiling face tells you more than 10000 words. My 75 years old grandmother had Arthritis pain for a long time. She wasn’t able to go out of her house for quite a bit. She started to move again after taking CBD oil.- Facebook user

Medical Pot is Good for Arthritis

You need to be smoking good cannabis strains – Enks Laws

Marijuana. Why would you hate it?

Marijuana could help ease symptoms and pain?!?! Is that why our government hate it so much? – Pothier Paul

DEA hypocrites hold Medical marijuana Patients saying it helps!

The dumbass DEA refuses to take it off Schedule one list. But the government has owned the patent for close to 50 years. – McPherson Rasheed

Not all Doctors are comfortable recommending Medical Marijuana

Even Medical Doctors won’t support legal Medical Marijuana Program laws or people abiding by this laws. Most doctors and hospitals who treat and diagnose these diseases do it with drugs and refuse to do anything to assist with Medical Cannabis  Even in legal states they have a lot of issues.- Pori-Hudson Sheila

 Arthritic pain treated with Vape and Marijuana after pregnancy

“Its great for pain. After my ectopic pregnancy last year, I was not able to walk without medical cannabis for some time. I would vape hash and it took my pain away instantly. Less addictive than opiates and much healthier.” –  Actually Lyn Valerie Nicole

Cannabis for Pain Senator Used  while in Office

“I broke the law, don’t tell anybody,” he told the group. “They will bust down my door and take my stuff and use it as evidence against me of course. The bottom line is that… there’s definitely marijuana in there, and it makes sure that I don’t have insomnia now.” –   Dana Rohrabacher GOP Rep.


Whoopi Goldberg Pain Free

Love & Marijuana 

Don’t you pep get it? Cannabis heals! Love it  – Sonny L. Voisey

Marijuana the Evil Crusade vs the Wonder Drug

“So funny how they have been telling us for years how cannabis had all these bad side effects, addiction and how it was such a terrible thing…

And now they want to force feed us pills by the assload that cause more problems than 22 million marijuana joints could do…I have used pot since I was 14 years old and my first one was with my father. He is also one of my best friends and would never do anything bad to me. He knew then what people are learning now. Almost everyone smokes cannabis whether they try it and don’t like it or become lifelong fans of the wonder drug.

Some old people will never change their ways so it is left up to the young generations to educate the masses on the wonders and glory that is cannabis…..it helps with pain, doesn’t prevent it and it also makes it easier to focus on things…..everyone has a few friends that they have nothing in common with other than a doobie..and there’s nothing wrong with that because a friend with weed is a friend indeed and we just need to lay the right seed in the heads of the next generations  – Benjamin Michael Marvin

Medical Marijuana  Doctor’s In-house Medical Articles & Reports

Medical Marijuana Card Doctor Services:  Licensed Medical doctors in California experienced the benefits of medical marijuana often recommend it to their patients to treat different forms of arthritis.  Medical Marijuana Doctor provides patients with 100% confidential access to licensed medical marijuana doctors that evaluate the patient`s symptoms and conditions professionally. 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm.

  • Having your medical marijuana card on you,  you can legally possess,  grow and buy medical marijuana from any licensed  cannabis dispensary or mmj delivery service in California.Click here to schedule your online appointment

  • A doctor will evaluate your medical marijuana application right after you done with it.

  • You will receive your medical marijuana card in minutes after approval

  • It’s the fastest, most affordable way to become a Legal Medical Marijuana patient  in California

  • You can apply for growers permit/ cultivation license


Apply for a medical marijuana card online

with a licensed medical marijuana doctor via telehealth


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