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Growing marijuana is quite an easy process. Why would you buy cannabis from a dispensary when you can grow it at home yourself? Sign up for your medical marijuana grower’s permit and cultivation license.

Whether you call it weed, pot, marijuana, cannabis, sinsemilla, skunk, or something else, Marijuana Sativa is a weed in the wild that can be easily grown outdoors or indoors. This wonderful plant will even grow at your home when you know what to do and how to grow it right.

Grow Medical Marijuana at Home – Apply for a Grower’s Permit Online

   Several states in America are now allowing valid permit holders to use and cultivate marijuana in the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately, medical cannabis is still illegal on the Federal level. However, there are currently 29 states, including District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam, that allow the personal use of medical marijuana.

Keep in mind there are some restrictions per state. For example, California residents are allowed valid permit holders to grow six mature and 12 immature marijuana plants and possess eight ounces of marijuana. Depending on your health situation and the marijuana recommendation, a MMJ Doctor can extend limits to patients. Every state has different restrictions. That’s why MMJ Doctor and 420 Evaluations educates all patients on local regulations and marijuana laws.

For information on cultivation and growing limitation exemptions, visit a MMJ Doctor/420 Evaluation office in San Francisco or San Jose.

420 doctors are licensed to recommend medical marijuana for debilitating and life-threatening medical conditions. If your doctor has recommended medical marijuana, you can obtain a medical marijuana card and a grower’s license to grow your own medical marijuana at home. This could very well be the best solution to have access to all your medical marijuana products and cultivation information at any of the medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Growing medical cannabis at home will ensure the quality of the cannabis while saving you tons of money.

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  1. Obtain a Medical Marijuana card and Grower’s License from MMJ Doctor.
  2. Find the right seeds to grow the best medical marijuana for your condition. Medical marijuana sativa strains are stimulants, and the Indica strains are for pain management and relieving mobility issues.
  3. Germinate seeds in a cup of warm water or damp paper towel. Place them in the dark place until the root begins to grow. That’s when it’s time to put it in the soil.
  4. Plant seeds with the roots facing down into unfertilized soil and add a small amount of water. Light and sunlight are all it will need to begin the growing process.
  5. Move the potted soil to a location with significant sun light. Cannabis plants need a minimum of six hours of sunlight a day. Use a high – pressure sodium bulb for indoor plants.
  6. Place plants in an environmental with temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Repot the plant in a bigger pot after a few weeks and add organic fertilizer to ensure that it’s receiving the right amount of nutrients.
  8. Touch the soil to check for dryness. Water the plant whenever it feels dry.
  9. Dispose of any male plants because they will not produce any.
  10. Wait eight to 16 weeks before harvesting plants. Most plants are ready when the trichomes on the buds display milky and amber features. Use a loop or magnifying glass to check the plant.
  11. Cut mature plants at the center of the stem just above the soil, remove leaves, make sure the plant is not flowering, and hang it upside down for about a week so it can dry.
  12. Trim the buds once the stem has dried to finish the process.

Medical Cannabis Cultivation license

That is all it takes to grow medical marijuana at home!

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