Medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma


For many years medical marijuana (MMJ) users have had a hard time accessing and using medical marijuana. However, the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma couldn’t have come at a better time. Oklahoma’s legalization turned the city into a safe haven for people in dire need of medical marijuana.


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With the legalization of marijuana, you do not have to worry about having a patient card showing your approval to use marijuana medicinally. All you need now is a recommendation from your doctor that you should use this medication.

Oklahoma joined 29 other states in the United States of America that have allowed the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Apart from the ease of access to medical marijuana, as a resident of Oklahoma, you can enjoy seamless online consultation and effortless access to telemedicine services at your convenience.

It is still illegal to use marijuana for recreational purposes in the state, which makes it necessary to understand the various laws governing the use of marijuana in Oklahoma. Read on!


Legalization of Marijuana in Oklahoma


The use of medical marijuana in Oklahoma became legal following the approval of the Oklahoma State Question 788 on June 26, 2018.

The journey to having marijuana legalized started as early as 2014. It wasn’t a year later when CBD oil was allowed in the state, albeit strict guidelines.


Oklahoma and medical marijuana patients

Oklahoma and Medical Cannabis patients


The decision to make medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma was reached through a voting process. A staggering 58% of the voters supported State Question 788, which sought to encourage the use of MMJ.

A state medical marijuana program was started. Additionally, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) was established under the state department of health in the city to oversee activities around the marijuana program.

The authority is tasked with regulating and licensing physicians, caregivers, patients’ registry maintenance, marijuana dispensaries, transporters, testing labs, processors, and growers. If you are a medical marijuana consumer, you can only get it from licensed outlets in the state.


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws


Legalizing marijuana isn’t enough to allow you to access the drug anyhow – you will need to follow the laid outlaws. For example, if you want to purchase medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma, you can only do so after the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority approves your application.


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You can access all the applications forms from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority’s website at Besides, for you to be considered eligible to use medical marijuana, you must meet a few aspects as highlighted below:


1. Proof of Identity


When applying to be allowed access to medical marijuana, you will be required to prove your identity. You can do this by submitting a digital or electronic copy image of any of the following documents. All applicants are supposed to give proof of their identity through the submission of an electronic copy or digital image in the color of one of the following unexpired documents:

    • Your driving license (must be issued in Oklahoma)
    • Identification card showing your place of residence as Oklahoma
    • A passport or any other photo ID showing you’re a United States resident
    • Oklahoma Department of Public Safety approved tribal identification card.
    • Other documents that the Department may deem enough proof of identity


Cannabis strains in Oklahoma

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NB: It is important to note that all of these documents must be valid.


2. Proof of Residency


Another parameter considered when applying for medical marijuana use is proof of residency. Given that not all states have approved the use of MMJ before you are cleared to access it, you must prove that you are a resident of Oklahoma.

  • A driver’s license issued in the state of Oklahoma
  • Your Identification card (must show the place of residency as Oklahoma)
  • Your voter identification card
  • Any utility bill that captures recent dates, especially the month preceding your application date. However, this does not include the internet, television, the date of application, and cellular telephone bills
  • A residential property deed of a property in Oklahoma
  • A rental agreement that captures current dates and shows Oklahoma as the location of the property

Remember, for a higher chance of approval, all the submitted documents should include a valid residential address. Any document that has post office box numbers is not considered enough proof of residency and may lead to the rejection of your application.


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Medical marijuana card Online


3. Recommending Physician Registration


As highlighted above, several individuals, such as transporters, physicians, and actual consumers, can apply to handle medical marijuana.

Here are the parameters you should meet as a physician:

(a) If you are a physician and want the authorization to recommend the medical use of marijuana to your patients, you should obtain a valid license.

(b) If you decide to register as a recommending physician, the Department will require you to meet the following aspects:

  • Your full name, location of your business, telephone numbers, professional email address, and the name of medical practice in case you own or are affiliated with a specific medical practice
  • Your medical license number
  • Your certification, which shows the validity of your medical license to practice in the state of Oklahoma license. This certification should also state that the license is in good standing.


Legal types of medical cannabis in Oklahoma

5 Types of Legal Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma


4. Recommending Physician Standards


As a recommending physician, you must meet and adhere to the following standards around Medical Marijuana use in the state of Oklahoma.

  1. You must understand and follow all the set standards of operation required when recommending any other medicine type to a patient.
  2. As a physician, you should be in a different location from any medical marijuana dispensary.


5. Possession and Cultivation Laws


As a patient, you are bound by specific laws about the possession and use of medical marijuana. Once your application is approved, the OMMA medical marijuana license authorizes you to:

    1. Legally consume medical marijuana
    2. Have up to 84.9 grams (three ounces) of marijuana
    3. Have at least 6 mature marijuana plants
    4.  Have at least 6 seedling marijuana plants
    5. Have up to 28.3 grams of concentrated marijuana
    6. Have 2,037.6 grams (seventy-two ounces) of edible marijuana
    7. Keep up to 226.4 grams (eight ounces) of marijuana in your home.

NB: You must remember that the quantity of marijuana you can possess at one time can equal the totality of the items in the list above.


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6. Limitations of Marijuana Card


Any rights, licenses, and medical marijuana cards issued in Oklahoma cannot be considered valid in any other state. The same applies to cards and licenses issued from different states – they are deemed invalid in Oklahoma. Therefore, make sure you use your Oklahoma issued marijuana card within the State of Oklahoma alone. If you are issued with a medical marijuana license, its validity is 2 years. However, in the case of a minor, the license remains valid until they turn 18 years.


7. Prohibited Acts & Penalties


The fact that marijuana is licensed doesn’t mean you misuse it; these are some acts that are prohibited and hence, punitive.


Here are some examples of prohibited acts and their penalties:

(a) No licensed patient should sell any marijuana products to an entity or individual. In case you are caught in having committed such an offense, you will be fined $200.00 for the first offense and $500.00 in case of a second offense.  Additionally, in case of a willful violation, your license is revoked.

(b) As a caregiver, you can only use the marijuana products in your possession for medical purposes and not sell or transfer to other unlicensed individuals. Any misuse attracts a fine of Similarly, a licensed caregiver cannot sell or share any medical marijuana or medical marijuana products to any individual other than the licensed patient. The penalty for the first offense is a fine of $200.00 for the first offense and $500.00 for the second offense, followed by license revocation.

(c) You can only grow medical marijuana on your real property. In addition, you should grow the marijuana in an open area where the public can see it.

(d) You should not allow the general public to access medical marijuana you have grown on your compound.

(e) The medical marijuana grown by licensed patients or caregivers should not be visible from any street adjacent to your property.

(f) Recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Oklahoma.


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FAQs About Medical Marijuana


If there is something that hasn’t been covered above, it is probably covered in these frequently asked questions. Study them carefully to remain updated with everything there is to know about medical marijuana use in the state of Oklahoma.

  • Where Can I Buy Marijuana From?

Whether you are a licensed caregiver or a registered patient, you can buy medical marijuana from any licensed state dispensary near you. In case you are a patient with a crippling condition, a licensed caregiver can buy the medication for you.

Also, in the case of a minor patient, only authorized caregivers and guardians can purchase the required dose of medical marijuana on their behalf.

  • Can I consumer medical marijuana anywhere?

OMMA prohibits the consumption of medical marijuana in public places. As such, you should consume medical marijuana at home.


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In Conclusion!


Even though Oklahoma is one of the latest cities to legalize medical marijuana use, the Department of health in the state has adopted the necessary measures to ensure that MMJ users have seamless access to this medication. For instance, the government has ensured that the approval process is comfortable and fast, which has allowed many residents to acquire a medical marijuana card.

If you have met all the highlighted requirements, you are good to go. You can get verified either over the phone or online with MMJ Doctor, a 24/7 service that eases your access to medical marijuana. At MMJ Doctor, we take pride in having the best and certified physicians to give you the recommendation to use medical marijuana.

You do not have to worry about booking appointments or waiting in long queues to get a recommendation. All you need to do is register, and you will have your herbal medical marijuana treatment in no time.


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