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By now, you’ve probably heard about CBD, the super-compound in cannabis that’s taking the world by storm. Cannabidiol (CBD), as it is called in full, is one of 113 compounds in the cannabis plant. Whether combined with THC or extracted in its pure form, the compound has a wide range of applications and medical benefits.

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Cannabis products are available in multiple forms, which means you can smoke, ingest, or apply them topically. Smoking and vaping can have negative side effects on your respiratory health, so if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to use cannabis products, you should consider medical marijuana tinctures. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using medical marijuana tinctures, and why some of the top CBD strains also contain THC, the intoxicant in marijuana.

But first, let’s answer the question that’s running through your head right now.

What are Medical Marijuana Tinctures?

Marijuana tinctures are made by soaking cannabis leaves or roots (or both) in alcohol. Sometimes, instead of alcohol, the leaves and roots are soaked in vinegar or glycerine. Alcohol draws out marijuana’s active ingredients (CBD and THC) until it is saturated with the pure extract. Then, the leaves or roots are removed along with any other impurities. This method produces highly concentrated extract.

The resulting solution is what we refer to as a marijuana tincture. Many of its applications are pain-related, although it has a lot of uses. Medical marijuana tinctures are fast-acting, easy to administer, and full of health benefits. But before we talk about the benefits of medical marijuana tinctures, it is necessary to address the elephant in the room.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana can Help Treat Different Diseases


CBD and THC Ratio in Marijuana Tinctures

Although both CBD and THC are compounds in the marijuana plant, they tend to have an antagonistic relationship.

One is a well-known psychoactive compound (THC) while the other is potentially a panacea (CBD) that helps to treat pain, seizures, and many conditions caused by chronic inflammation.

When used together, they can have a synergistic effect whereby THC improves the medical benefits of CBD, and CBD reduces THC’s intoxicating effect and amplifies its analgesic properties.

If you’re worried that you’ll get intoxicated off of medical marijuana tinctures, there’s very little chance of that happening. Usually, they have much higher CBD content than THC content.

The tinctures are available in different THC/CBD ratios:

  • 1:1 – Tinctures with CBD 1:1 THC ratios are described as “uplifting.” They treat neuropathic pain mostly, although you can use them to manage physical pain too.
  • 2:1, 4:1, 5:1 – The most “balanced” medical marijuana tinctures contain two to five times more CBD than THC. These are the most common types of tinctures, and they have the widest range of applications.
  • 10:1 – Tinctures with high CBD content are recommended for chronic pain and inflammation.
  • 20:1 – Any cannabis extract with high CBD levels and low THC levels is an inflammation killer and an exceptionally potent analgesic.

Combining CBD and THC in different ratios may have different effects. A tincture with more CBD content is a powerful painkiller whereas one with equal amounts of THC and CBD promotes deep relaxation and calmness.

Now, let’s look at the 17 reasons why you should be using medical marijuana tinctures.

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Number One: They’re a Potent Remedy for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is an untreatable condition that manifests as seizures. In some cases, the seizures are infrequent and, therefore, manageable. However, some people suffer from hundreds of epileptic seizures a day, which affects their ability to live a happy life. CBD came into the limelight as a possible remedy for epilepsy when it was discovered that it drastically reduces the number of seizures experienced by epileptic individuals.

After numerous studies that yielded positive results, it was soon adapted into a pharmaceutical drug known as Epidiolex®, an FDA-approved epilepsy treatment with medical marijuana.

How CBD Controls Epileptic Seizures?

  • CBD has neuroprotective qualities. It preserves brain chemistry and physique, preventing neuronal damage. Although epilepsy is predominantly hereditary, seizures can arise when brain cells get damaged or as a result of imbalances in brain chemistry.
  • CBD is a proven anti-epileptic. What that means is that it stops the uncontrollable tremors and shakes experienced by epileptic patients, which is why medical marijuana tinctures can completely eradicate seizures.
  • CBD curbs abnormal brain activity. It is powerfully homeostatic, so its restorative powers can reset brain patterns before they result in the abnormal brain activity that causes loss of muscle control.
  • CBD improves balance and stability. Epilepsy weakens muscles and disrupts motor signals from the brain so that even walking is a challenge. That’s why CBD, which stops seizures and muscle spasms, can have such a dramatic positive effect in the life of a CBD patient.

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Number Two: Tinctures Provide a Safe Way to Consume THC and CBD Products

Smoking and vaping marijuana products can be harmful to your lungs in the long run, which is why taking medical marijuana tinctures is the safest way to consume any marijuana-based product. A huge benefit of medical marijuana tinctures is that they can be used discreetly. For instance, you can take a THC-rich tincture to calm your nerves while in public without drawing attention. You can also use medical marijuana tinctures in places where smoking medical marijuana is prohibited, for instance, in public spaces.

The discreet nature of marijuana tinctures and their easy method of administration makes them a suitable option for patients with lung problems, and those who prefer not to smoke or vape because of the smell. Plus, since many tinctures are packaged into tiny glass bottles with dropper caps, they’re conveniently sized for travel and discreet use, whether in public or private.

Number Three: They Have High Bioavailability

The bioavailability of medicine or nutrient refers to how much of it can be assimilated by the body. Medical marijuana tinctures are the most bioavailable of all marijuana products. Because they’re readily absorbed by the body, you need very little amounts of it to experience the full benefits.

There’s a catch, however. If you swallow medical marijuana tinctures, it takes far longer to be absorbed. However, administering it sublingually (under the tongue) ensures that it gets absorbed much faster.

Why Medical Marijuana Tinctures are Fast-Acting?

Taking a tincture of marijuana sublingually is the quickest way to get it into your bloodstream. Unlike ingesting it orally, which requires it to pass through the gastrointestinal tract first (a process that could take hours), the sublingual method is almost instantaneous. Medical marijuana tinctures work faster than any other marijuana product, especially those that require smoking or vaping.


Marijuana Bioavailability

Challenges of Bioavailability


Number Four: CBD Tinctures Can Help Treat Diabetes

Aside from skyrocketing blood sugar levels, diabetes patients also struggle with chronic inflammation. CBD tinctures are known to eradicate inflammatory problems in minutes. That’s because most cannabinoids (the compounds present in marijuana) have anti-inflammatory properties. CBD tinctures are primarily inflammation killers, but they also help a great deal with controlling blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is not easy to treat, but it is manageable, especially when you have medical marijuana tinctures in your corner. Plus, CBD also remedies another critical symptom of diabetes—chronic nerve damage—which appears in the more advanced stages and can be life-threatening. A minimum dosage of pure CBD is all you need to keep your diabetes problem in check. It’s best to follow your doctor’s instructions to capitalize on all of CBD’s magical health benefits.

Number Five: Tinctures Help Lower Cholesterol Levels

You don’t need a medical degree to know that too much cholesterol is a precursor for heart disease. When cholesterol builds up in the walls of your arteries, it drives up your blood pressure. It also makes your heart more susceptible to illnesses like arrhythmia and cardiac arrest. The bottom line is, high cholesterol levels can be extremely dangerous.

So, how does CBD help? Medical marijuana tinctures with high amounts of CBD have previously been tested on patients with high cholesterol levels, and the results were promising. Not only does CBD increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body, but it also lowers the presence of bad cholesterol (LDL), making it an effective avenue to explore if you’re seeking to lose weight or improve your cardiovascular wellbeing.

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Number Six: Medical Marijuana Tinctures are Non-Intoxicating

Most people are initially hesitant about consuming any medical marijuana products, and their excuse is that they don’t want to get high or addicted.

In truth, even CBD tinctures with equal amounts of THC are rarely intoxicating. At best, it will make you feel relaxed and calm your nerves.

That’s because medical marijuana tinctures don’t contain enough THC to be intoxicating. Most CBD products for medical purposes are stripped of all traces of the psychoactive element in cannabis.

Tinctures are Herbal Medicines

Medical marijuana tinctures are comparable to herbal medicines. Unlike synthetic pharmaceuticals, tinctures give you all the positive effects without the extra burden of unwanted side-effects.

Today, there’s a notable surge towards herbal products that treat ailments but don’t affect the body negatively. CBD tinctures are some of the safest herbal remedies for a long list of conditions.

They have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antiviral properties, plus they’re increasingly being recognized as powerfully therapeutic alternatives that help manage chronic pain.

Patients who undergo excruciating treatments (like chemotherapy, for instance) swear by CBD tinctures’ ability to reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

Number Seven: CBD is Used to Treat Neurological Illnesses

It is true that the psychoactive elements in cannabis plants are bad for patients that struggle with nervous disorders. However, that shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to medical marijuana tinctures, which are thoroughly purified, and therefore cannot intoxicate or have mind-altering effects. Another positive is that CBD tinctures are not addictive. Medical marijuana is recommended for neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.

Plus, CBD has already proven its usefulness when it comes to treating neurological illnesses. It’s already an FDA-approved remedy for epilepsy (Epidiolex®) and shows lots of promise for managing dementia and multiple sclerosis (MS) as well. CBD is comparatively more affordable than most pharmaceuticals that treat neurological illnesses. The fast-acting nature of tinctures, plus their lack of side effects, makes them a much more appealing option for patients that struggle with neurological illnesses.

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Number Eight: CBD and THC Tinctures are Powerfully Analgesic

The most widespread use of medical marijuana tinctures is in pain management. Cannabinoids are easy to ingest, plus they act fast against chronic pain.

When they interact with the ECS’ receptors, CBD and THC tinctures can control inflammatory pain. You will also benefit greatly from THC tinctures if you suffer from painful muscle spasms.

In fact, CBD tinctures can treat different two of the most severe forms of pain:

Chronic Pain

Pain becomes chronic when it doesn’t “go away” permanently even after conventional treatments. Living with constant pain can lead to other physical and psychological health issues. It helps relieve pain from inflammatory illnesses like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Other common forms of chronic pain include lower back pain and cancer pain.

Medical marijuana tinctures have a soothing analgesic effect that suppresses even the most persistent chronic pain. Their relaxing properties help to release muscle tension. The best part about using tinctures is that they can alleviate different types of pain, and are thus suitable for numerous applications.

Post-Surgery Pain

Invasive surgeries often end in agonizing pain, especially during the early stages of recovery, or if complications arise. If left untreated, this pain, which is caused by neuropathy and the slow but normal process of healing, can go on for months. THC and CBD are both potent painkillers that can dramatically improve your comfort during the recovery period. Even if you cannot smoke or vape, you can still benefit from the fast-acting analgesic properties of medical marijuana tinctures.

Number Nine: CBD and THC Tinctures Can Keep Blood Pressure in Check

High blood pressure is a serious concern, especially if you’re overweight. If left unchecked, high blood pressure can result in stroke, which can be fatal or life-altering. If you’re overweight, the chances are good that you’ve heard about medical marijuana tinctures being used for weight loss and blood pressure control.

You see, medical marijuana tinctures contain both CBD and THC, which interact with a set of receptors that are collectively called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system restores the body’s natural balance (homeostasis), so it can also regulate blood pressure. Consult your doctor whether a CBD tincture is the right way to control your blood pressure. These fast-acting tinctures can dramatically improve the quality of your life and eliminate the risk of blood pressure-related illnesses.


Marijuana and high blood pressure

Cannabis Impact on High Blood Pressure


Number Ten: They are Suitable for Managing Anxiety and Depression

There’s been a lot of research into CBD’s effects on anxiety and depression, so it’s no surprise that medical marijuana tinctures can combat the symptoms of these psychological illnesses.

Characterized by a racing mind, intrusive thoughts, irritability, restlessness, and paranoia, anxiety can make your life unbearable when left untreated.

Depression is a bit slower to manifest, but it can be just as destructive if left unchecked. Some studies prove that depression permanently alters the physical and chemical constitution of your brain.

CBD has powerful anxiolytic effects and is considered a natural antidepressant. If you’re feeling powerless against depression or anxiety, medical marijuana tinctures can help you regain control of your life by slowing down your thoughts and eradicating the endless melancholy brought on by these disorders.

Number Eleven: Tinctures Have Been Successfully Used for PTSD Management

Powerful as it is, the human mind is a delicate organ. It doesn’t respond well to trauma, which is why an extremely stressful event can revisit you over and over again. When that happens, you can be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can gradually deteriorate into a life-threatening condition. PTSD patients suffer from recurring nightmares and often disconnect from reality. They also experience hallucinations and daydreams with such frequency that they have trouble distinguishing them from reality.

CBD helps PTSD patients by calming down their overactive minds first. Then, it releases Phytocannabinoids, which interact with ECS receptors to stop the mind from replaying traumatic events. Mildly psychoactive strains of medical marijuana tinctures have the greatest positive impact on a stressed-out mind. They can relax and soothe PTSD patients with impressive consistency, allowing them to let go of their traumatizing memories.

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Number Twelve: CBD and THC Can Help Manage ADHD Symptoms

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a condition that starts during childhood but can last into adulthood. It is characterized by an unfocused mind, extreme restlessness, irritability, and impulsive behavior. Already, many parents of children with ADHD have discovered that CBD tinctures can make them less anxious and help them control their behavior. The fact that it is safe and fast-acting makes it ideal for patients of all ages. CBD helps young kids to learn how to control their behavior. Adults with ADHD can also benefit from CBD and THC tinctures as they improve serotonin production. Serotonin, or the “happy hormone,” can improve some of the negative cognitive symptoms of ADHD.

Number Thirteen: Marijuana Tinctures Can Help You Sleep Better

One of the most prominent effects of medical marijuana tinctures is calmness and relaxation. Within just minutes, a few drops of tincture can soothe you into a deep, restful sleep.

Insomnia, a grossly misunderstood illness, isn’t just an inability to sleep. It is often the result of a hormonal imbalance that prevents your body from relaxing enough for you to fall asleep.

As you might have guessed, the inability to sleep is just the tip of the insomnia iceberg. It can also cause irritability, hypertension, and neurological disorders like depression and anxiety.

CBD vs. Narcolepsy

Curiously, CBD’s balancing effects work both ways—if you can’t sleep, it helps you sleep, but if you suffer from debilitating sleep issues like narcolepsy, it helps your body overcome it as well.

Although it is an after-effect of insomnia, narcolepsy does the exact opposite. Rather than prevent you from sleeping, it makes it impossible to stay awake during the day and can prove dangerous when it strikes when you are driving or operating heavy machinery.

Narcolepsy also causes lethargy (chronic laziness) and can even rob you of your interest in daily activities.

Medical marijuana tinctures induce homeostasis by interacting with the ECS. By restoring your body’s balance, they enable you to relax and fall asleep with ease. The best part is that they are fast-acting when taken sublingually. THC and CBD tinctures can relax your mind in minutes, and their effects last through the night.

Sleep is Important for Focus

When you don’t get enough sleep, it becomes impossible to focus. Sleep resets the brain at night, eliminating fatigue and rejuvenating its cognitive faculties, making you sharper and more focused during the day.

If you don’t sleep enough, then you’ll find that concentrating on any task is an uphill challenge. Fortunately, you can rely on the sedative properties of THC tinctures, plus the calming effects of CBD help you in sleeping well. CBD even improves mental focus, so it is a double-sided blade against insomnia and the effects of sleep deprivation.


Marijuana and sleep

5 Ways Marijuana Can Help Sleep Better


Number Fourteen: Some Tinctures Have Antimicrobial Properties

Even though the body’s natural defenses prevent bacterial infections, they sometimes need external assistance. CBD and THC tinctures, being powerful antimicrobials, can provide assistance to your immune system. Their anti-inflammatory capabilities make them capable of preventing bacterial growth. Medical marijuana tinctures may also have antibiotic properties, which means they can help combat vagina infections, UTIs, cellulitis, and many other bacterial infections that cause pain and irritation upon spreading. Tinctures are especially efficient at killing one type of bacteria:


Cellulitis is a painful skin condition that causes swelling and redness. It sometimes causes the skin to be dry and flaky. The bacteria that cause cellulitis can be hard to fight off using the body’s natural defenses. However, since it is a condition that comes from inflammation, it can be remedied using medical marijuana tinctures.

Tinctures not only battle against inflammatory illnesses, but they also prevent skin conditions that arise from oxidative stress (wrinkles, crow’s feet, blackheads, etc.). Both CBD and THC have antimicrobial and antibiotic properties that can curb the growth of bacteria that cause infections like cellulitis.

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Number Fifteen: CBD Tinctures Can Alleviate Skin Conditions

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so it’s no surprise that it’s also the most susceptible to illness caused by external factors. Some of the causes of skin problems include humidity, UV rays, pollutants, and heat. And while most of the chemical-based skincare products we use do more harm than good, the same cannot be said about CBD tinctures. There are already several CBD and THC-based topical tinctures combat skin problems. More specifically:

Some CBD Tinctures Treat Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is a never-ending nightmare for millions of people around the globe. Some are lucky enough to only experience it in cycles—for others, there’s never a moment of reprieve. CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory while THC can soothe itchy and painful skin. Together, they create a formidable anti-acne remedy.

Medical marijuana tinctures can be a godsend to people who suffer from acne-prone skin. Anecdotal and scientific evidence show that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have a dramatically positive effect on acne-prone skin.

CBD & THC Tinctures are Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be hard to live with. It’s susceptible to sun damage, infections, acne, and a host of other autoimmune diseases. That explains the recent surge in organic-based skin care products. CBD tinctures are among the top natural skin care products you’ll find anywhere. They not only protect the skin from UV rays, pollutants, and dust, but they also nourish skin cells, promoting collagen production for thicker, more supple skin. THC tinctures have anti-inflammatory benefits, so skin that suffers from sensitivity issues can be protected from inflammation in addition to skin illnesses like psoriasis.


Benefits of marijuana

Marijuana Can Help Prevent Diseases


Number Sixteen: Some Tinctures Can Treat UTIs in Women

Women are more predisposed to urinary tract infections than men. UTIs occur when bacteria enter the body via the urethra and causes inflammation in the bladder and urinary tract.

THC and CBD tinctures can effectively treat UTIs in women because:

  • They combat inflammation, reducing pain and discomfort caused by UTIs, and;
  • They have strong antimicrobial properties, which means they can get rid of any disease-causing pathogens they encounter.

Medical marijuana tinctures can help infections to heal faster and prevent further bacterial penetration. They also stop UTIs from deteriorating into complications that can affect your reproductive and urinary health.

Number Seventeen: Tinctures are Low-Calorie Weight Loss Solutions

Compared to marijuana products like edibles, which can contain 100 to 200 calories per serving, medical marijuana tinctures have very few calories. On average, a tincture of cannabis made with 140-proof food-grade alcohol has about 7 calories. You can safely ingest it without having to worry about affecting your weight loss progress. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that marijuana tinctures can help in reducing weight. THC’s regulating properties can improve the health of the gut microbiome, making the digestive system more adept at processing food, thus less is stored as fat. Marijuana tinctures are low-calorie, easy to administer, and suitable for people with strict diets since it doesn’t add to your daily caloric intake.

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How are Cannabis Tinctures Made?

If you’re curious about how medical marijuana tinctures are made, here’s what you need to know. First, you’ll need high-proof alcohol (it must be food-grade) like Everclear or Bacardi 151. If you can’t access alcohol, or would rather not use it, then glycerine and plant-based oils are two suitable alternatives. Bear in mind that these won’t produce tinctures that are as concentrated as alcohol-based tinctures. Alcohol bonds easier and faster with THC molecules.

Glycerin is an excellent plant-based alternative that you can find at your local craft store, health foods store, or grocery shop. Even though tinctures made from glycerin are less powerful, they’re still fairly potent. Alternatively, you can use both alcohol and glycerin to make a medical marijuana tincture. You’ll need to evaporate the alcohol so that the remaining tincture is purely glycerin-based. This process is dangerous and requires the right equipment and environment. Only attempt the method if you have the proper gear since alcohol is extremely inflammable.

Making Marijuana Tinctures – A Step-By-Step Guide

Step One – Decarboxylate the marijuana plant. To do this, all you need is a grinder. Grind your cannabis leaves/roots until they form a fine powder. In the meantime, preheat your oven to around 220F – 235F.

Step Two – Pour the fine powder into a mason jar. Next, pour in your high-proof Everclear or Bacardi 151 alcohol. Stir until the marijuana powder is fully dissolved in it. Don’t stop stirring until the final mixture looks uniform.

Step Three – When you’ve got a uniform mixture, seal the jar tightly and leave it in a cool, dry environment. You will need to leave it there for several weeks or up to six months. In the meantime, ensure that you shake the mason jar for at least a minute every day. Doing this keeps the concentration evenly spread throughout the solution.

Step Four – Finally, you need to filter the solution to remove all impurities. It’s necessary to store it in an amber bottle as opposed to a clear glass bottle to protect it from direct sunlight because sunlight can deteriorate the mixture.

Your marijuana tincture is finally ready for consumption!


Marijuana tinctures

3 Best Cannabis Tinctures


How to Use Medical Marijuana Tinctures?

Medical marijuana tinctures are considered safe and versatile because they don’t involve smoking, and you can ingest them no matter where you are.

Beginners are more likely to enjoy tinctures because the dosage is pretty straightforward. You should also consider tinctures if you’re averse to smoking and vaping marijuana products.

There are two types of medical marijuana tinctures:

Edible Tinctures

Edible tinctures are those that are taken orally or sublingually. They come with droppers, so it’s easy to control the dosage. All you need is a few drops of time to experience the powerful benefits. Taking it sublingually is the quickest way to get it into your bloodstream. That’s because there is a rich arterial blood supply under the tongue, so it seeps directly into the bloodstream. Alternatively, you can mix it into a food or beverage and ingest it orally. This method is slower because the tincture has to pass through your digestive system first, so it may be a few hours before you feel its effects.

Topical Tinctures

Topical tinctures are ideal for skin problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. People suffering from uncontrollable seizures can also use them to control muscle spasticity. Because medical marijuana tinctures have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, topical tinctures are a fast-acting remedy for itchy, flaky, painful, swollen, and red skin. CBD and THC work together to prevent inflammatory cytokines from activating.

You can also use topical tinctures to get relief from muscle injuries and inflammatory conditions that affect bones, muscles, and ligaments—such as arthritis. Applying medical marijuana tinctures topically can help mitigate localized pain. Instead of ingesting it and waiting several hours for the effects to kick in, you can experience relief almost instantaneously.

Medical Marijuana Tinctures Are Powerful

The uprising in the medical marijuana industry can be credited to the increasing popularity and applications of CBD and THC extracts in pain management, autoimmune diseases, and illnesses caused by chronic inflammation. Researchers are slowly but surely changing the narrative about marijuana, portraying it as a helpful panacea as opposed to the Schedule II controlled substance the federal government recognizes it as.

The stereotype that marijuana is a gateway drug that’s as addictive and harmful as opioids no longer hold water. Medical marijuana is a potent remedy for a long list of illnesses and conditions. The cherry on top is that it has no significant side effects. You only need a few droplets of medical marijuana tincture at a time to feel the benefits, so there’s no risk whatsoever of overdosing. It’s high time that marijuana was recognized as the safe and potent medicine it can be, and not just as a recreational drug.

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Now that You Know About Marijuana Tincture

The ball is in your court. We’ve exhaustively looked at its long list of benefits and the advantages of using medical marijuana tinctures as opposed to eating or smoking marijuana products.

Its main appeal is that it is fast-acting and powerful in small doses. However, you can’t deny that the long list of ailments it cures, plus the health benefits it has, makes it a very attractive option, especially if you’re suffering from chronic pain or illnesses borne of inflammation.

All that’s left now is for you to seek the nearest medical cannabis store or marijuana dispensary to find the right tincture for your needs. Before you do that, consult your doctor or any medical professional to understand how exactly you stand to benefit from medical marijuana tinctures.

The magical benefits of medical marijuana are available to all, provided it doesn’t go against state laws to purchase and consume marijuana products. Breakaway from the side-effect-riddled world of pharmaceutical medicines and enjoy the all-natural healing power of medical marijuana tinctures.

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