The use of marijuana as a medicine is rapidly increasing. Today, many doctors have been awarded medical marijuana licenses, which has led to the mushrooming of medical marijuana dispensaries across the state.
In line with this, people are now willing to open up concerning their use of marijuana as a medicine. Doctors have also not been left behind. Currently, it’s much easier for legitimate doctors to approach you and freely ask you questions concerning your use of marijuana.

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MMJ Prescription for Various Health Problems


Here is an ultimate guide on how to speak with a licensed medical marijuana doctor in New York:

Have the necessary documents

Don’t just expect a medical marijuana practitioner to recommend the use of medical marijuana for you. First, you must have a health condition that requires medical marijuana treatment. The doctor needs to analyze your situation before handing you a recommendation.
It’s in your best interest to tag along with the following documents whenever you visit a doctor:

•    New York identity card
This validates that you are a resident of New York City by law.

•    Medical report
With this at hand, the doctor will be able to prove that, indeed, you have a particular case that merits the use of medical marijuana treatment.

These documents are critical as the law requires you to have them before getting a recommendation.

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Times are changing in the health sector

Business is no longer as usual with stakeholders currently embracing better approaches and practices to provide better health solutions. Courtesy of the Patient Protection Act, it’s now compulsory to get a health insurance cover. Through this, you save yourself from having to spend lump sums on your medication whenever you fall ill.
In addition to health insurance, there are also other milestones in the health sector in the United States. In New York, for instance, many people are now embracing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Although you should know that New York was, and is, very strict in its laws against marijuana.

Be truthful and straightforward with your responses

Your medical report may not be of high significance when it comes to knowing details about you. You can, however, always give detailed information about yourself. In line with this, it’s in your best interest to tell your doctor everything that applies to your medical condition.
Holding back information will not be of much help to you. If anything, it might hinder your chances of getting a doctor’s recommendation. It’s also vital that your doctor knows if you’ve ever used marijuana before and how you reacted to it.
To this effect, your doctor will ascertain whether to recommend medical marijuana for you or not. In most cases, patients who meet the required health conditions usually get a recommendation. Seldom doctors do fail to recommend their patients for medical marijuana treatments. You, therefore, have nothing to hide.


How To Speak With A Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor In New York 2

Steps to get a new medical marijuana card in New York


Approach a licensed doctor

It’s always best to talk to a legitimate medical marijuana doctor for the following reasons:

•    They are up to date with recent developments and research on marijuana
•    They are capable of making you feel comfortable on your use of medical marijuana
•    They are also lawfully permitted to recommend medical marijuana for use

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With this information, you can book an appointment with a legitimate medical marijuana doctor in New York. Note, medical marijuana isn’t the same as pot or weed. Visit for more information.


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