It is not uncommon to have a headache, and how strong it is can vary. Sometimes it feels as though you have minor pain on your temples, which bother you a bit, but you are able to continue with your day. Other times, a headache can be so powerful, it causes noticeable pain and we are unable to function like we normally would.

When a headache is truly severe, it can count as a migraine. Vomiting, nausea, and inability to speak or see can be some of the symptoms associated with migraines, as are sensitivity to light, sound, and pain. Migraines can prevent people from doing the things they want, and sometimes the medication they get for it is not enough. Thankfully, medical marijuana has been shown to treat migraines in a substantial way. If you find yourself having migraines often, you could benefit from medical marijuana products.


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Medical Cannabis and Migraine Headaches

Almost 90% of migraines respond to painkiller meds, together with deep hydration of an electrolyte liquid with some potassium and major portions of sodium chloride, magnesium salts, and calcium. While painkillers can be very helpful, they can also be dangerous to users. It can be very easy for a person to become addicted to their medication and end up in the hospital. Even those who do not become addicted may still be hesitant about traditional medication for various reasons.

Medical marijuana is less likely to cause these types of side-effects. In most cases, patients who take medical marijuana for migraines do not report adverse symptoms. They have often reported a massive decrease in migraines and pain after using certain cannabis products. Medical marijuana products that require inhalation have shown to be most effective at combating migraines. If you have the means to get medical marijuana, it would be a smart consideration for treating your migraines.

Best Medical Marijuana Products for Migraines

Not all forms of medical marijuana are the same in their treatment of migraines. For example, edibles may not be as effective for treating migraines as smoking dry flower might be.

Vaping is one of the most popular forms of marijuana consumption, and it is also an effective treatment for migraines. Anything that allows the product to remain in the body for a long time is best for migraines. This is why vaping is often reported as being the most effective for treating migraines, due to its strong effects.

Tinctures can also be an effective medical marijuana product for treating your migraines. The oils that you use in tinctures can also be used for your vaporizer. This allows for you patients to see which treatment type they prefer and is best for them.

Headache and Migraine Symptoms

  • Lightheadedness or fainting
  • Sensation of needles and pins
  • Blurred vision, see light flashes and spots
  • Speech difficulties

Meds for Migraine and Headache – 2019

  • Imitrex
  • Sumatriptan
  • Maxalt
  • Amerge
  • Relpax
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Medical Marijuana for Migraines – MMJDOCTOR

Sumatriptan Side Effects – may cause dizziness or drowsiness. These side effects may be worse if you take it with certain medicines or alcohol. Overdose of sumatriptan can cause your headache to become even worse. Serious and sometimes fatal heart problems have happened within a few hours of using Sumatriptan meds.

Contact your doctor at once if fast or irregular heartbeat; throat, jaw, chest or neck tightness, pain, heaviness or pressure; cold sweat; shortness of breath; tingling of an arm or leg or numbness; severe stomach pain,  vomiting or dizziness.


Information and Statistics – Can Migraine and Headache Meds Side Effects Cause Death 

How Medical Marijuana helped my Migraines – Patient Testimonials

” Medical Marijuana cuts my headache symptoms by 90% and lasts for a few hours or so. I can keep things under control with a Vape. It’s so helpful.”  – patient

“When I realized I was using to much Xanax on a daily basis, I took time off work to get off it. I was addicted and ‘cold chicken’ ; for 5 days and nights sick in bed. I didn’t eat or sleep. I had hallucinations and anxiety. On about the 3rd day without Xanax, I started to become unfocused and unbalanced. On about the fourth day I became really worried when I started having twitching sensations.”  – Patricia F.

” I wonder sometimes, where my spot in this city called ‘Santa Monica’ is – and that can give you a really dull migraine.”  – Brosnan P.

” It had never seriously occurred to me that people were using Medical Marijuana like this.  My friend recommended me to try a CBD spray for my migraines about a year ago. I was so happy, because she told me it was a great painkiller. And it didn’t make her tired, so she was able to work.” – Anonymous.

How Medical Cannabis Stops Migraine Pain – Doctor’s Explain 

“A review of 38 published randomized controlled trials evaluating cannabinoids in pain management revealed that 71 percent concluded that cannabinoids had empirically demonstrable and statistically significant pain-relieving effects on participants.” – Dr. Baron Eric P.

“The frequency of a migraine headache was decreased with Medical Cannabis use. Prospective studies should be conducted to explore a cause-and-effect relationship and the use of different cannabis strains and doses of marijuana to better understand the effects of mmj on migraine headache treatment.”  – Dr. N. Rhyne Danielle

MMJ DOCTOR:  Patients with Migraine and headache in California can get a Legal medical marijuana card for Medical Cannabis by applying online here. 100% confidential and private. For in-person 420 evaluations in San Francisco or San Jose clinics click here.


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