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Medical Marijuana Was Legal During the Prohibition Era – (from 1920 to 1933)

The prohibition era didn’t keep alcoholics from drinking. Brands found so many loopholes to exploit – like pharmacists describing marijuana-laced whisky for medicinal purposes. The fact that it contained marijuana made it legal. The anti-marijuana campaign would ensue, forcing marijuana to fall from grace. The campaign to outlaw weed started at around the same time the bigotry against Chicanos was picking up steam.


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Come to think about it: the word marijuana originates from the Spanish word “marihuana,” a Mexican Spanish word for the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Back then, Medical Marijuana was closely linked to Mexican-Americans – the same way African Americans were stereotyped as crack cocaine addicts, and the Chinese were tied to opium.

Today, following the popularity of medical marijuana among whites in the 60s and 70s, marijuana is no longer looked at as an “ethnic drug.” While the path to pot legalization remains elusive in the U.S, a third of the states have already given the green-light for adult-use consumption. Only 17 (out of the 33 states) still remain on the other side of the aisle.


The History of Medical Marijuana Use Dates Back to 10,200 Years

Michael Backes, in his book, “the Cannabis Pharmacy”, appears to suggest that humans have been cultivating medical cannabis for much longer than most of the plants we know.

Here’s how the beginning looks like:

A few historical sources seem to suggest that people have been cultivating pot for inebriation, fibre, and medicine for at least 10,000 years,

The first historical evidence for weed was the 10, 200-year-old-dried cannabis seeds that researchers found in a clay urn in Japan.

It’s safe to say that medical marijuana has been around since the beginning of recorded history. How it found its way to Northern America is still a mystery, but there’s strong evidence that we might have inherited it from the cavemen – and that it’s not a new-age invention by some hippy kid like some people love to assume.


Strange And Amazing Facts About Marijuana

Facts about Medical Marijuana


Hemp Was a Highly Sought-After Military Material

When Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812, his aim was (in part) to thwart Britain’s hemp supply. The British navy relied heavily on hemp for sailing and other military uses. So, it was only natural that Napoleon would want to get in the way of their hemp supply and bring it to a halt.

Hemp was a highly sought-after military material at the time. People used it to make ropes for sale and rigging and to produce clothing fibre.

And this is no joke – the first president of the United States of America grew it. He even went ahead and decreed that every farmer must grow it.


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Marijuana as Food

Of all the things you’ve ever thought about medical marijuana, you’ve probably never imagined it as food. Not talking of the actual pot, but hemp seeds.

According to Food Testing Labs, hemp seeds are one of the healthiest food choices you’ll ever come across anywhere. They pack high amounts of proteins, minerals, fibre, phytosterols, and essential fatty acids. They’re 40% to 45% essential fatty acids and oil, 30% to 35% proteins, and 12% carbohydrates, and pack just about every essential amino acid your body requires to be healthy.


Pot for Your Furry Friend

Don’t hog all the pot. Take a puff and pass, and to who but your furry friend. There’s so much medicinal value in marijuana. People have been using it to ease the pain of glaucoma and to allay the side effects of cancer and chemotherapy.

But do you know who else could benefit from smoking pot?

Your canine friend.

As a dog owner, you can use marijuana to medicinally help your suffering dog, according to a 2013 publication by the American Veterinary Medical Association. When animals ingest post, the effects can be felt within a few hours. You, however, want to avoid serving them in large quantity, as this could be dangerous to their health.


Strange And Amazing Facts About Marijuana

Modern Use of Cannabis


Pot in Baby Soaps

In an unexpected circumstance, hospitals in North Carolina started noticing an increase in the number of new-born babies who tested positive for pot in their urine. Their first conclusion was their moms were potheads. But upon examining the case further, they would find out that this had nothing to do with the babies being exposed to weed. It was the soap they used.

On investigating the matter further, they would find out that some of the ingredients in baby soaps gave a false positive for marijuana in urine tests.

Don’t get it wrong. The soaps don’t contain pot. They don’t get infants high. They just give a false positive for marijuana in urine tests.


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Hemp vs. Pot

You must be wondering, is there any difference between hemp and pot. The answer is yesjust a simple genetic switch.

In a 2011 research, conducted by the University of Saskatchewan, the cannabis plant was found to possess a genetic alteration that was responsible for the high that people got from smoking pot and which was apparently missing in the industrial hemp plant. While both marijuana and industrial hemp plants belong to the same species, hemp doesn’t produce tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the substance behind the recreational high people get from smoking pot.


Strange And Amazing Facts About Marijuana

Medical Marijuana and PMS


Suicide Rates Dropped in Areas Where Medical Marijuana Was Legalized

In another Colorado, the number of people committing suicide decreased significantly in all the areas where marijuana was legalized. Overall, the suicide rate decreased by 5%, with the suicide rate of the males between the age of 20 and 29 dropping by 11%, and that of the males between the age of 30 and 39 dropping by 9%.


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Final Thought

There you have it: 8 weird facts about medical marijuana that are totally true. Use them to get the conversation going next time you’re at a party or getting high with fellow stoners. But you can’t throw a party without first finding a dispensary.

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