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Medical Marijuana is known as one of the safest and best sleeping medicine in the world.  No doubts that medical pot is the best drug for sleeping issues.  Some people are now aware of cannabis medical effects, but only a few know how deep and therapeutic it is.  There are literally hundreds of different marijuana-based medications that work for different medical conditions, also known as qualifying conditions.

An MMJ card can be used to avail of medical marijuana from registered dispensaries.

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What are the Main Medical Components of Medical Marijuana?

  • THCCBDCBG, and CBN are the main cannabis components that help people to fall asleep.
  • The psychoactive cannabis component (THC), is associated with unwanted side effects from medical cannabis medications.
  • CBD is known to provide the highest health benefits to its user.
  • CBD is not psychoactive and has fewer side effects than other components, like THC.
  • CBN component is calming and present in hashish and could be one of the best cannabis-based medications.
  • One more component known as CBG is found in small quantities in some marijuana strains.

However, having any type of medical marijuana is not the answer to your medical condition. A licensed MMJ doctor will check your symptoms and prescribe the right dosage for you.

How do Patients Respond to Medical Marijuana?

Every patient responds differently to the components of Medical Marijuana. Following are the effects you may notice:

  • THC can make you euphoric or anxious.
  • CBD can stop your seizures, suppress Crohn’s or calm you down.
  • Some patients who use CBD say that they feel sleepy at night and alert in the morning.

It is worth spending time researching information about the medication that is good for you and your health.

Indica and Sativa – The Most Popular Cannabis Strain

Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are two species of cannabis. They come from the same parent plant but have genetically different medicinal functions.


Difference Between Sativa and Indica

Difference Between Sativa and Indica


Cannabis Indica

  • Historically the plant has first thought to be originated in the Middle East.
  • The CBD content is generally thought to be higher in Cannabis Indica.
  • It is considered to be an effective pain reliever.

Cannabis Sativa

  • Historically the plant has been thought to be originated in Southeast Asia and Central America.
  • The THC content is generally thought to be higher in Cannabis Indica.
  • The plant causes a person to feel more energized and creative.
  • It is said to be helpful for patients who suffer from depression, nausea, and appetite loss.

An MMJ dispensary can provide you medical marijuana drugs with the regulated amount of TCH and CBD. However, to get access to the medicine, you will require an MMJ card.

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Terpenes: Cannabis Aromatherapy for Insomnia

Cannabis plants have many forms of chemical components. Of which 140 belong to the terpene group. They are aromatic compounds that make them a good ingredient in essential oils.

Terpenes play a similar role to Prozac by acting as an antidepressant. Terpenes have also been approved by the FDA as a safe component for medical use.

Myrcene is a member of the terpene family. Bonamin and team of researchers did a study on the said chemical component and stated in their research; the sedative and relaxing effect of beta-myrcene is extremely effective in insomnia.

How to Consume Marijuana to Sleep Well?

Most people prefer to smoke marijuana, while others like to have oral delivery. In such cases vaping helps as well piping. THC tinctures are also very useful as a sub-lingual method of ingestion.

While we have the choice to choose any method of consumption, the same doesn’t apply to the amount of dosage. It is best to consult a medical marijuana doctor before.


Recommendations for Treatment by Medical Marijuana

Recommendations for Treatment by Medical Marijuana


Bedtime Timings

It is important that the type of consumption be suited to the timing. It is recommended not to have edible marijuana right before going to bed, as their timing of kicking in is unreliable.

Sometimes morning grogginess can be severe due to the slow assimilation of the drug in the body – between 8 to 12 hours.

Though it is understood that we all have different types of bodies, it is recommended that edible marijuana be taken at least an hour before going to bed.

Before Sleep

If you are a person who might be suffering from myocardial infarction or poor cardiovascular health, it is recommended that you see a licensed MMJ doctor before taking marijuana treatment.

Sleep paranoia can produce different results in different people. Some may become excited, while others might become extra anxious after marijuana consumption.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition where irregular breathing leads to a night of bad sleep and insomnia in general.  THC was shown to improve up to 75% of 19 subjects with sleep apnea and to stabilize serotonin signaling.

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Sleep Mood

High-THC medical marijuana can inhibit REM Sleep and Dreaming, which leads to less vivid dreams, including nightmares.  Medical cannabis products higher in non-THC cannabinoids might enhance dreams.  Multiple studies showed that REM sleep rebound after THC consumption was cut down, leading to more lucid dreams.

At MMJ doctor, we have qualified and certified medical marijuana physicians who can prescribe you the right dose of medical marijuana. To get marijuana legally in the State of California, you must possess an MMJ card.

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