420 Evaluations

To purchase medical marijuana, you need to do a 420 evaluation for a recommendation. 420 evaluations can be done at certain 420 evaluation centers, like EZCare Clinic. In the state of California, 420 evaluations are needed to enter dispensaries, purchase medical marijuana, and use it.


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Medical Marijuana for Migraines/Headaches

"Of the 121 people studied, 103 reported a decrease in monthly migraines by smoking Medical Marijuana." - Clinical study A review of online materials revealed that Medical Marijuana is not only a potential treatment for a migraine and headache…
Troy Medical Marijuana Doctors

How to Become a First Time Medical Marijuana Patient in California

2019 Guide to Medical Marijuana in California This guide is designed for California patients and want to use Medical Cannabis therapeutically. Cannabis or medical marijuana refers to the fresh Cannabis plant and dried buds that are used…