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As curious and potential medical marijuana patients we are bound to search up “marijuana and pain”. You will be surprised but there is ample evidence in the form of online research materials. They will reveal that Medical Marijuana is a potential treatment for a migraine and headaches. In many cases, it is an effective treatment. You can always be evaluated by an MMJ certified physician to see if medical marijuana can help with your pain.

Medical marijuana doctors all over the world have been treating nasty headaches and migraines using Cannabis oils, extracts, and neck rubs for centuries.  Queen Victoria’s doctors recommended several types of Marijuana medicines to treat painful PMS symptoms that included Migraine.

American doctors prescribed Medical Marijuana Drugs for nearly two centuries; up until the 1930s, after which it was prohibited.  US Doctors used to prescribe them marijuana for headaches, among many other disorders.

Today you can get them in California from state-registered dispensaries. To be eligible for medical marijuana treatment an MMJ card is required.

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Marijuana for Migraines

Medical Standards today require that a drug’s effectiveness be proven before a drug can go in the market and be prescribed as a medicine.  However, in many States, licensed medical doctors can recommend Medical Marijuana, just like they did back in the good old days.

In California, if you have a migraine, you can go to a licensed medical marijuana doctor that specializes in medical marijuana 420 evaluations and get a legal marijuana recommendation.

Historical Significance of Medical Marijuana

  • There is evidence that suggests marijuana use for medical purposes about 5000 years ago in old age Romania.
  • The oldest evidence dates back to the sixteenth century BC in Egypt where it was found to be used for pregnant women to endure pain. THC was found in the ashes of the corpse.
  • US was using Cannabis as a patent medicine during the 19th and 20th centuries.

What Pain Related Conditions can be Treated by Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana researchers have found that Medical Cannabis treats pain of all kinds like:

In an article published by Association of Migraine Disorders, a patient’s experience has been described in detail with Medical Marijuana and how it has helped her migraine. As a potential Medical Marijuana Patient, the article will help you realize just how beneficial the treatment can be for you – especially since it is legalized.


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Facts about Medical Marijuana


How does Medical Marijuana stop pain?

The molecules in Medical Cannabis, called MMJ Cannabinoids, create receptors in our body and brain that control pain and inflammation.  There are ten times more “Marijuana (Cannabinoid)” receptors that opioid receptors (that respond to most painkillers).

This means that it is possible to make a new kind of Cannabis-based drug that is customized to manipulate the plentiful receptors in our body and brain.

In November 2019, Cuttle, Spradin, Cleveland and Craft of Washington State University conducted a study:

  • They analyzed data from Straintprint app.
  • It allows medical marijuana users to track their symptoms before and after use.
  • About 1300 patients used the app to input the data

Results from the study showed that participants who inhaled cannabis showed a 47% reduction in headache and a 49% reduction in migraines.

There are many different kinds of cannabinoids:

  • Some work as psychoactive,
  • Some work as antibiotics,
  • And some work as painkillers

A variety of medicines are now available that take into consideration an individual’s genetics. Therefore, it is important that you visit a state-licensed MMJ doctor to get treatments done.

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What are the most common ways of consuming Medical Marijuana?


Medical Marijuana Consumption Methods

Medical Marijuana Consumption Methods


There are four ways to consume medical marijuana:

  • Inhalation Delivery such as vaporization, hand pipes and water pipes.
  • Oral Delivery such as tinctures, pills or edible food like brownies
  • Transdermal Delivery such as sprays, creams or patches.
  • Sublingual Delivery such as dissolvable strips, oil application or medicated lozenges.

Medical Marijuana for Migraines in California

Medical Cannabis in California can be found in more than one type of strain as everybody’s condition is unique to their genetic. For example, some basic Cannabis medicines are:

  • High THC (very potent psychoactive and medicinal)
  • Equal portions of CBD and THC (pleasant feelings with outstanding medicinal benefits)
  • High CBD and low THC (outstanding medicinal effects without getting high)

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Patients in California who suffer from migraines and headaches and who want to try Medical Marijuana to treat their conditions such as migraines and headaches, need to have an MMJ card.

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