California Medical Marijuana Qualification & Conditions

Who qualifies for medicinal marijuana card in California?

On November 06, 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215, removing the state-level criminal charges for marijuana use, possession, and cultivation by MMJ patients possessing a valid medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed 420 doctor who recommends that a patient may benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

Qualified patients and their primary caregivers may possess no more than eight ounces of marijuana, and six mature (or 12 immature) cannabis plants. However, patients may possess larger amounts of medical marijuana when recommended by a 420 doctor, as per Senate Bill 420.

What Ailments Qualify For Medical Cannabis in California?

Below you will find some of the medical conditions that may qualify you for a medical marijuana card in California. There are many other conditions that are not listed that may also qualify you as a MMJ patient. A MMJ Doctor will be able to assess your condition during an 420 evaluation. Make an appointment today for a free MMJ consultation to see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card. It is 100% private and confidential!

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California medical marijuana patients are protected under the Compassionate Use Act, Proposition 215, if they have been diagnosed by a 420 doctor with one of the following medical conditions:



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