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1. Complete the application on-line​​

No appointment, no lines, no waiting. Sign up in seconds to fill out our online medical questionnaire. All you have to do is answer some simple health questions. Your answers help our doctors decide if Oklahoma Medical Marijuana is a recommended treatment.

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2. Receive your recommendation​

You’ll know if you’re approved in seconds. You receive a digital copy of your Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Recommendation right away. A paper copy follows in 1-3 business days. We pay for all postage fees and use discreet, non-cannabis labels.

3. Visit Any Oklahoma Dispensary

With your Oklahoma Medical Cannabis card, you can purchase cannabis products at any licensed dispensary throughout the state.

Benefits You Get With Your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card


Greater Cannabis Convenience with a Caregiver

Oklahoma medical cannabis patients can choose a caregiver to help them with their cannabis products. The caregiver can possess, transport, or cultivate medical cannabis for you. That makes it easier than ever to enjoy.

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Use Any Dispensary in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s list of dispensaries is growing fast. There are dispensaries in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Edmond, and many other cities. No matter where in Oklahoma you are, odds are there’s a great place to browse and buy medical cannabis near you.

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Protect Yourself from Future Changes

Oklahoma is still amending many medical cannabis laws. By taking action now, you have the chance to get your Oklahoma medical cannabis card and guard yourself. Existing medical cannabis patients are always less likely to be affected by future changes.

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Cultivate Your Own Cannabis at Home in Oklahoma

A medical cannabis card entitles you to own as many as six flowering plants and six seedlings. You can have as many as twelve plants as long as only six are mature at one time. This is one of the highest limits around!

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More and Better Cannabis Products

New petitions are circulating to legalize cannabis for recreational use in Oklahoma. It’s still a good idea to have your Oklahoma medical cannabis card, however. Card holders get access to a larger variety of more potent products.

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Be the First to Enjoy Medical Cannabis Home Delivery

In March 2020, Oklahoma lawmakers started debate on a bill to allow home delivery of medical marijuana. Many states with medical cannabis ultimately passed a law like this. As a medical cannabis card holder, it could mean convenient access to your favorite products.

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Oklahoma Pricing overview

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New Patient Cost in Oklahoma

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  • Access to any MMJ dispensary in OK
  • 24/7 Online Support

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  • 7 Month Cannabis Card
  • OK Licensed Doctor
  • Access to any MMJ dispensary in OK
  • 24/7 Online Support

Medical Cannabis Card FAQ

Is it really legal to get my recommendation online?

Yes! Our team is made up of mmj doctors licensed for medical practice in Oklahoma. They uphold all federal laws and standards, including HIPAA.

What is a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation?

You can apply for your Oklahoma medical marijuana card using your recommendation from an Oklahoma mmj doctor. A recommendation must be on file to receive a card.

How do I qualify for medical marijuana in Oklahoma?

If you have a persistent health condition that causes chronic pain or other severe symptoms, you can qualify for Oklahoma medical cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation.

When is your mmj doctor available to look at my application?

Our mmj doctors work around the clock and there is virtually always someone available. Once you fill out your application, your answers will be reviewed and you’ll get a response fast.

How to get a medical cannabis card?

You’ll get a digital version of your Oklahoma medical cannabis recommendation in just a few seconds if you’re approved by our doctors. All you need to do is register and answer some simple questions about your health.

Where can I use my medical marijuana card near me?

As of February 2020, Oklahoma led the nation in total number of cannabis dispensaries. No matter where you are, in a major city, a suburb, or rural area, there is cannabis near you.

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Recent Articles

Medical Marijuana Card Useful Information

Medical marijuana became legal in Oklahoma in 2018. Since then, it has been a smashing success throughout the state. In 2019, medical marijuana sales were more than $345 million. 2020 is shaping up to be another record-breaking year, potentially one of several.

Oklahoma has embraced medical marijuana like few other states. It has gone from having no program at all to being the state with the highest number of cannabis dispensaries. It is only second in America in dispensaries per capita. And more are on the way!

The state has surpassed all expectations with its medical cannabis program, offering a total of more than 2,200 dispensaries. It has over three times more dispensaries than California, one of the hubs of the industry and its earliest adopter. Industry insiders have called that “astonishing.”

Oklahoma medical cannabis is so accessible in part because the state has welcomed industry growth. Low fees and easy rules make medical cannabis simpler than in many other states. Nine Oklahoma cities are in the top 30 for cannabis dispensaries per capita.

Not surprisingly, there are many people in Oklahoma who enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana. The number of patients is more than 235,000, about 5% of Oklahoma’s population. That makes it the state program with the highest percentage of patients.

Unlike other states, Oklahoma does not use a special list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. Instead, it is up to the mmj doctor’s discretion. Usually, Oklahoma doctors follow practices similar to those in other states. However, their professional judgment matters.

Any medical condition with chronic pain may qualify you for a medical cannabis recommendation in Oklahoma. Other conditions frequently treated include cancer, epilepsy and other seizure disorders, anxiety, depression, anorexia, glaucoma, arthritis, and migraines.

Patients with a doctor’s recommendation aged 18 or older can receive their Oklahoma medical cannabis card right away. Minors can also get access to medical cannabis products with the signature of a parent or guardian and two physicians’ recommendations.

Throughout 2020, proposals have been made to introduce recreational cannabis. As so many Oklahomans have benefited already, this may be inevitable. However, this kind of change usually takes years to enact. For right now, a medical marijuana card is the only safe and legal way to gain access to all of Oklahoma’s 2,200 dispensaries.

Medical marijuana in Oklahoma is poised to grow into a $700 million a year industry. Even if Oklahoma eventually introduces recreational marijuana, cannabis patients are likely to have access to stronger products. They may also be excused from the high taxes typically added to recreational cannabis. That can add up to a savings of hundreds or thousands a year.

Medical cannabis has been proven effective to help symptoms for a wide range of physical and psychological concerns. It is a great way to increase your quality of life in Oklahoma. Contact us today for fast, effective help from mmj doctors in Oklahoma. If you sign up now, you could have your Oklahoma medical cannabis recommendation as soon as today.