“Marijuana helps with ADD and ADHD by increasing dopamine in your body.

“The effect is the same as Ritalin, but mechanism of action is natural and is much safer than stimulants which interfere with the metabolic breakdown of dopamine in your body.  – Dr. Bearman D.

ADHD and ADD enacts an imbalance in brain that leads parts of the mind to race and become out of sync.   Other areas of the brain that are required to interact to complete a given task, cannot keep pace and the result is fractured thought and concentration.   ADD sufferers are often completely unaware of  their condition and think that their issues are genetic or they lack talent.

ADD sufferers are attracted like a magnet to activities and drugs that tend to balance and sync brain activity, which can oddly result in hyper-super performance.  Some activities ADD sufferers consciously or subconsciously sex, music, exercise, meditation, hiking, fishing  to balance their cognitive function.   Similarly, Medical Marijuana effectively regulates turbo-brain activity in many cases, while being a much safer alternative; i.e. street, pharmaceutical drugs.

“The human spirit is never finished when it is crushed… it is crushed when it surrenders.” – Stein Ben

Medical Marijuana for ADD or ADHD treatment

Medical Marijuana for ADD or ADHD treatment – MMJ DOCTOR

ADD/ADHD Symptoms and Adderall

      • Disjointed thinking, has to be doing something at all times.
      • Cannot stick to a topic and unaware that they jump from one to another
      • Disorganized – difficulty keeping a schedule
      • Poor time management skills
      • Problems focusing on a task
      • Multitasking is a disaster
      • Overactive, impatient and restless
      • Poor planning
      • Frustrated, intolerant
      • Blow up with stress
      • Moody, hot temper

“Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing bad with losing ground. It’s staying down that’s wrong.”  – Muhammad Ali.

Marijuana and ADHD : What Causes ADD/ADHD



The ADD has been linked to genetic and environmental factors that disturb the metabolism, causing broken concentration, information from different areas of the brain are not synchronized, with the governor racing forward before the necessary information from other parts of the brain come in.

Overconsumption of sugar and simple carbohydrates is implicated in the majority of marginal ADD cases.  Heavy metal poisoning, contamination of natural gut flora with bad bacteria, yeast and fungus infections also important.

“Behavior isn’t something someone ‘has.’ Rather, it emerges from the interaction of a person’s biology, immediate context, and past experiences.” –  L. Todd Rose

Consumption of sugar – coupled with spiking insulin – wreaks havoc in many causing the metabolism to shift from low to jacked-high back to dead-low again.  Proper neurological processing requires moderate and steady energy levels to perform calmly, efficiently and reliably.  Rogue microbes, bad bacteria, yeast, and fungus are parasites often give off toxic metabolites that interfere with receptors and causing brain fog.

On the bright side, Actor Henry Winkler chimes in saying;  ADD is a double-edged sword  – there is an Attention Expansion Advantage component.

“My belief is that ADD is named wrong. ADD should be called,  “Attention Expansion Advantage” (AEA). Medical Patients with ADD have some common mental characteristics that give them distinct advantages. These same characteristics also present several drawbacks. We ADD patients are different and are very hard to control and can be more creative and independent than non-ADD patients.” –  Henry Winkler

Physician’s Testimonials: How Medical Marijuana can Help ADHD / ADD Patients

Dr. David Bearmans researched interaction between the ADHD and cannabinoid system and discovered that cannabinoids interact with the brain’s dopamine system: “Medical Pot appears to help ADHD and ADD by increasing the availability of dopamine in the body. Then it affect the same way but is a different action than meds like Ritalin and dexedrine amphetamine drugs, which act by binding to the dopamine and interfering with the metabolic breakdown of dopamine system.”  – Dr. David Bearmans

“I am a  female, 49 old.  I have been self medicating for many years with medical marijuana, did not know why it made me feel better. I have a uni degree that I could not have achieved without the use of medical cannabis.” – Unknown patient.

“I have ADD and have self medicated for 14 years, but my ADD diagnosis was only 6 months ago. Medical marijuana saved my life. I have been able to graduate a master degree in college. Since February I am involved in IACM.   I highly recommend everybody who would be interested in ADD/ADHD and marijuana to join.”  – Ludo


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