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What Is Psychedelic Consultation?

Psychedelic consultation is an advisory session with one of our licensed medical doctors to help patients understand the psychedelic treatment process for their mental health issues. It includes a plan put together by a licensed MD to prepare patients for a positive psychedelic experience, and ensures that whatever you will be taking targets your debilitating condition.

The psychedelic consultation primarily involves the following steps:

  • Awareness of all the possible outcomes of the psychedelics.
  • Offer support before, during, and after the drug administration session.
  • Educate the patient on the intentions of the process and its complexities.
  • To build an empathic and confidential relationship between doctors and patients.

How Can Psychedelic Consultations Help?

At the end of our consultation, patients will be better able to:

  • Recognize the psychedelic therapy that works best for them.
  • Have a clear understanding of the spiritual, emotional, and mental healing that psychedelics provide.
  • Know all the potential scenarios and complexities before and after getting the treatment.
  • Be aware of all the tools required to have a smooth psychedelic experience.
  • Reflect on the reasons for which they seek Psychedelic Therapy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to give you an in-depth breakdown of why you need to book our consulation session now!

The psychedelic consultations are paramount if a patient wants to achieve a state of mental fulfillment. It is intrinsic to note that drug therapy is a very powerful substance, and any misuse can worsen mental health. The consultations educate the patient on the best approach when using the medication.

The legality of psilocybin mushrooms, a common psychedelic type, varies worldwide. The 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances considers psilocin and psilocybin Schedule I drugs. Apart from their high abuse potential, these drugs lack recognized medical applications. However, numerous cultures have used psychedelics over the years for religious and medicinal purposes.

UN treaties may not control psilocybin mushrooms, but the substances are still regulated by the Canadian Drugs and Substance Act, the US Psychotropic Substances Act, and 1971’S UK Misuse of Drugs Act. When it comes to medical marijuana, only 34 American states consider it legal. States like Massachusetts and Alaska even allow recreational use.

No, our doctor strictly provides consultations to help you make an informed decision for your health.

The consultant is supposed to offer support during the therapy session. The support provided primarily includes; advice on the effects of the medications and correct therapy usage. Also, the consultant can offer emotional support during the entire process of therapy.

The main aim of consultations is to gain information about what to expect. Also, how to deal with the results. Essentially, one should seek psychedelic consultation services before, during, and after the therapy session.

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