The national statistics for depression clearly shows that it is one of the most prevalent mental disorders in the country. The symptoms experienced, their severity, frequency, and how long a depressive episode lasts varies from one person to the next.

Looking at the numbers, depression truly is a pandemic. Traditional depression treatment methods have been medication and psychotherapy. Recently, there has been some research around exploring medical marijuana as another option for the treatment of depression.

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The Research

The truth is that research around depression and marijuana is still in the infancy stage. This is unlike the many studies that have been conducted which focus on the curative benefits of cannabis for physical conditions and the associated pain.

Some of the studies on depression that have been done so far have come back with findings that are inconclusive at best, and some of it contradictory. Needless to say, more studies need to be done to fully explore the benefits of medical marijuana as a therapy for people with depressive disorders.

One of the more notable studies includes the one conducted by University of Buffalo scientists. The study focused on depression and chronic stress, with a particular interest in endocannabinoids. These are brain chemicals with a similar composition to substances found in cannabis.

The study showed that chronic stress leads to a reduction in the production of endocannabinoids. Because these chemicals play a significant part in emotions and behavior, and their reduced production led to depression-like behavior in the subjects under study.

The findings showed that introducing the compounds from marijuana that have a similar composition to the naturally occurring endocannabinoids helps to restore normal levels and function. By doing so, it eases the symptoms of depression.

It is worth noting that the research involved the study of animal models. The next step is researching whether the change of behavior in the animals following the introduction of marijuana extracts can be achieved and sustained without leading to dependence on marijuana. The team of scientists that took part in the study agrees that there is still a long way to go before a similar study involving human models can be done.

In another survey-based study conducted by the University of Southern California, the results showed that marijuana users showed fewer signs of depression compared to non-users. The results were shown to be true for both daily users and those that use marijuana only a couple of times a week.

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Best Strains for Your Depression Symptoms

Depression symptoms vary greatly from one person to the next. Similarly, cannabis is not created equal.

Different strains will have different effects, which is why you should identify the best strain to address your specific symptom.

Are you looking to improve your mood? Manage your appetite and control weight loss? Fatigue, perhaps? Has your depression turned you into an insomniac? There are marijuana strains best suited for addressing each of these symptoms.


Medical Strains

Medical Marijuana Strains Helping Depression


Some strains will give you the energy boost you need on those days when you are feeling especially fatigued. Medical marijuana is also widely used for increasing appetite, which can help with managing your weight loss. Similarly, there are medical marijuana strains that are excellent in providing a sense of calm and peace, which helps to handle insomnia.

Discuss your specific symptoms with your marijuana doctor, and they will know what strain will work best for you. You may need to mix things up for the best results in combating your depression.

It is also worth noting that the different strains may produce symptoms that are similar to the depressive symptoms you are trying to manage or treat. It is not uncommon to feel fatigued, anxious, and lose sleep after consuming marijuana. The effects are generally mild and fade within a short time.

How to Use Marijuana for Depression

There are several methods that you can choose from to consume your medical marijuana for depression. Each of these consumption methods has its own advantages, and it comes down to a matter of preference and the effect you desire.

  • Smoking/Vaping:

These two methods are very similar. The biggest advantage is that the consumption methods provide immediate, or near-instant effects.

  • Oral Drops and Sprays:

This consumption method works great if you are looking to relieve the depression symptoms without psychoactive effects. Feeling anxious in the middle of your day? Spray a mist into your mouth, or put a few drops under your tongue, and the calming effects of the medical marijuana will see you go on with the rest of your day well.

  • Edibles:

If you favor discretion, then this consumption method is definitely the one for you. It may take the effects some time to kick in, but when they do, you can be sure of an intense experience.


Edible Marijuana and Benefits

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Edibles


  • Transdermal Patches:

These patches applied to any hairless part of your skin are perfect for a slow and controlled release of your medical marijuana.

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