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Sinusitis is a condition characterized by the swelling or inflammation of the tissue that is lining your sinuses. Healthy people have their sinuses filled with air. However, when they get blocked and are filled with fluid, germs may start to grow, leading to an infection. If you have sinusitis, you will most likely experience a cough, nasal congestion, and thick nasal discharge.


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Such symptoms are painful, and it can prove challenging to get relief. Some patients even feel groggy and sometimes find it difficult to breathe through the nose. It’s important to note that this condition affects more than thirty-one million people in the United States. So, if you feel like you have a cold that doesn’t seem to go away, and at the same time, experience the symptoms of sinus infection, Medical marijuana can be of help.


Types of Sinusitis


There are two main types of sinusitis; acute and chronic. In acute sinusitis, the symptoms last for about a month. In most cases, it can start as a common cold before slowly progressing to become sinusitis. While the symptoms can sometimes dissipate in about one and a half weeks, there are those whose symptoms may last up to thirty days.


Sinus and Marijuana

Best Cannabis Strains and Their Effects on Sinusitis


A viral infection is the leading cause of acute sinusitis, but other causes include air pollution, chronic gastrointestinal acid influx, and smoking tobacco. You may be diagnosed with chronic sinusitis if your condition progresses for more than twelve weeks. This type of sinusitis is caused by an allergic stimulus, fungus, and infection from bacteria.

A deviated septum in your nose that doesn’t drain mucus well is still a leading cause of this form of bacteria.  If you previously received a diagnosis of allergic rhinitis or asthma, you are at high risk of getting chronic sinusitis.


Conventional Treatment Methods for Sinusitis


If you have sinusitis, a medical professional can prescribe antibiotics to treat any sinus infection resulting from inflammation. Over-reliance on drugs may not always be effective in managing the condition because they have adverse side effects such as stomach upsets, fungal infection, rashes, and diarrhea.

The common treatment methods include nasal sprays, topical steroids, and oral prescriptions. For more severe cases, you may require otolaryngology surgery to clear your sinuses. In the past, surgical approaches involved the removal of the nasal tissue and bone. Today, balloon sinuplasty is the most common surgical procedure.

A surgeon inserts a small balloon in your sinus passage and ensures that the catheter is properly positioned before slowly inflating the balloon. This procedure helps to widen your sinus passage. Your healthcare professional will then deflates the balloon before removing the catheter. Unlike cutting your tissue, recoveries from this type of surgery take a shorter time.


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Medical Marijuana for Treating Sinusitis


Even if you are not a chronic sinusitis sufferer, a common cold can soon end up developing into sinusitis. Medical marijuana has, for a long time, proved effective at managing the symptoms associated with different illnesses, and sinusitis isn’t any different. Here’s how medical cannabis can come in handy in easing your sinusitis.


Medical Cannabis and Sinusitis Congestion


Postnasal drip, sore throat, and buildup of mucus are some of the leading causes of sinusitis congestion. The common form of medication for people who experience congestion is expectorants. While no evidence links medical marijuana as an expectorant, there is evidence to support its effectiveness as a bronchodilator. This means that it can help you breathe easier.


Sinusitis facts

Facts About Sinusitis


Managing Headache and Discomfort Associated with Sinusitis


Many patients that have sinusitis also experience severe headache and migraines. Medical marijuana pain-relieving properties are effective at managing the severe headache resulting from sinusitis. Aside from the headache, it also helps ease the pain and discomfort resulting from a sinus infection.


The Reduction of Inflammation in Sinusitis


By regularly using medical cannabis, patients with this condition do not suffer from the periodic episodes resulting from the condition. Your body’s endocannabinoid system is comprised of CB2 receptors, which is effective at boosting your immune cell functioning.

This, in turn, helps to control your inflammation. For patients with sinusitis, inflammation makes it difficult to flush out mucus. Medical marijuana is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, which interacts with your endocannabinoid system to help combat inflammation.


Fighting Bacteria


Studies have shown that medical marijuana, especially cannabinoids such as CBN (cannabinol) and CBG (cannabigerol), feature anti-bacterial properties that fight the bacteria that cause acute sinusitis.


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Wrapping Up


Sinusitis results in acute inflammation and pain, which makes it difficult for patients to breathe effectively. This is why adding a natural remedy like medical marijuana is great at managing your symptoms without any negative side effects.

Managing the symptoms of sinusitis can get challenging without the help of an experienced medical professional.

So, if you ever have a cold that doesn’t go away or has any symptoms of sinusitis, be sure to contact MMJ Doctors as soon as you can.


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