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Though all states have laws on the use of medical marijuana, over two-thirds of states in the U.S have legalized it for managing different conditions and others are considering doing so. Medical marijuana is the same product as that taken for recreational purposes, but the former is purely meant to manage medical conditions. The over 100 chemicals known as cannabinoids in the marijuana plant have been studied and proven to manage different conditions. Some of the common conditions managed by medical marijuana include epilepsy, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, muscle spasms, wasting syndrome, cancer, eating disorders, and Alzheimer’s.

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Most people who need medical marijuana in California assume they do not need a medical marijuana card because the recreational use of cannabis in the state is legal. There are many benefits to having a medical marijuana card under the Compassionate Act of California’s marijuana laws.

Below are the benefits of marijuana cards.

Reduced costs

A valid medical marijuana cardholder in California is exempted from paying taxes when purchasing marijuana and marijuana-infused products. With the legalization of cannabis, most states increased taxes for those purchasing marijuana for recreational use. If you buy cannabis regularly, you will end up spending a lot of money because of the high taxes, more so if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. The exemption of taxes on marijuana cards will save you a tidy sum.


Medical Marijuana

Requirements for an MMJ Card


Increased possession, growing and purchase limits

There exists a limit on how much product a recreational marijuana user can possess, grow or buy. Recreational marijuana users in California cannot buy more than an ounce of cannabis or 8g of cannabis concentrate. They cannot also grow more than six plants. These laws are elaborated in Senate Bill 420. However, with a doctor’s recommendation, you can grow and keep as much cannabis as you can for your medical needs. With a medical marijuana card, you are allowed to buy up to eight ounces of cannabis daily. Moreover, you can grow more plants compared to the limit set for recreational users. In fact, in a few states, only medical marijuana users are allowed to grow cannabis at home.

Access to more potent marijuana products

With a medical marijuana card, you can access cannabis with higher potency levels than is sold for recreational users. Most retail shops selling cannabis will adhere to the potency limits of their state to avoid compromising their license. In California, you can only have 100mg of THC in edible marijuana products. The THC amount in tinctures or lotions is limited to 1000mg. Medical marijuana cardholders are allowed to have up to 2000mg of THC in their lotions, tinctures and capsules. This is because they often need more potent products to manage the symptoms of their medical conditions.

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Lower age restrictions

In most states, the use of recreational cannabis is limited to those who are above 21 years. Below this age, the consumption and possession of marijuana are illegal. Even so, people below this age who need medical cannabis to manage issues like cancer are allowed to use, grow and store the drug. In California, patients aged eighteen years can get a medical marijuana card California to access the drug. Those below this age can also get medical cannabis under the guidance of a caregiver.


Benefits of mmid

Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card


Access to dispensaries that only deal with medical marijuana

Even if the consumption of recreational cannabis is legal in California, there are a few dispensaries that only deal with medical cannabis. In these stores, you can access a wider variety of cannabis products and strains compared to those found in other stores. Moreover, these dispensaries have a doctor that can assist you to choose the best cannabis product for the condition that you want to manage. To purchase your product from an exclusive medical marijuana dispensary, you should have a medical marijuana card.

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The process of getting a medical marijuana card to enjoy the above and other benefits was challenging a few years back. Thankfully, with the internet, you can now easily access medical marijuana benefits. You only need to visit MMJ Doctor and fill a form with your details and the reason you need medical cannabis. The specialists will get in touch to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of whether or not you need the card. The evaluation can be done online or in-person. Once approved, you can present the approval letter from the specialists to the medical marijuana program of your state. The program will process the card. Remember to renew this card according to your state’s laws for you to continue enjoying the benefits of medical cannabis.

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Medical Marijuana

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