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Now that medical and recreational marijuana is legalized in most states, questions about this wonder herb’s interactions with prescription medicine are surfacing more openly and frequently.

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And rightfully so, because the answers to whether it is safe to mix muscle relaxers and pain killers aren’t that simple. This is largely due to the lack of sufficient research on the topic. For example, suppose you did an internet search, you will likely get bombarded with different answers and mixed reactions, from the dangers of mixing muscle relaxers and pain killers to possibly healthier cancer treatments and other miracle disease cures.

Therefore, to wade through this uncertainty, we compiled a detailed report and studies regarding whether it’s safe to take muscle relaxers while high (or on other forms of pain killers).

When to Take Muscle Relaxers/Pain Killers

Generally, muscle relaxers and pain killers perform almost similar functions. For example, suppose you have back pain or are dealing with other medical condition that causes muscle spasm, a muscle relaxer (muscle relaxant) would be the best and recommended prescription for you.

Muscle spasms can occur for different reasons, and in some instances, they can be very painful, forcing you to seek medical assistance. Here’s where muscle relaxers are perfect for controlling the irregular twitching or cramping of your muscles.

Let’s say a subject has just undergone major surgery, had an accident, or is experiencing chronic pain. In such situations, their physician would likely prescribe pain killers (opioids) to lessen the discomfort. CBD is also a well-known pain killer and can provide pain-numbing remedies.



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So, knowing that both prescriptions perform basically similar functions, it’s not uncommon to find patients mixing muscle relaxers and pain killers. But are they safe to use together? If not, why?

Effects of Mixing Muscle Relaxers and Pain Killers

Several studies have identified certain muscle relaxant and pain killer combinations as safe, while others increase overdose risks and should be avoided. Let’s assume the use of opioids is the common pain killer in this case.

Usually, doctors would prescribe skeletal muscle relaxants (SMRs) to patients to relieve their muscle spasms and other associated painful conditions like lower back pain. SMRs hold promise in combating opioid overdose because they minimize the need for using opioids in treating pain.

In another study, researchers found that patients who used SMRs also likely used opioids, which raised the question of whether SMRs could be the reason for the opioid dependence.

Ideally, mixing muscle relaxers and pain killers for several weeks or using high-dose opioids would increase the risk of overdosing.

Primarily, combining carisoprodol or baclofen with opioids can be particularly problematic, whereas mixing cyclobenzaprine with opioids seemed to be safe.

As you can see, the effects of taking muscle relaxers with pain killers vary significantly, depending on the type of muscle relaxer or pain killer you take. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s always best to seek medical advice from a professional before mixing prescriptions.

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Where CBD Comes in: What Drugs Should Not Be Taken with CBD?

CBD promises relief from several maladies, from hot flashes and insomnia to seizures and chronic pain. While some of these claims have merit, scientific studies, so far, indicate others give inconclusive results.

However, CBD is biologically active, meaning it may have unintended consequences when mixed with other prescriptions.

Normally, enzymes in the liver break down many drugs, and CBD may interfere with these enzymes, which may lead to not enough or too much of the drug in the body. This is also called altered concentration and may, in turn, lead to either the drugs not working or an increased risk of their side effects.

Overall, there are over 57 medications that CBD may affect. Altered concentrations of these medications may be dangerous and cause severe side effects. That’s why most physicians and qualified doctors on marijuana-related products don’t recommend mixing muscle relaxers and pain killers, including CBD products.

Therefore, it is worth noting that CBD can alter the effects of other drugs. It is also important to note that other medications can only be affected by THC, another compound found in cannabis.


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Does the Form of CBD Matter?

Unlike other medication forms, the form of CBD you use in conjunction with muscle relaxers also matters.

For instance, inhaled CBD will get into your bloodstream the fastest and reach high concentrations, thereby increasing the risk of side effects. Unfortunately, smoking muscle relaxers isn’t as popular and is a particular concern because it might be harmful to your lungs and nasal cavity.

Contrastingly, edibles take a longer time to absorb. They are also less likely to provide high concentration peaks. But in some instances, they can reach high enough levels to cause issues or react with other medications.

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Is Mixing Muscle Relaxers and Pain Killers Safe?

Truthfully, there’s no best answer in this situation. You must seek professional advice from a doctor who knows your medical history and understands the best prescriptions to provide together.

Often, combinations of medicines are a good thing, especially when controlling pain. That’s why some physicians prescribe medication combinations like anti-inflammatory drugs with opioid drugs like Vicodin or hydrocodone, for example.

Even so, the effects of mixing muscle relaxers and pain killers can be a problem. You never know how your body will react to the prescription combinations. That’s why it’s a smart move to involve your physician besides carefully considering your options before using such drug prescriptions together.

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