Cannabis Point of sale software for Medical Marijuana is a comprehensive and flexible way to cover your entire Medical Marijuana sale needs.

Here, in IndicaOnline, We are committed to equipping your retail company with a mmj system that provides significant and dynamic solutions for your Medical Marijuana sales. Our software in IndicaOnline is completely compatible with Windows, IOS and Android operating systems.

IndicaOnline Cannabis POS system includes Inventory/Vendor Management, Barcodes, Labels, 420 Marketing, Promotion, cannabis delivery, an online marijuana store and is HIPAA Compliant.


Marijuana Dispensary Software – IndicaOnline are in many States as well as Canada!

Our marijuana POS software is integrated with State Medical Marijuana requirements and we also have MMJ Software for Medical marijuana sales in Canada!

With our MMJ Dispensary Software you can track and manage many locations (marijuana dispensaries) as well as manage electronic medical records from a single point. You can handle all Doctor verification, patient management, and delivery, in an instant.

Finally companies have the technological tools to exceed what the customer expects.

With the amount of information available, data analysis has given companies an edge by providing cannabis dispensaries with ways to reinvent the delivery of their 420 business with help of our advanced medical marijuana software.

As business’ face ever evolving customer needs, a cannabis dispensary has to stay consistent and be competitive. They must continually re-define their marijuana business operation. Today’s customers are looking for a reputable, secure way to purchase Medical Marijuana online. Our marijuana dispensary software can give you that re-defined edge so you can meet those customers’ needs with our Medical Marijuana Point of Sale Software.

All your data is stored in cloud-based cannabis software, which exceeds all security requirements for storage.

Medical marijuana has been shown to help with managing extreme pain and discomfort when other medications just aren’t enough, and some are extremely addictive. More and more states are realizing the benefits that medical cannabis can bring to many who suffer from pain, including that from cancer and depression.

New York, Washington D.C., California, Oregon, Florida and many other States have legalized medical marijuana. All of these states need a proof of residency before even considering a qualifying patient for medical marijuana prescriptions and use. Does your company have the cannabis software needed to supply all these, and possibly more, States?

Map- States where marijuana legalized

Map- States where marijuana legalized

Canada will be legalizing the sale and use of Medical Marijuana on July 1, 2018. Make sure your company is prepared to jump into a market of that size with secure and easy to use 420 MMJ Point of Sale Software!

Some of the Point of Sale features of our MMJ Software are client management, patient and physician verification, cannabis delivery, inventory and vendor management, an online marijuana store, cannabis marketing, and promotion. You will have an environmentally friendly company by being paperless.

You can choose your plan, which can include a Point of Sale Registered License, Credit Card Processing, State Compliant Labels, and Multi Location abilities. There are many other tools you can choose, based on your 420 company’s needs.

Try our software and then decide if it’s the one for your company. Costs are as low as $99 per month and there is no contractual pressure. When you install our plugin you will be able to show your full website, have online client registration, and make sales.

It’s time for your company to become a leader in online retail Medical Marijuana sales! Try the Best Medical Marijuana POS today!



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