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At MMJ Doctor, we match our competitors’ rates, besides offering a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Here’s what to expect when you schedule an MMJ card evaluation with our doctors:

  • Consultation with licensed MMJ doctor medical marijuana doctors
  • 12-month MMJ recommendation
  • An instant PDF copy if your MMJ card via email
  • Our availability 24/7 online or via phone for verification

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Quick Online Process

We’ve streamlined the MMJ card application process to ensure that you start your treatment as soon as possible. Here’s how our online application process works:

  • Complete the Application Online

You don’t need to secure an appointment. Instead, please fill out the application form on our website and answer all questions provided. Your answers will enable, medical marijuana doctors, to determine whether you need medicinal marijuana treatment.

  • Receive Your Recommendation

Once our MMJ doctors approve you, we’ll email a digital copy of your medical marijuana recommendation. You’ll receive an official copy by mail within three days. We cover the cost of postage besides using discrete labeling to safeguard our clients’ privacy.

  • Visit Any Dispensary

With a PDF copy of your recommendation, you can visit any marijuana dispensary in your state to purchase cannabis products legally.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is Legalized


What Are the Benefits of Having a Valid MMJ Card?

Higher Possession Limits

It’s a good idea to acquire a medical marijuana card even if you live in a state where recreational cannabis use is legalized. In most states, those who have medical marijuana cards have the right to possess larger quantities of weed for personal use.

More Dispensary Access

A medical marijuana patient gets prioritized at most dispensaries and delivery services. For instance, they can call in orders from home, thus avoiding long queues. In states where recreational weed isn’t legal, marijuana products are only accessible to MMJ cardholders.

Lower Taxes

In states where both recreational and medical marijuana use is legal, the former attract higher taxes. Typically, holders of medical marijuana cards are exempted from the taxes that recreational users pay. States like California entirely waive sales tax for those who need medical marijuana.


Nothing’s more fulfilling than cultivation your weed. Many states allow holders of medical marijuana cards to cultivate weed for personal use. With a recommendation issued by MMJ Doctor, medical marijuana doctors, you can legally purchase marijuana seeds and any other items you need to grow weed without any prohibition.

Access to All Marijuana Products

Most licensed dispensaries sell products that are only available to medical marijuana users. Often, these are the most potent and beneficial products. Therefore, a medical marijuana card gives you access to a broader range of products than a recreational user.

Access to State-Sponsored Programs

States such as California have special programs that target medical marijuana patients. For instance, they get tax benefits, special identification cards, and other perks. MMJ patients also have special access to these benefits, provided that they have their cards with them.

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Is it Legal to Acquire My MMJ Card Online?

Indeed. At MMJ Doctor, our board-certified practitioners comply with HIPAA and other regulations. They are licensed and experienced telehealth professionals who can evaluate you remotely and provide professional recommendations.

What’s an MMJ Doctor’s Recommendation?

With an MMJ recommendation from our doctors, you can apply for a medicinal marijuana card in your state. The card authorizes you to purchase medical marijuana products, such as cannabis oil, from any licensed dispensary.

How Does One Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you’re battling persistent or chronic pain consistent with a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment, you can apply for an MMJ card. Individuals battling epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and HIV/AIDS also qualify for a medical marijuana card.

When is an MMJ Doctor Available to Evaluate My Application?

We have a nationwide team of medical marijuana doctors who are available 24/7. When you schedule an appointment with us, one of our doctors licensed to operate in your state will review the application and recommend it. You don’t have to visit our clinics in person to get evaluated.

How Do I Acquire a Medical Cannabis Card?

The process of acquiring a medical marijuana card is relatively easy. Everything can be done online, thus negating the need for in-person consultations and evaluations. Once you land on our website, sign up and answer the few questions you’ll be asked. After that, you will receive your medical marijuana recommendation via email. A physical copy of your medical marijuana card will be mailed to the address you provided.

Where Can I Use My MMJ Card Near Me?

Medical marijuana patients can use their MMJ cards at licensed dispensaries, compassion clubs, cannabis clubs, cannabis delivery services, and other recognized suppliers near them.


Medical Marijuana Card

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Useful Information about Medical Marijuana Cards

Studies have shown that the main cannabinoids of the marijuana plant, THC, and cannabidiol (CBD), can treat many illnesses. As far back as 1999, studies conducted among different age groups showed that cannabis products could minimize the symptoms of seizures and other similar disorders.

Thanks to years of research and the initial marijuana legalization in states like California, others have followed suit. We now have medical marijuana programs in all states that have legalized the medical use of marijuana. Thanks to these programs, patients with qualifying conditions qualify for MMJ treatment.

Medical marijuana laws differ from one state to another. Currently, 33 American states have legalized medical marijuana. Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S Virgin Islands also have medical-use marijuana programs. Recreational use is legal in 11 states. These include California, New Jersey, and New York. It’s expected that more states will legalize recreational marijuana use in the coming years.

If you have a qualifying condition and live in a state where recreational marijuana use is legal, it’s still a good idea to apply for a marijuana card. A valid medical marijuana card provides you with various benefits that recreational cannabis users don’t have.

Living in a state where both medical and recreational marijuana use is legal doesn’t mean that you can legally grow marijuana for your personal use. California, the first state to legalize marijuana, allows medical users to grow it at home. If you live in the state, your medical marijuana card allows you to purchase seeds, fertilizer, farming equipment, and fertilizer without any fuss. You can even qualify for tax exemptions.

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If you think you qualify for cannabis medication, our medical marijuana doctors are available 24/7 to help you. We’re here to help you acquire a medical marijuana recommendation within minutes. With this card, you’ll be a recognized medical marijuana user who can legally purchase marijuana products from licensed dispensaries.

Get in touch today to start your medical marijuana journey.


Medical Marijuana

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