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Medical Marijuana for Adults

An adult is defined as someone who is 21 years or older. However, this statement can differ across states. Therefore, before you apply for an MMJ Card, check your state’s laws.

Before you can get an MMJ card, you must get a recommendation from an MMJ Doctor. We have one in EZCare Clinic. The recommendation can only be provided by a qualified medical marijuana physician

Once you receive the recommendation you are eligible for an MMJ card.

Medical Marijuana for Minors

A minor is defined as someone who is 18 years or younger. However, this law varies across states. It is advised that you check in with your local medical marijuana seller before applying for an MMJ Card.

Just like an adult, minors too need to visit an MMJ Doctor to get their recommendation. However, form-filling and registration can only be done in presence of an adult and by the adult.

Once you the minor is stated eligible he or she can apply for an MMJ card.

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Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

A medical marijuana card allows a patient to have access to medical cannabis products. Licensed medical marijuana dispensaries avail cannabis products to patients at a very affordable price. Accessing the products from a licensed medical dispensary allows the recommendation of the most effective dosage.

Having a medical marijuana card will give you an extraordinary chance to grow a maximum of six cannabis plants. Medical cannabis regulation is strict in most states, and legal access ensures you don’t face any charges. You can carry your marijuana products in your car if you have a state I.D.

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Yes! Our licensed, board-certified doctors comply with HIPAA and all other laws. They are experienced telehealth experts who can provide a medical marijuana recommendation in your state.

A medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation enables you to apply for a medical marijuana card in your state, authorizing you to access medical marijuana and all its other benefits.

Our nationwide team of mmj doctors is available 24 hours a day. A doctor from your state will review your information and provide a medical cannabis recommendation remotely.

If you have chronic or persistent pain consistent with a disease recognized in your state, you can probably qualify for medical marijuana. Many sufferers of epilepsy diseases only qualify.

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