The world of MMJ is constantly expanding and it also is growing throughout the United States. More states are allowing medical marijuana recommendations to be issued.

MMJ and EMR Meshing Together

MMJ and EMR Meshing Together

Physicians are realizing the great opportunities ahead of them, that is why MMJ doctors are becoming so popular. While the medical marijuana industry is rapidly growing, so are the different types of support systems that allow this industry to expand so quickly.

The medical marijuana industry and EMR have become a perfect pair together.

Online MMJ Websites

One of the biggest conveniences about the medical marijuana industry is the ability to go online and do a video chat with a physician.

Generally these consultations last approximately five minutes, then a medical marijuana recommendation can be immediately issued. Yes, you read that correctly! Normally what happens is a PDF version of the recommendation is issued that can be printed. Marijuana deliveries can happen on the same day, which is convenient and it really makes the patient happy.

The marijuana card and the stamped letter are then mailed out generally the next day. This is an affordable way to get a medical marijuana recommendation and patients don’t need to leave their home. Also, another big convenience for this type of service is the fact that medical marijuana consultations can be done in a matter of minutes after creating an online profile or an account.

Medical Marijuana Software

Medical Marijuana Software

EMR is secure through these types of websites and the patient information is stored obeying all of the HIPAA laws. The online medical marijuana industry is expanding almost every day with more and more websites appearing.

It also means that EMR doctor software is extremely important. Any time a new website appears, there is generally a website administrator that is making sure all of the appropriate laws are being handled.

MdBerry Physical Locations

For some patients, they actually prefer to go into a physical location. While the MMJ industry is still relatively new, patients feel comfortable looking at their doctor face to face in a medical facility. The entire process is similar to a normal doctor visit, but a medical marijuana recommendation is issued. In some cases, the marijuana card and the stamped letter can actually be issued while the patient is on-site.

This is another very convenient service, but when it comes to a physical location – EMR is imperative. It is important that everything is done electronically because a paper trail can be a hassle. Everything takes longer and it requires more storage space. Physicians are finding that to be undesired because everything at the tip of their fingers is just a better method.

The Benefits of EMR systems

There are so many benefits to having a good EMR system.  The biggest benefit is the fact that the patient data can be stored electronically, therefore there is no need for additional storage space and everything can be stored online. Either a network system or the cloud is the best ways of storing any type of electronic medical records.

Electronic Medical Records Software for Medical Marijuana Doctors

Electronic Medical Records Software for Medical Marijuana Doctors

Physicians are pleased with the fact they can track all of their data over time. Now, this may not seem like it would be important, but the ability to analyze how often patients come in and which days.

Or, find out what months seem to be the busiest time of the year?

This is valuable information because if a physician is trying to save money, the ability to lay off personnel a few months out of the year will save additional money.

Some physicians enjoy taking a vacation, so finding out which month slows down, can be an ideal time for a holiday. This type of information can really help a physician with their scheduling as well.

When it comes to tracking patients, EMR is fantastic.

Having a patient’s information with the expiration date of a medical marijuana card or the system can be set up where the information of the patient is in a notification to let them know that their medical marijuana card will expire in the next 30 days. This is a very valuable asset and it is wonderful for sales. The notification feature will allow a physician to have the supporting staff contact the patient through a text message, email, or even a phone call.

Monitoring patients and their care is also another huge benefit for electronic medical records. For instance, if the patient has multiple medications and has a few conditions that need to be monitored, a physician is able to take a look at the patient account and notify the patient if there is an issue. This is a great way to assist patients in having better healthcare and it takes less time to look up a patient.

The right EMR software can be one of the best assets for a doctor.

The right EMR software can be one of the best assets for a doctor.

Imagine trying to find patient records in a storage room? An electronic device can be extremely fast and all of the patient medical histories will be right in front of the doctor.

Electronic medical records are great for improving the overall health care system. Advancements in healthcare are extremely important, because as technology advances, so does everything else around.

Physicians that are able to see more patients in a timely fashion and give even better care is the overall goal when it comes to making sure a patient gets the best health care possible.

MdBerry is still developing, therefore there are going to be many improvements with EMR adding more features. Right now, EMR are extremely efficient and appear to be getting the job handled. Patients are happy and doctors are thrilled they are able to see more patients with less charting.

The development within that IT world is always coming up with the new software that will make everything even easier to do. There are apps and websites that will do medical marijuana consultations online, but what will be in the future? Right now, everything looks good with MMJ doctor software and getting patients their medical marijuana recommendations in less than 15 minutes. That is very impressive and it’s making the MMJ industry a profitable one.

The medical marijuana industry and EMR have become a perfect pair together. Run your marijuana business we will do the rest. All-in-one solution for medical marijuana doctors and cannabis industry.

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