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1. Complete the application on-line​​

Our all-online application means no appointments, no waiting in line, no waiting on hold. Just sign up in a few seconds and answer a few simple questions. Your answers determine whether Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana is a preferred treatment.

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2. Receive your recommendation​

Your digital Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana recommendation arrives in seconds. Within 1-3 business days of receipt, you’ll also get an official hard copy. Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana recommendation is postage-paid and uses discreet non-marijuana labeling.

3. Visit Any Pennsylvania Dispensary

A valid Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana card means you can purchase products from any licensed Pennsylvania Marijuana dispensary. That includes a wide range of products for home use and seeds for personal growing.

Benefits You Get With Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card


Legal Access to Marijuana

Recreational use of marijuana is illegal in Pennsylvania. Possessing marijuana is decriminalized in many major cities, but a medical marijuana card is the only safe and legal means of accessing marijuana from dozens of businesses all throughout the state.

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Greater Dispensary Access

There are relatively few dispensaries active in Pennsylvania at this time. Having a medical marijuana card ensures you can skip the line and get the service you need. With a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card, you even have access to delivery.

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Lower Taxes

Pennsylvania provides some of the lowest taxes in the United States for medical marijuana. The tax rate on marijuana products is only 5% and is paid by the grower. It is illegal for growers to pass on this cost to the buyer.

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Simple Possession Limits

Registered medical marijuana patients are able to maintain a 30-day supply of products for their personal use. Pills, ointments, liquids, tinctures, and oils are all available. You never need to wonder if you have too much.

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High Quality Marijuana

Pennsylvania limits the number of businesses that can grow and distribute marijuana. It also holds products to a very high standard of quality, allowing them in only a few forms. Your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card is the key to quality, regulated marijuana.

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Superior Service Compared to Recreational Marijuana

If recreational marijuana ever becomes legal in Pennsylvania, it is still a good idea to have a medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana card holders tend to pay lower taxes on cannabis, have access to stronger products, and get priority customer service.

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Pennsylvania Pricing overview

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New Patient Cost in Pennsylvania

$ 189
  • 12 Month Cannabis Card
  • PA Licensed Doctor
  • Access to any MMJ dispensary in PA
  • 24/7 Online Support

Returning Patient Cost in Pennsylvania

$ 149
  • 12 Month Cannabis Card
  • PA Licensed Doctor
  • Access to any MMJ dispensary in PA
  • 24/7 Online Support

Medical Cannabis Card FAQ

Is it really legal to get my recommendation online?

Yes! Our medical marijuana doctors are licensed in Pennsylvania. Our team follows all medical laws including HIPAA compliance and others. They are true telemedicine experts!

What is a medical marijuana doctor's recommendation?

A medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation certifies that a patient has a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. This allows you to get your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card.

How do I qualify for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania?

Patients can qualify for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania for a variety of health conditions. If you have chronic or persistent pain, it is likely that you qualify.

When is your mmj doctor available to look at my application?

Our team of MMJ doctors is available around the clock. There is someone to review your information 24 hours a day. You can get a Pennsylvania medical marijuana recommendation in minutes.

How to get a medical cannabis card?

A medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation enables you to get a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania. Our website lets you get one in minutes. All you have to do is fill out a short medical questionnaire.

Where can i use my medical marijuana card near me?

A Pennsylvania medical marijuana card is valid at any state licensed dispensary, compassion club, cannabis club, cannabis delivery service, or other provider.

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Recent Articles

Medical Marijuana Card Useful Information

Pennsylvania introduced its medical marijuana program in 2016. As of 2019, some senators were arguing in favor of separate legislation that would enable registered medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis at home. The current program in Pennsylvania is mid-sized, with about 116,000 medical marijuana patients. It is growing every single year.

In Pennsylvania, approximately two dozen medical conditions are recognized as benefiting from medical marijuana. This includes several conditions not recognized by medical marijuana programs in other states. For example, patients with autism or anxiety disorders can qualify for medical marijuana.

However, Pennsylvania doctors cannot use their discretion in allowing patients with non-listed conditions to get a medical marijuana recommendation. This is why it’s crucial to choose mmj doctors who will carefully evaluate the health information you submit.

A Pennsylvania medical marijuana recommendation makes it easier to get the care you need.
Pennsylvania laws have provided for 25 cannabis growers and processors and as many as 50 cannabis dispensaries. Each dispensary is allowed to operate as many as three locations. Medical cannabis delivery services can work with these state licensed dispensaries. This makes it more convenient to get cannabis products even if you are far from a dispensary.

Right now, there are several Pennsylvania dispensaries already active throughout the state. More are being introduced each year. You can use a valid Pennsylvania medical marijuana card at any of these locations.

A medical marijuana card is the only way to safely and legally access marijuana products in the state of Pennsylvania.

Patients are allowed to possess a 30-day supply of cannabis products. Initially, only pills, oils, topical ointments, tinctures, or liquids were allowed. As of mid-2018, herbal cannabis is also available. Patients are allowed to vaporize herbal cannabis, but they cannot smoke it. Smoking herbal cannabis is prohibited by state laws even if you have a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card.

Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients are able to select caregivers to help them. A medical marijuana caregiver can act on the patient’s behalf to help them purchase or use medical marijuana. Like the patient, the caregiver must register with the state.

If you have a child who uses medical marijuana, Pennsylvania state laws make a special exception for you. You are permitted to obtain medical marijuana from another U.S. state or territory where it is legal, as long as it is for the child’s use.

Most Pennsylvania patients feel stressed by the idea of looking for an mmj doctor. We can make the process easy with licensed Pennsylvania mmj doctors who understand your needs. Contact our team now and you may have your medical marijuana recommendation later today. No appointment is necessary. Doctors are waiting to hear from you.