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The following is what traditional and holistic doctors say about the part medical marijuana plays in the lives of children. What disease processes or illnesses does marijuana help in positive ways with little to no side effect.

Not too many years ago, doctors shied away from any thoughts of prescribing medical marijuana for adults, much less to consider this form of treatment for children. Medical research is finding that there are many benefits of viewing the use of marijuana for children. However, continued research on clinical trials is needed to seal the idea of medical marijuana for children. What little information available to doctors is the old theory that marijuana affects the brain in negative ways? This belief is incorrect.

  • Are you perhaps like more parents who are now requesting your doctor to consider adding marijuana to their child’s plan of care?
  • Are you currently seeking doctors to consider using cannabis for various conditions plaguing your child?

A minimal amount of doctors are prescribing some of their child patients marijuana. This small amount continues to grow as more positive results for a diverse amount of reasons in children are noted.


How medical marijuana can help children with diseases

Use of Medical Marijuana Among Children with Diseases


How Does Medical Marijuana Help?

The medical marijuana real storefronts and online virtual stores see requests for medical marijuana for mental health issues, insomnia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic pain issues, and Osteoarthritis. Medical problems related to children such as ADHD are less than those found in adults.

There is ongoing marijuana research related to the use of medical marijuana for seizure issues in children. The study found that there is substantial positive information that supports marijuana use in a child diagnosed with specific seizure activity.

Also, parents are asking doctors to consider marijuana use in children to address conditions such as autism, movement disorders, migraines, behavioral problems, and more.

Some countries use medical marijuana in children who suffer from chronic pain, terminal cancer, ADHD, and more.

Positive results of using marijuana in your child for diverse conditions still demand a clearer understanding of the correctness of the dosing of cannabis for children. What makes this a safe option is pure CBC without the THC that causes psychoactive effects. This specific combination is not available in other countries. Thus, there is a high risk for feelings of a high

The best thing that doctors can do outside the United States is to prescribe a Cannabis oil that contains minuscule THC. So far, there have been no reported side effects of children feeling or viewed as high. Doctors report that the consistent use of Cannabis oil seems to improve your child’s cognitive function if a cognitive function is a deficit. There needs to be more research and study to come to definitive results.



Approved Diagnosis for the recommendation of Medical Marijuana Among Adults:

The following list of diagnoses is those approved for marijuana use in adults and in some circumstances, children. Diagnosis may vary from state to state with additions or deletions to this list.

  • Epilepsy
  • AIDS
  • PTSD
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Chron’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • ALS
How marijuana helps the children

How Does Medical Marijuana Help with Children’s Health?


The United States is Behind

The United States is finally and gradually catching up with other parts of the world who have used marijuana for centuries for issues such as anxiety, stress, chronic pain, PTSD, and with positive results. The therapeutic properties of cannabis work well to treat a lot of existing conditions with no intoxicating effects.

Advocates for the use of medical marijuana have been working hard for well over 50-years to get where this industry is to the current time. Doctors are finally taking note that medical marijuana helps you far beyond what traditional medicines do and with no harsh medical side effects.

  • Some states now allow you to buy and take marijuana for medicinal purposes legally.
  • Some states now allow consumers to produce and harvest cannabis. Some states have approved the dispensation of marijuana for recreational purposes.
  • Other states are considering following suit.
  • Some states are considering the use of cannabis in children and under specific circumstances with special dosing requirements.

Medical marijuana is considered an alternative medication and treatment therapy on a holistic level and has little to no nasty side effects.
Your traditional medicines have come far over the last several years. However, while conventional medicine saves lives, the downside is the many side effects that these medicines bring with them. Medical marijuana. offers none of these side effects.

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