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Recreational use of marijuana was approved by California voters in November 2016

One year has passed since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in California. However, not much has changed since then. Even after Proposition 64 was approved by Californians, which legalized recreational marijuana use immediately, the sale of recreational-use pot is still illegal.

Here’s a closer look at how cannabis use stands now:


Can I buy recreational pot in California?

Yes and No! As of today, there are only a few shops were licensed to sell recreational marijuana. Medical places are still open so you can get MMJ with a doctor’s recommendation.

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Who can buy marijuana in California?

Recreational Pot 21 and older. Medical Pot 18 and older with doctor’s recommendation.


Who can smoke cannabis in California?

Adults older than 21 can smoke. That includes those without a medical marijuana card.


If it’s legal, how do I get recreational marijuana? How much can I have on me?

Prop. 64 states that recreational cannabis patients can be gifted cannabis seeds or cannabis itself. 21 and older adults can grow up to six plants per household and possess up to one ounce of cannabis.


Where can I smoke it?

You can only smoke it in a private place, like your home. Sometimes landlords do not allow to do this, check it with your landlord or just do it that way so none can see it.


Can I drive while high?

NO! Even when it is recommended by a licensed medical marijuana doctor, you’re subject to DUI in California.

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When can I buy recreational marijuana in California?

The state government anticipates recreational users will be able to buy marijuana in 2018.


Do I renew my medical marijuana card or I don`t need it anymore?

Yes, it is better to renew your medical marijuana card.


Here are some facts that can help you decide if you need to renew your medical marijuana card: 

1. It is unknown when the state will start issuing licenses to sell recreational pot. After the state’s regulations, the local government will decide its marijuana rules and regulations.

2. Some counties have banned any recreational sales of marijuana completely. (Palo Alto, Glendale, Santa Monica, Pasadena, San Jose,  etc)

3. With a medical marijuana card on hand you can save on taxes up to 30%  and in some cases up to 50%.  Recreational pot is going to be more expensive!

4. With medical marijuana card you have more options where to buy pot, what type of marijuana to use,  where to smoke, how much to carry or grow.

Do I apply for medical marijuana card if I am new to it or I just wait until recreational pot sales will be legal?

Yes, if you need marijuana, that`s the only option to get it in California today. Here is a list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

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