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Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Online — How Exactly Is It Done?

No more waiting in line, no more long stretches of time wondering when and if you’re going to be able to get your marijuana card. Now getting your medical weed card is as easy as going online, filling in a few appointment-setting boxes, chatting with a qualified physician, and you’re done! In California, getting medical cannabis has actually never been easier.

MMJ Doctor Online specializes in helping patients get the online medical cannabis card they need efficiently and at a low cost.

Medical Marijuana Card Online – California’s Making It Easy

Because of the advent of telemedicine, you can now access medical marijuana cards online in as little as a few minutes. What exactly is telemedicine… simple: you have the ability to have a doctor make a virtual house call. Chat online in real time and get the written recommendation you need from one of our licensed 420 physicians.

MMJ Doctor Online is working to make this process easy and affordable

All you need to do is to sign up and be evaluated by one of our licensed mmj doctors, provide the proof of ID and California residency documentation required, and we can set you up with a weed card online just like that, in minutes.

Are Online Medical Marijuana Card Expensive?

Fortunately, no. Average costs for weed cards, particularly those gotten through online channels, are in the $40-70.00 range. That’s it! And following your appointment and payment, you will receive your written recommendation along with a wallet-sized cannabis card ($20 more) which will then allow dispensaries to sell you the medical marijuana that you need.

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Is it Legal: MMJ Doctor Online & Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online?

Of course, it is. In 1996, via Prop 215, California legalized medical marijuana. This means that dispensaries can sell cannabis products to those with a doctor’s recommendation. And online channels represent a perfectly safe and secure means of getting this recommendation and/or marijuana recommendation without the tedious process involved with actually going to a doctor, filling out form after form and then waiting for the card to come through snail mail.

The question then becomes, do you qualify for a medical marijuana card? To see a list of conditions which may qualify you for medical pot card please visit this link: Qualifying conditions

A lot of patients are asking if MMJDOCTOR.COM is the same business as MMJDOCTORONLINE.COM . The answer is NO. And we know that they are trying to trick people, to make you think that we are the same company but reality is that we have nothing to do with this scam. They show our Yelp reviews on Contact us page to scam patients. Stay away from this scam.

OK, So How Do I Qualify to Get a Marijuana Card Online?

Online Medical Marijuana Doctors - MMJ DOCTOR

Glad you asked! There are numerous conditions and chronic issues which qualify patients for a medicinal card online. After a chat with our mmj doctors online in which you outline your problems and discuss your symptoms, he/she will then grant your card based on this appointment. The types of conditions and diseases for which patients qualify for a pot card can include: cancer, chronic pain, neuropathy, insomnia, HIV, arthritis, menstrual issues, MS and Parkinson’s to name only a few. You will have a clearer picture of your status after talking to one of our doctors.

MMJ Doctor is Online to answer any and all questions you may have. We want our customers to know that yes, the can get a medical cannabis card online and we can help. Set up your appointment today and watch how easy it is!

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