As medical marijuana and recreational marijuana businesses are beginning to become legal throughout the United States, many other formalities need to be addressed.

Now, several states allow medical marijuana recommendations, which means there also needs to be a way to manage medical records for patients.

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One of the most significant medical marijuana states is California!

Patients can now walk into healthcare facilities and obtain a medical marijuana recommendation from an MMJ doctor. It is almost like going to the doctor for the flu or getting a healthcare checkup. The process is the same, and the result is a recommendation for medical marijuana.

Once the marijuana recommendation has been issued, the patient either waits for a card or the card is instantly created, allowing a medical marijuana patient to go to a dispensary.

The part that is becoming difficult is managing online medical marijuana websites that let patients consult an MMJ doctor online. A system has to be in place to manage patient records. There are many of these websites online, but not all of them have the best EMR system in place.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis Legalization in US


The EMR system needs to be similar to one of a healthcare facility.

However, when a potential patient is filling out a healthcare questionnaire and starting a personalized account – this EMR software needs to be user-friendly. Many likely patients find that some EMR systems are not easy to use or the online medical marijuana doctor telemedicine site has too many glitches.

Another important part that needs to be paid close attention to is that some medical marijuana recommendation sites are nothing more than a scam. It is wise for any patient to do a review and research online before using any medical marijuana recommendation site. Just like a regular walk-in clinic, an online MMJ site is going to require the same documentation, such as a copy of a driver’s license and another form of photo ID.

Medical Marijuana Software: MMJ Doctor EMR Software

Even though it may seem difficult to find a specific type of software created specifically for medical marijuana doctors, many different software types can be customized. The software will be similar in the respect that there is still going to be a patient questionnaire. Yet, when it comes to medical marijuana, most of the software and the information the medical marijuana doctor is looking for – current prescriptions and current status of the patient’s mental health.

In rare cases, some patients will be rejected for getting a medical marijuana recommendation because a patient might be pregnant or a patient might be under the influence of a controlled substance. The EMR software is a good way to document these issues and have the patient’s information stored for future reference.

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MMJ EMR software is also secure and is always stored in a network or the cloud.

Like any other type of EMR system, MMJ patients must also have the same privacy type. Everything must be HIPAA compliant, and they’re also needs to be a controlled environment for who is allowed to change patient information.

Many times in a physician’s office – the patient is the one that fills out the actual account information, and the doctor does the consultation and then will recommend a medical marijuana card. After that, the supporting staff will either create a card on-site, or one will be mailed. The patient will have their information stored for approximately five years. This is in the state of California. In other states, there are different rules and regulations. Most states honor a one-year medical marijuana recommendation, but New York can have various statutes pending on the doctor’s system.

EMR – Are They Safe?

Another important note: many medical marijuana doctors are very concerned about their patient records being released to anyone. By law, a random person or an employer calling to verify a patient – the medical marijuana practice cannot release any information or even prove a patient.  The only cases where a patient is confirmed tend to be by dispensaries if a dispensary store manager is not 100% sure about the name of a doctor or the facility in which the actual medical marijuana recommendation/card was issued.

These situations are rare, but they do happen. It is up to the individual’s discretion to answer the inquiry. However, many medical marijuana doctors also have a website where the verification process is automated online.


Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana


This is also a secure system that protects medical marijuana patients.

Always review a website and check the terms & conditions to see if any privacy acts have been listed. A legit website is going to have HIPAA compliant legal terminology.

As MMJ doctor software improves, patients will notice that the ability to do more with a website will be even better than visiting a physical location. Research has shown that some patients prefer to walk into an actual medical marijuana facility for a recommendation instead of online consultation with a licensed doctor.

This is really at the patient’s discretion. Still, if a patient is starting to do research online about a particular telemedicine website, it is imperative to ensure that the website has good reviews. Always check multiple sources and find out about the doctors doing the consultation. A reputable site will have a full functioning website with its own network for doing the online consultation. Note: you must physically view a doctor, and the doctor must physically view you to get any legitimate online consultation for a medical marijuana recommendation.

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MMJ EMR is drastically improving and providing more features, such as payments and even scheduling appointments

This is $1 billion industry that is proving to be profitable and accommodating for all medical marijuana doctors trusting the EMR software with their efficiency.

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