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1. Complete the application online​​

You never need to make an appointment, stand in line, or even leave your home. Sign up in just a few seconds to access our medical questionnaire. Your answers will let our doctors know if medical marijuana can help you.

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2. Receive your recommendation​

It only takes minutes to find out if you've been approved. You'll get a digital copy of your New York medical cannabis recommendation right on your screen. A paper copy will arrive at your door within 1-3 days. We pay the postage for you and use discreet packaging.

3. Visit Any New York Dispensary

The number of dispensaries in New York is growing all the time. With your New York MMJ card, you'll be able to access their full range of products and services.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Card

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Use Any Dispensary in New York

The total number of dispensaries in New York is slated to grow as recreational cannabis efforts push forward. As a New York MMJ patient, you'll be able to use any medical or recreational facility.

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Enjoy Reduced MMJ Taxes

Even if recreational cannabis eventually becomes legal, getting your New York MMJ card is a good idea. Medical cannabis patients typically pay less and are exempt from certain taxes on cannabis

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Sample Any New York Cannabis Product

Many states have a two-tiered system where the most potent cannabis products are available only to MMJ patients. Your New York MMJ card entitles you to any product from a licensed dispensary.

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Grow Your Own Cannabis at Home

New York is moving toward legalization of at-home growing for medical cannabis patients. Rules may permit anywhere from four to six plants depending on where you are in New York.

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Choose a Designated Caregiver

A caregiver is someone empowered to make cannabis purchases on your behalf in the state of New York. Having a caregiver can make things quicker and easier

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Access Services in Reciprocal States

Many states recognize New York medical cannabis cards. With your MMJ card, you may be able to access cannabis services across the country.

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Pricing overview

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New Patient Cost in New York

$ 189
  • 12 Month Cannabis Card
  • NY Licensed Doctor
  • Access to any MMJ dispensary in NY
  • 24/7 Online Support

Returning Patient Cost in New York

$ 149
  • 12 Month Cannabis Card
  • NY Licensed Doctor
  • Access to any MMJ dispensary in NY
  • 24/7 Online Support

Medical Cannabis Card FAQ

Is it really legal to get my recommendation online?

Yes! Our certified mmj doctors are qualified to practice in New York. They uphold all required laws and regulations

What is a medical marijuana doctor's recommendation?

Once you have a medical marijuana recommendation, you can apply for your New York medical marijuana card

How do I qualify for medical marijuana in New York?

Medical marijuana in New York is available for a wide range of conditions. These include conditions that cause chronic pain or seizures as well as many others.

When is your mmj doctor available to look at my application?

Our mmj doctors are available around the clock. Your medical questionnaire is typically evaluated within just a few minutes.

How to get a medical cannabis card?

You'll receive a digital copy of your New York medical marijuana recommendation right away if you are approved. All you need to do is register and fill out our brief and simple medical questionnaire.

Where can i use my medical marijuana card near me?

New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo has an ambitious plan to expand the number of medical marijuana facilities in coming years, and there are already dozens of dispensaries in the state.

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Recent Articles

Medical Marijuana Card Useful Information

Medical cannabis was legalized in New York beginning in 2014. Passing in a 49-10 state senate vote, the bill was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo after several years of work by patients’ advocates. Following the lead of other states, New York health authorities recognized the effectiveness of cannabis for several conditions.

Possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use had been decriminalized in New York as far back as 1977, but the pace of arrests remained very high until 2010. A medical marijuana card remains the only safe and legal way to access cannabis products in New York.

In 2018, Gov. Cuomo recommended the legislature fund a study on the potential effects of cannabis legalization in New York, to be led by the state Department of Health. Additional reforms went into effect in 2019 to reduce penalties for simple possession. Throughout 2020, the governor has continued to work on development of a comprehensive plan for cannabis legalization in New York.