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For some time in the past, cannabis was considered a dangerous drug and associated with lawbreakers. Research has, however, linked the drug to several health benefits that have informed a change in the legislation surrounding it in most jurisdictions. New York joined the ranks of the 23 states in the U.S in which medical marijuana for people with chronic health issues is legal after Governor Andrew Cuomo assented to the bill. Since this, the state’s laws on medical marijuana have undergone several changes to give more patients that need the drug access to it.

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Below are a few facts about cannabis in New York to help you understand what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Facts About Cannabis Law Alterations

New York is constantly changing its laws on medical marijuana to incorporate new medical issues that can be managed by cannabis. Moreover, the change of law makes the drug more accessible to those who can benefit from it. Here are some facts on the legal changes surrounding medical cannabis:

  • In December 2016, legislators included chronic pain on the list of eligible conditions for medical cannabis.
  • In August 2017, it became permissible to get marijuana home delivery for those who qualify for it.
  • In November 2017, PTSD {post-traumatic stress disorder} became a qualifying condition for medical cannabis.
  • In December 2017, other people apart from designated caregivers were allowed to accompany patients to pick their medical cannabis from dispensaries.
  • In June 2018, the state added opioid use management to the allowed medical conditions for medical marijuana.


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Health Benefits of Marijuana


Qualifying for Medical Cannabis in New York

For you to qualify to access medical cannabis in New York, you should first demonstrate that you are legally a resident of the state. You can easily do this by producing a valid driver’s license of the state. If you do not have a New York driver’s license, you can use a utility bill, birth certificate or passport to prove your residency.

After proving residency, you should demonstrate that you suffer from one of the qualifying conditions for the use of medical cannabis. Currently, seizures, nausea, spasms, anxiety and chronic pain are the qualifying conditions. These cause debilitating symptoms that significantly interfere with your life quality. Other conditions like Parkinson’s, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, and cancer, PTSD, Huntington’s disease and HIV/AIDS that need opioids to manage also qualify for medical cannabis.

For you to access medical cannabis, a physician registered by the medical marijuana program in New York’s health department should qualify you online or in person. The doctor will examine your health history and current condition to see if you will benefit from medical cannabis. He/she will then write a recommendation if you qualify. This recommendation is presented to New York’s Department of Health to kick-start the processing of your medical marijuana card.

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Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

After getting a recommendation from a registered doctor, the next step is applying for a medical marijuana card. After approval, the card is sent in your mail, often within seven business days. You can download then print a temporary medical marijuana card from the New York Department of Health’s website if you want to buy cannabis before getting the mailed card. With the medical cannabis card, you can buy medical cannabis from all licensed dispensaries in New York.

Facts About Weed Purchase

There are licensed medical marijuana dispensaries virtually everywhere in New York. Pick the most convenient one for you because you will have to replenish your prescription once monthly. This is because the state only allows you to buy a 30-day medical cannabis supply each time you visit the dispensary.

After picking a dispensary, show the staff at this dispensary your ID. They will ask some questions about your condition so that they can advise you on the right dosages and products for your needs. The law does not allow you to purchase any forms of smoked cannabis. However, you can buy vapes, pills, tinctures and oils.


Marijuana medicine

Marijuana as a medicine


Interesting Facts About Weed Edibles

Interestingly, the marijuana edibles in New York do not contain THC {tetrahydrocannabinol}. This is the chemical that causes the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis consumption. Instead, edibles only contain trace quantities of CBD {cannabidiol}. This is a non-psychoactive compound renowned for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. As such, you can take cannabis edibles without becoming high.

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From the above tidbits, you are now well-conversant with the laws surrounding medical marijuana use in New York. One of the facts you appreciate is that you will need a certified medical marijuana doctor to give you the crucial recommendation that will help you get your medical marijuana card. Thankfully, you can get a doctor from mmj doctor to assess your condition and how medical marijuana will benefit you. He/she will then write the medical marijuana card recommendation.

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Medical Marijuana

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  1. Ed Chenette
    Ed Chenette says:

    I have a NYSMMP ID card but get no products, because I get the best result fm vaping the plant materisl. Which works fine 4 my PTSD/CHI/TBI/Tonic clonic seizure disorder. At the dispencaries, they tell me I have to find a physician that will write a scriptallowing this method of vaping . Is this even posible? Shall I just continue to smuggle my monthly purchase in fm MA. Can only buy 1 oz. at a time. I was purchasing 1/8lb. Every 2 mo. The problem I have is pricing. Based on street pricing, includes the dealer getting their supply for free. Who is the dealer in this senario? It’s still a weed. Not only r they getting street prices their getting taxes on top of that. Talk about gouge. I own a PAX3 VAPE close to $200, a Di’Vinici $165, to vape plant material n now we can’t grow it.

  2. Gary Madison
    Gary Madison says:

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