Common Questions

Find FAQs related to medical marijuana.

Yes! Our Rhode Island medical marijuana doctors are licensed to help patients in your area. Our doctors follow all state rules for telemedicine and federal laws like HIPAA.

A medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation verifies you have a condition recognized by Rhode Island as benefiting from medical marijuana. It authorizes you to become a Rhode Island medical marijuana patient.

If you have chronic or persistent pain from a medical condition, you probably qualify to receive medical marijuana in Rhode Island. A variety of other health conditions can also qualify.

Our Rhode Island mmj doctors work around the clock to help patients like you. Once you submit your information through our website, you can receive a response in minutes.

Our website makes the process of getting a Rhode Island medical cannabis card easy. All you have to do is answer a simple medical questionnaire. Our doctors evaluate your answers quickly.

With a Rhode Island medical marijuana card, you can buy cannabis products at state-licensed businesses throughout Rhode Island. These include dispensaries, compassion clubs, cannabis clubs, delivery services, and more.

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